Dollhouse DVD problem

It seems fox was completely unprepared for the dollhouse insanity and their site has been broken all day. Some are being charged twice, some where pushed out, have you had a problem? I will contact fox to try and find answers, but for now, comment with your problems!

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  • Corinne

    Yeah, was on their website at the end of the countdown, then the countdown restarted with another day to wait for it. So I called Foxstore, they were absolutely no help, they didn’t know what was wrong, and at first didn’t know anything about it.

    So I was trying to access the page for over 2 hours, once I got back on, the site said it was sold out and then the page went down.

    Such a mess! They won’t let you order over the phone and they don’t know how many copies will be available daily at the Fox Comic Con booth……….

  • Bonnie Crane

    I had logged on and saw the countdown timmer. When I went back after countdown would be done, would not log on to page! Been trying all day with the same results.

  • Mike

    I was one of the lucky 100 that got my order in this morning. I was charged twice and had problems with my credit card’s security code. I finally used a different card and got my order in. I called Fox about the double charge and they said when my card is actually charged I should only have one charge. I also want to note that the “instant preview” of Epitaph one has some strings attached not mentioned on the web site. To view preview you must be an ATT or Verison customer with MMS and if you have an iPhone like me your device is not supported for preview.

  • Mike

    I just got an update about the video preview of Epitaph from the President og the advertising company, JagTag.

    My apologies. We were just informed by our partners at Fox that we went live tonight! We are uploading the videos right now and will be sending you a video shortly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me again.

    John Cashman
    VP Product Development

  • Mike

    Just a note you can now order the DVD on the fox website. It seems Fox has fixed problem….still many DVDs left.

    Good luck!

  • Wow, is that right? All that commotion and according to the numbers less than 500 were actually sold? That’s crazy. I can’t believe those numbers are correct .