Your Complete Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2013

shirtFor those ready to ascend into the craziness that is San Diego Comic-Con, we have you covered. Everything you need to prepare yourselves can be found in the bullet points below.

  • Download the Comic-Con International Quick Guide for 40 pages of maps, exhibitors, restaurants and more information, all in one tidy PDF!
  • We’ll be tweeting line queues for all the big rooms, and liveblogging/tweeting during the most popular events. Follow @SD_Comic_Con on Twitter and use the following hashtags when tweeting us with line statuses (here’s a sample, but we’ll be sure to remind you which to use):


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  • LG

    How does one get tickets to your Enchantment Under The SDCC party

  • TK421

    Do you have any information on the location/times for the Hasbro booth line for exclusives and will you be able to buy any on preview night?

  • Tyler Tunnell

    How can I get that shirt??

  • Jeremy Rutz

    Ah, you like! We’ll be giving away 50 at our Enchantment Under The SDCC party!

  • Jeremy Rutz

    No tickets, just first-come, first-serve!

  • Gargan

    Y’all ROCK!!! See you there.

  • Eric-y

    Do you know what time they start allowing people into the sales pavilion?