Comic-Con 2012 Onsite Pre-Registration Info

A couple of days ago we posted some info on the onsite pre-registration process for 2012 that had a lot of you disappointed, and some even more so. Well, CCI updated the official Comic-Con site with the details, and it’s what we expected. Registration will be held in Douglass Pavilion at the Manchester Grand Hyatt from 8am to 11am Thursday through Sunday.

Click through the jump to find out the good, the bad, and the just-plain-weird.

Here’s the good:

  • A 2011 ticket holder can buy one ticket for themselves and one for one other person.
  • They’re spreading out all available tickets equally throughout each of the four days, so that everyone has a chance to purchase their tickets.
  • Single day tickets will also be on sale.
  • You can only go through the pre-registration process once.

Here’s the bad:

  • You can only pre-register for 2012 on the days your 2011 ticket is valid. That means, if you only have a Saturday pass, you’ll have to wait until then to pre-register.
  • Since they’re holding back available tickets each day to ensure everyone has a chance to purchase their preferred type, there’s a chance that they’ll sell out of any ticket by the time it’s your time to buy.
  • Yes, prices for 4-Day with Preview Night did go up to $175

And the just-plain-weird:

  • Once you’ve pre-registered, you haven’t really pre-registered. You’ll have to check your email and create a Member ID, a new requirement for 2012 which is supposed to “improve the efficiency of the online registration system”. You’ll have to go through the requirements emailed to you to complete the process. No complete, no pass!
  • And although you’re allowed to buy two 4-day or 8 single day tickets, and can only buy for yourself and one other person, you can’t buy two single tickets for the same day. I have no idea how this math works…

Check out the official page for the complete details. And good luck!

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  • Jen Luchsinger

    ….and once again, I offer the math: 5 min per person at each computer kiosk; 60 minutes per hour= 12 people can use each kiosk in one hour. Assume 100 available kiosks: 12 people time 100 kiosks=serves 1200 people in one hour. The kiosks are open for just 3 hours a day: 3 x 1200 =3600 people per day able to access available tickets. 3600x 4 days = 14,400 people total will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for 2012 at the 2011 con. Providing each person purchases 2 tickets each, that’s 28,800 tickets sold via kiosk over the course of the four days.

    It means over 110,000 people will NOT have an opportunity to purchase tickets at the Con.

    So let’s look at percentages (easier to put in perspective) Out of 130,000 people attending, assuming all wanted tickets, only 11% of those people will have access to purchasing.
    (14,400 divided by 130,000=0.11)

    Even if only half of the attendees want to purchase tickets: 65,000=14,400= 50,600 people would NOT have the opportunity to purchase tickets.

    Does someone want to try to explain how this is fair/equitable? or service oriented? SDCC brings in millions of dollars in Tourist revenue every year. Do they want our money or not?

    It completely mystifies me.

    On a more positive note: Your website is comprehensive and incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for all your hard work in its maintenance.

  • David

    All very good points…

    My unanswered question – I have a pass for Friday. Badge pick up is at 8:30am. But pre-registration opens at 8:00am.

    Can I get my 2012 registration BEFORE I pick up my 2011 badge?

    I don’t want to wait in the pre-reg line to fine out I needed to pick up my badge before I went there.

  • Artimus

    Jen: I agree with your point but I think their logic is two fold. First, they know that at this point, 2012 sell out. It’s just a matter of when. Second, and more importantly, I think they’re trying to give everyone a chance to go next year. If the 2012 passes sold out at this year’s con, no one else would be able to attend. I’m headed alone this year, but 3-4 of my friends are saving to go next year. If I buy 2 passes for 2012, one of them can go, but the others never get a chance.

  • Chaosdreamer

    Okay, it looks like what will happen is that every 2011 attendee can get 2 “temporary Member-IDs” at the Con. The attendee’s 2011 badge + a valid Member ID will be required to begin a 2012 pre-reg session. Since each purchase is a separate session, you can purchase 2 passes for the same day as long as they are two different sessions.

    The “you have to wait until you get the EPIC email to complete the registration” bit is probably so CCI can confirm that each 2011 attendee/badge is connected to no more than 2 Member IDs/pre-reg purchase sessions. It may also serve as a test run of the EPIC system for when they open up the regular online sales since it looks like that whole “Member ID” process will be in use there as well.

  • Bryon Bauer

    What I don’t understand is I’m going pay $350 bucks for 2 tickets and walk away with nothing??? Do you really think that some people are not going to loose those stupid temporary ID’s that your going to need in the Fall (Month away) to complete the process and get an e-mail from EPIC. The same company that failed time and time again. What’s the point of doing this at the con if I have to go through EPIC and their stupid online process anyway.

    At least in the past. When I purchased a 4 day pass. I was done. This process says right at the end. Your not guaranteed your ticket until you finish the process in the fall? What if I loose my temporary ID? What happens if the servers can’t handle the traffic and I can’t get through. Do they hold my ticket? Do they sell it? Do I at least get a receipt when they pretend to sell me a ticket next week.

    I didn’t think Comic-Con could make the process of getting tickets more difficult. I guess I was wrong.

  • Chaosdreamer

    I hope they announce the sell-outs to the line each day. I just know I’m going to be that person who ends up in line every morning because the pass that I want will be sold out by the time I get to the front!

  • Richard

    I am at a loss of words – 175 bucks, that is such a big jump!
    and we have to jump through alot more hoops, what is this?
    More efficient?! I dont think so.

  • Man-in-Hat


    RE: buying two same-day single day passes: I think it’s just poorly worded and you can’t buy two same-day single days for the same person. Because you’re right, otherwise the math doesn’t add up, since you can buy 8 single days. But it certainly wouldn’t be the first time something on their website is poorly written.

    Instituting such a complicated system probably wouldn’t be as big a problem if they had inspired any hope in me before – that is, when have any of their other “new” systems worked? So it would appear we’re in for yet another SDCC disaster. It’s been years since they started to hit capacity every year, why does it take so long for them to react & adjust properly?

    @Chaosdreamer Excellent point, and don’t worry I’ll probably be in the exact same position.

  • Artimus

    Richard: $175 is a huge jump, but when you think about it, it’s still a bargain. I went to a baseball game a few weeks ago and spent $45 on a 300 level seat. The game lasted just about 3 hrs. For $175, I’m getting well over 50 hours of entertainment. Sure, I’ve got to pay for a flight and hotel too, but that’s what a vacation is all about.

  • Sheela

    This whole process is insane! Did anyone ever think about accommodating the physically challenged and older folks when they set up this registration marathon in the summer heat? Did they care that 2 friends may get tickets but the rest of their group may not? What if a husband gets his ticket and one for his daughter, but his wife, next in line with their son, is told, “sorry, that type of ticket is sold out?” And, frankly, they want us to go through all of this when next year’s sessions will be the same as this year’s; when the same vendors with the same wares will be there selling at increased prices; when getting into a session will be just as difficult (and maybe, like with the Watchmen fiasco, engineered that way); and the food will be just as greasy. I’ve been going to Comic Con for years and loving it–but it is getting old and too expensive. I don’t need to pay 175 dollars to stand in a hall, in line, never to get in. And I don’t have to jump through hoops. The important sessions will be online anyway in a matter of days; and the news will be around the world moments after it happens. This whole registration process is designed to weed people out because Comic Con is going to become a show open to the trade only within 3 years. It was fun while it lasted–shame it has to end on a sour note.

  • Steve Spero

    I waited in a very long line this morning to buy my 2012 membership for over 90 minutes today. After they sold their allotment of 2012 four day memberships, the convention didn’t even have the guts to tell those waiting in line that they were sold out. I found out because a woman in front of me had a friend at the front of the line.
    The system that has been used in previous years worked fine. one could register in about 10 minutes.
    As one hwo has been attending ]for 13 years, I expected a lot more.

  • Robert Tomines

    My girlfriend and I went today (Sunday) at 6am and there were still about 1500 people in front of us. At around 7:30am we got to a point inside the conference room where they said if you got that far you’d be able to get a ticket. Then they said you would need a badge badge for Sunday to buy any tickets. We had badges for only Friday and Saturday and it clearly states in the comic con guide that “you may pre-register at the Hyatt for 2012 only if you have a 2011 comic-con badge”. It says nothing about having a badge for that day your going to pre-register. This years pre-registration was a complete fiasco. The guy who let us into the center even asked us to show our badges but said nothing about needing Sunday’s badge. I heard that they sold out around 830am on the other days. So how the heck are you supposed to get your badge and head all the way over to pre-registration to get in line if you only bought a single day pass…..completely ridiculous.

  • Mike

    At least people who could not attend this year (like me — I wasn’t able to get a ticket before it sold out) will have a chance to get tickets for next year. I’d been going almost every year since 2000 but was caught off guard with how the tickets sold out instantly when they finally got the system up

  • mm

    ok so i want to go to the 2012 sdcc i have never been i have no badge and am not registered and i live in florida so here is the big question.

    Is there any chance that someone like me will be able to get 2012 tickets online to see true blood cast and get autographs?

    I heard something about them selling tickets in the fall but not sure how it will work
    any info is appreciated.

  • Jeremy Rutz

    @mm: Yes, there will be online sales. The official site says fall, usually around October. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we hear!