SDCC 2012 Friday Schedule is Up

Here’s the all important link. In short, it looks a lot better than Thursday. Like a loooooot better. It looks amazing. Both Ballroom 20 and Hall H are filled to the brim with great panels and there’s even a ton of stuff in the smaller rooms to keep everyone busy. This could’ve been a Saturday (the typical best day of the con) in year’s past. So kudos to SDCC, they totally made up for Thursday’s disappointments.

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  • DC

    I just updated my panel analysis page to include information on the
    Friday panels…

    The “Game of Thrones” panel will obviously be huge, but the lack of
    actor either Peter Dinklage on the panel or any new season 3 footage
    (since it doesn’t start filming until late-July) might disappoint

    “Elysium” by Neill Blomkamp of “District 9” fame seems to be flying
    under the radar thus far and could end up being a huge talker.

    Weirdest, but still intriguing: Either CNN’s Larry King interviewing
    Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullen or “Star Wars Origami”

  • epic_skyline

    I’m going to be sleeping in the Ballroom 20 line on Thursday night, aren’t I?

    So excited that the officially released panel has so many more former Firefly cast members than the leaked version. Gina Torres! GINA TORRES! This panel, for me, will justify the thousands of dollars I’m spending to get to Comic Con. Now I just need Doctor Who to show up with sneak peak series seven footage (and maybe a chance to meet the new companion), and I will be in geek heaven.

  • Jon Reeves

    Yeah, for unexpected panel members, I’d say it’s almost a tie between Larry King and Anthony Bourdain… What’s next, Wolf Blitzer? (Note that Bourdain also now has ties to CNN.)