Twilight Won’t Be At SDCC! And Helen Mirren Will! (Summit Entertainment Panel Details) just learned that Summit Pictures will be bringing two movies to the con this year. Read on for details on those two and a very exciting confirmation.

The first movie they are bringing is Red; an action/comedy starring an array of interesting actors and actresses. The panel will consist of stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban. Mary Louise Parker, director Robert Schwentke, and Warren Ellis, the writer of the graphic novel in which the movie is based. Though the absence of stars Morgan Freemen and John Malkovich are a bit disappointing, any panel that includes Helen Mirren is an incredibly awesome panel. They will premiere a new trailer for the film and I expect an odd but highly amusing Q+A to follow.

The other flick that will have a panel is Drive Angry 3D. I haven’t heard anything about this film but stars Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner and director Patrick Lussier will be at the panel to present the first clips in 3D. I’m not sure if Nic Cage is enough to make me attend, but it definitely goes a long way. Deadline reports that the film revolves around a “vengeful father who hunts down the people who killed his family.”

A big announcement that isn’t directly mentioned in the article but now confirmed is that the Twilight series will not have a major panel at this year’s convention. Sure, there will likely be some booths promoting the franchise and maybe a fan panel, but the large group of attendees that just came for Twilight will be largely absent at this year’s convention. Great news for many and a big thanks to Summit for helping make many people’s con that much better.

How do you feel about the announcement? Curious about Drive Angry 3D? Bummed about the lack of Robert Pattinson? Excited about Helen Mirren? (Does that last question even need an answer?)

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  • Erika

    No I’m not dissapointed that Twilight won’t be big this year. I knew it because everyone was at Twi-Con, all the stars wouldn’t go to both conventions. Now we know that BD will be released Nov. ’11, it’ll be interesting to see which convention it’s publicized most at. Will the stars be at a twilight convention or comic con?

  • oh thank god those freaks wont be there and their twi-tard fans will be absent as well. this is the best news ever. for the record, i hope they are NEVER back at the Con.

  • Sia

    They’ll be back next year and STRONGER. So please stop posting these ridiculous articles. There’s nothing wrong with having more women at these nerdy conventions meant for fat, dirty and lame guys.

  • Kass

    Michaela P grow up ! It’s ridiculous that something as women who love what they love get bashed on. And your glowing now but Breaking Dawn comes out next summer.

  • Man-in-Hat

    I love the irony of Sia & Kass trying to play this as a “let’s respect what some women love” when Twilight itself is offensive to any woman who can manage to function without a man in their life.

    So obviously, praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster that there will be no Twilight! And I wonder if will there be less people overall on Thursday (the day when the Twicrap panel has been in the past) because the folks who purchased for Thursday to see a Twilight panel won’t show? Probably not enough to make a noticeable dent, though. And extra points if they bought for Twilight but decide to come and enjoy some real nerd activities instead.

  • Dan

    Yall are in trouble now! Mirren heads are 5 x worse than the Twi Hards. Old folks camping out for weeks sipping tea dressed like old british royalty!

  • Schlomo

    Any confirmation yet on that Betty White panel??

  • Jenn

    Does anyone else get irritated that when people dislike Glee or Twilight, the defenders have to mention something about women? It’s kind of offensive assuming all women are attending the con just for these shows/movies. Also, think about all the guys that like those shows also. They’re included in those fans hating the haters. Don’t be so “it’s just because women love it” since you’re not including all those men that love it as well. You’re also disregarding all the women that do attend for other reasons than twilight.

    I’ve been going to SDCC since I’ve been able to afford it by myself. It was never a man’s only world or anything like that so please please please stop the “just because women like it” crap. It’s not a declaration of war on (some) women’s interests. They don’t hate Twilight because it brings more women to the convention. If anything I know a lot of guys probably love the fact they can openly gawk, glomp, etc women that attend. The Twilight hate stems from the overpopulation and overrunning of panels prior to the Twilight panel last year that made it impossible for people that really wanted to attend the panels before the Twilight panel to get in and became pissed.

    Get the facts straight regarding why Twilight is really getting all the hate if you’re going to complain.

  • Jennifer

    Greatly dissapointed about Twilight not having a major panel. There are other panels I want to see but I was looking forward to seeing that the most. I am a huge Twilight fan and will still be going to comic-con dressed as Bella!!

  • Michelle

    I can’t say that I’m disappointed about the lack of a Twilight panel. Whatever your thoughts on the show are, the sad truth is that the fans of the show made Comic-con a much poorer experience for many, many people last year. The backlash against the obsessive and desperate Twilight fans was so strong that the SDCC folks were forced to switch panels on Thursday afternoon, so eager fans of the Avatar panel wouldn’t have to be in the same room as the Twilight fans, hundreds of whom camped out for days to be front and center.

    I went to Hall H last year for the two 3-D panels on Thursday morning. Because I have a handicap, I was allowed to enter first, in order to find seating. The fans RUSHED the room, almost running me down in their attempt to get to the front, and then proceded to glare at me when I asked them politely to be quiet during the panels I was there to see. They were rude, inconsiderate, immature, and, most importantly, incredibly annoying.

    This isn’t about Twilight being good for women, or bad for women… it’s about the fact that the fans are so disrespectful that they’ve become the mocking point of geekdom.

    So, thank you Summit for not bringing this panel back for 2010. I think it will make SDCC a much better place this year.

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  • wonderwoman41

    I have to agree with Michelle- It is not about women. It is about the fans being so disrespectful. I have gone to SCDD for years. And I also went to Hall H last year to see other panels. It was not good. I like Twilight very much and I am a women. But I am so HAPPY THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BE THERE THIS YEAR.!!!!!!

  • This page wasnt working yesterday. i tried accesing it but it timed out 4-5 times now but i can access it now. Why does this occur? Am i the only one having this issue?