SDCC 2013 Open Registration: Pre-Registration Buyers Left Out?

We received a tip from one of our readers regarding the SDCC 2013 open registration policy, which may have an impact to both pre-registration folks and those waiting to participate in open registration.

SDCCBlog reader Shirley posted that her friend had contacted CCI about upgrading or buying additional badges during open registration which were purchased during the pre-registration sale in early August. CCI’s response is as follows:

Thank you for your email and feedback. We understand that you were not able to purchase your desired badge(s) during the preregistration event and would like an opportunity to purchase additional badges or upgrade your existing badge during open online registration in early 2013.

At this time, Comic-Con International has not yet reached a decision regarding the eligibility of attendees that were able to purchase a badge during online preregistration to participate in open online registration.

Please accept our apology for the delayed response as we discuss this matter internally with the hopes of reaching an outcome that will simultaneously meet the needs of our dedicated fans and our organization.

This seems to be somewhat in conflict with the 2013 Attendee Registration Terms & Conditions we wrote about last week. We can only wonder if CCI is only allowing those folks who didn’t participate in the pre-registration to get an exclusive first crack at available badges when open registration occurs in early 2013. This would make sense from the standpoint CCI is trying to ensure that everyone has a chance to attend SDCC, both previous attendees and those who weren’t able to attend in the prior year. In that case, we suspect that the terms and conditions mentioned earlier would indeed apply regarding the sale of any remaining unclaimed or cancelled badges, which generally go on sale in late spring.

We’ve reached out to CCI for comment on the email, and we’ll let everyone know as soon as we’ve received any information or clarification.

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  • Hmm MT @SD_Comic_Con didn’t get badge u wanted during #SDCC prereg? Might have to wait until after open reg to upgrade

  • Avenged110

    Ohhh they better not pull this bs

  • i hope i have to wait until after open reg to upgrade cuz i only have a sunday bage i only need thursday-saturday and i hope i will get bage i want for 2013.

  • freeagent

    Ugh I have Thursday and Sunday. They better not pull this crap. I need Friday Saturday

  • B

    I can see both sides of this but being someone who needs to buy badges, I don’t want to have to “fight” with people who already have something but just want to upgrade. It’s hard enough. :\

  • @fiarra wtf did you see this? apparently i might not be able to buy a 4 day + preview night badge after all:

  • Michael Dougherty

    What really pisses me off of about all this is that, instead of allowing you to buy your one badge back from last year, you could buy three badges. Which means that, mathematically, everyone who bought a badge last year wasn’t going to have the chance to purchase it again.

    After waiting online for close to an hour and being turned away, if they do this, I do hope they only allow those with badges from last year who didn’t get a chance to get theirs.

  • Nicole Ro

    Can anyone comment from experience? I know onsite sales last year did not guarantee everyone 4 Day with Preview. Also you could buy for 3 badge holders this year. However if I bought for you using your member id, you could not go on and buy tickets for 3 more people with your member id also. You were automatically removed from the opportunity to purchase, which is definitely fair.

    Up till now I felt the process was perfect this year. Now I don’t see how pre-reg could not try again one ticket sales open. That does not seem right and I already have my 4 with preview.

  • Shirley

    Thanks Jeremy. It’ll be interesting to see if you get any comments (official or otherwise) from CCI about this because we were totally floored by the email. I was lucky enough to get Preview Night but my friend didn’t and I had just finished reassuring her that she’d get another shot during open registration when she got the response from CCI. I just wish CCI had made it clear to all of us before pre-reg that we may not have a shot at open reg for “upgrades” so the people who missed out on the passes that they wanted but decided to “settle” for now would have been able to make more informed decisions.

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  • Shirley

    Now I’m really interested in whether CCI replies to question “officially”. Someone just posted the a comment on a thread at the Unofficial SDCC Livejournal saying that they called CCI and were told prereg folks will be able to participate during general registration and the override/upgrade method will apply!

  • Jeremy Rutz

    Thanks again for the info, Shirley!

    We haven’t received a response from CCI yet. It might be they are still evaluating their policy, and are testing responses from the public before they commit. Keep in mind open reg will be in early 2013, so they have a few months to get this ironed out.

    Again, we’ll update as soon as we hear. Thanks!

  • i wonder how early in 2013?????

  • Ian

    Probably early/mid March. that’s what they did last year, and it was a good amount of time to start preparing for later that year.

  • David

    I was so mad last year when I couldn’t get tickets for me, my wife, and 2 boys after the email link CCI provided failed. Hate this new process because there’s no way to ensure i can get tickets for me and my family on the same days. What sense does that make? The old process was great, never had an issue…plug in the dates you want, how many tickets, bingo. Hopefully something changes this year and we can have a shot at going.