CCI Issues Statement Regarding Registration Technical Issues

CCI Badge PurchasesComic-Con International updated its website today with a statement regarding the issues many have experienced during Saturday’s online badge registration.

The statement, which appears on the “Purchase Badges” page of the official Comic-Con website, states “there was clearly an issue with some customers experiencing a frozen screen” and that they are working with EPIC Registration to investigate the issue “and hope to have an answer as to what occurred”.

The entire statement from the Purchase Badges page is as follows:

Comic-Con badge sales opened this past Saturday and while the allotted badges were processed there was clearly an issue with some customers experiencing a frozen screen. We, along with Epic registration, are in the process of investigating this and hope to have an answer as to what occurred. Please know that we take this issue very seriously and offer our sincere apology for those who found themselves in this predicament.

Thank you for your understanding in what we know was a very difficult experience for many.

As documented in our recap of Saturday’s online badge registration, we received several reports of frozen screens in the waiting room, which ultimately left some without a badge at the end of the day.  Stay tuned to our blog for further developments as they are made available.

Were you affected by the screen-freezing issue on Saturday? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Stuck loading in “click to register” screen. Never made it to waiting room. With how much they’ve raised prices every year you’d think they’d have a better system in place. EPIC is crap. This problem happens every year. Use friggin Ticketmaster. I’m sure you won’t see anyone have problems paying a surcharge for a system that works!

  • Cool Cat

    Exact same problem as Sly Ry, loading on click to register screen. I got some tickets last year and was just trying to upgrade. At least I get to go a few days, but they REALLY need to correct the issues.


    There’s an idea.

  • I had this issue on two different computers. I clicked right at 9am PT. I just saw a white screen and the browser icon spinning for the page load for 12 minutes. When it finally did come up, it gave me a number in the waiting room and said that the page was last refreshed at 10:01:38am (which was an hour in the future!) The page never refreshed beyond that. While I already got a 4 day badge during pre-sale, I wanted to upgrade to preview night as that is really the only chance I have to see the show floor.

  • The exact thing happened to me. I finally recieved an email back from their technical support after sending them a screenshot. They said they need more information from my screen. It’s a little late for that.

  • Yeah–same here–don’t know how they expect people to still have page up/be able to take a screenshot now with date stamp from then. Provided as much extra info and paper trail as I could–hoping that somehow they allow me to buy the preview night upgrade.

  • Same issue here. Clicked the link at 9am, and ended up with spinning icon and waiting room limbo for 90minutes. Opened link on two other devices only to get the overflow room. Wasted my morning

  • I definitely had issues with the website freezing. It froze as soon as I clicked enter and then after 10 minutes it kicked me into overflow. When that happened, I read on Twitter people were still getting into the waiting room. It was very frustrating!

  • hassanchop

    I had the white screen problem on two different computers. After waiting for 60 minutes and never getting a number I gave up. I’m so upset I have been going for over 25 years and the last 4 years have been hell trying to get tickets.

  • At exactly 9:00am I access the the ticketing link. I had the white screen of epic death too. after 10 mins it changed to a server application error and booted me out. My back up laptop also did the same thing with a blank white screen that never refreshed to the waiting room. After 15 mins it puts a page stating the waiting room is at capacity and filled. There is definitely something unfairly wrong with the ticketing system not letting a number of people get in que and blocking them out entirely.

  • Josh

    out of five friend, including myself, only two of us got into the waiting room. I had actually managed to get in around the 760th person mark, but that didn’t matter since my waiting room froze, stayed at my place in line for hours and received no technical help for the duration of the sale. Sadly of the five of us going to San Diego only four of us will be attending the comic con. I’m happy I got a ticket, but angry that this system didn’t work on so many levels.

  • I had three people with two computers each try at 9AM. Out of all of the them my laptop was the only one that got in (all the others got max capacity) and I got a runtime exception twice until I got it. I was stuck on a white screen for 10 minutes before I opted to refresh and decided to risk it. (like someone said earlier I saw other people getting in on twitter)

    I ended up at #47547 and managed to snag Saturday badges for my sister and friend (we did the Aug pre-reg and without any problems) and a four day badge for another. (I later got booted when I was trying for 4 singles for another friend)

    The weird thing is I noticed that was having server issues at about 8:50am that morning, the fact that no one at cci noticed ten minutes before the sale was going to happen that their servers were flaking out was a good indicator that all hell was going to break loose.


    My computer was frozen on a white screen with “Comic con waiting room” in the browser title for about 40 minutes. When it unfroze, the screen said I was 2422 in line and then before I could get a screen shot with my phone, it went to the screen that said the badges were all gone and I shouldn’t have refreshed my screen (which I NEVER did). So frustrating!

  • My screen froze before I even got into the waiting room on both my phone
    browser and my laptop browser. I did everything right, was there on
    time and didn’t have a hope. There seriously has to be a better way.

  • Same here!

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