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The Returning TV Shows of SDCC 2011

Who says there isn’t anything worth watching on TV? It’s evident the networks haven’t abandoned the SDCC crowd, based on the line-up of new shows scheduled for summer and fall. This, on top of the shows returning to the airwaves in 2011, will undoubtedly give our DVRs a workout. Let’s take a look at which returning TV shows might be ... Read More »

The New TV Shows of SDCC 2011

2011 is another huge year for new shows at SDCC as all the networks are expected to bring a handful of their upcoming programming to show off and get the buzz going. Which of the new shows will be filling the convention center is the big question though, and I attempt to answer it after the break. Read More »

We’re Back!

In case you haven’t noticed by the new Offsite Events page, SDCC Blog is back in full force. We’ll be bringing you all the news and opinions leading up to Comic-Con 2011 and then full coverage of the event as it happens. Full posts start tomorrow and from now on the Offsite Events page will be updated every few days. ... Read More »