20 Tips for every Con Attendee!

Whether you’re a first time con-goer or have visited the sacred convention center for many years, here’s 20 tips you should know:


1. Comfort is a must: Comfortable clothes, shoes, backpacks, anything you can think of. Just make sure it’s comfortable. You’re going to be walking and standing for many hours each day and even the littlest pain can really hurt your con!

2. Traffic is crazy: If you plan to use a taxi or car to get to the convention center, expect massive delays! Easier ways are walking, pedicabs (pretty cheap and everywhere), or trolleys. All can help you avoid the massive traffic throughout San Diego.

3. STAY CLEAN: Whether it’s deodorant, showers, body spray, or all three, make sure people will be okay cramped up against you. This can be a major problem at the con and you can help end it by doing your part to smell nice!

4. Tag-team lines: If you are in a group you can have different people in different lines. Just make sure your line holder doesn’t get into any room without you because once they get in there’s no way for you to get in without going to the back of the line. Though this can help parties it can also be a major problem if the line holder gets into the room before the rest of the party. Hey line holder, with great power comes great responsibility!

5. Take a break: If you get tired there’s tons of things to see all around San Diego. Visit the Gaslamp District, see Chinatown, sit by the harbor. San Diego’s a great city and its all within walking distance. Enjoy it!

6. Do not forget your badge: Once you get your badge never lose it or forget it at your hotel/house. Without the badge you can get into nothing and that pretty much ruins the con. DO NOT forget your badge!

7. Pick up the comic-con newsletter: A much over looked part of the con is the well produced newsletter for each day of the con. Inside will be a great summary with photos of the last days activities and highlights of what’s coming up that day. It’s great to read while standing in line and it’s available at almost every entrance.

8. Make Reservations: If you know of a restaurant you want to go to, make reservations! San Diego is packed during the con and if you don’t make reservations you could get shut out of your favorite restaurants!

9. Advertise: If you have a business involving comics or entertainment then the con is a great place to advertise. A business card is a cheap and easy solution but swag can really get you noticed. T-shirts or buttons are favorites but if you are creative with your swag then you’ll really get noticed.

10. It’s never to early to buy your tickets for 2010! They’ll be available at the con and you can always return them if you end up not being available, better safe then sorry!


Reader Tips From Twitter:
11. Bring rubber bands to help with the poster tubes – @GeekFilter
12. Bring at least $100 a day not including food – @slasherbernie
13. Leave the strollers/Crying Babies at home – @tguard
14. Wear new socks each day – @vorear
15. Purchase high demand items on preview night, for others wait for Sunday bargains – @salaciouslq
16. Bring Sunscreen for the Hall H Line and always have backups for anything you’re attending – @scarletcat
17. Be patient and courteous – @jmiewald
18. Look for signs on where to line up and make sure you’re in the right line – @saramckinniss
19. Sheet protectors in a hard notebook are a must for autographed pictures – @TNgirlinWA
20. Don’t bring your pets, be courteous when typing/twittering, and if you’re cosplaying bring a change of clothes – @eccentriclee


Hope the tips helped and get packing!

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  • Jennifer

    A Chinatown exists in San Diego? Where have I been?

  • KEG

    (This is the same comment as the Exhibition Hall Tips post. I double-commented because it’s also applicable to this post)

    For a first timer attending the Con, I had my schedule for panels all planned out and then I really thought about what I was doing and decided to ask for some advice (hopefully this is the right place). I’m only able to go on Friday and I originally planned on going to the Bones and Dollhouse panels in Ballroom 20, in addition to picking up my limited edition Dollhouse DVD. So my plan was to get in, rush straight to the line for Ballroom 20 and sit through whatever was going on until we got to the Bones and Dollhouse panels. After the panels I was then going to pick up my DVD and any other free items I could round up in the Exhibition Hall. However, this weekend I learned that the Exhibition Hall closes at 7pm, which would make my post-panels trip impossible to do.

    Then I thought about it, and what I’m really interested in is getting autographs and pictures with the stars of Bones and Dollhouse. I highly doubt that they would do autographs in Ballroom 20, right? There’s too many people for that. On the ‘Around the World’ schedule that was released, it says that Bones and Dollhouse casts will be among the people signing at the Fox booth in the Exhibition Hall. Does that mean that I should just ditch all the panels I had originally planned on seeing and just hang out at the Fox booth until the cast of stars I want to see shows up to sign autographs?

    Sure, sitting in a panel with Joss Whedon would be amazing, but I’ve already seen Epitaph One and I’m sure someone will record the panel and put it on YouTube. I know that sounds very conceited and selfish, but this is my first time and I’d like to get myself as close to getting an autograph and/or picture as possible.

    So for those of you that are experienced Con attenders, is this a smart plan or something very stupid that will ruin my whole experience? I need all the help and advice I can get.

    Many thanks in advance!


  • shane

    ChinaTown? think your thinking of San Francisco. San Diego hasn’t had predominant chinatown for decades. But it suppose to be around K Street and Market. I wouldn’t say its a site to see.

  • Snow

    KEG – where did you see that Bones will be there?

  • KEG

    Snow – Bones has a panel in Ballroom 20 beginning at 3pm or 3:15pm. And there’s some sort of Comic-Con brochure called “Around the World” that has information about each booth – under the Fox booth, it says which tv show casts will be signing on which days at that booth. Bones is listed for Friday.

  • Ray

    i’m with shane: no chinatown in sd. closest thing to a “chinatown” is over off convoy street, north of the convention center up the 163 (and it’s not walking distance).

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