d6mafia’s Guide to San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 may be behind us, but it’s never too late to start thinking about next year.

One of our readers, Patrick Donahue of d6mafia.com, alerted us of a video guide to SDCC they produced during this year’s convention. And like our friend House of Darkly‘s The Art of War: SDCC Edition, we’re mightily impressed at the effort attendees will go to to help others prepare for, and achieve the most out of, San Diego Comic-Con.

Take a look at what we think is one of the best resources available for attendees, whether its their first or their tenth year at SDCC.

What did you think of the video? Any tips or suggestions for Patrick they might want to include? Let us know in the comments.

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  • kohyuta

    An awesome video with awesome tips! One thing I found that helped me immensely was having an external battery pack in addition to my phone charger. I bought an Anker Astro 3E, which is a 10000 mAh battery pack not much bigger than my phone. It charged my phone 4-5 times before needing a charge itself, and I wasn’t hooked to a wall while charging. It was great being able to roam the con while charging my phone.

    Again, a great video with great tips! 2013 was my first, and I’m hooked. Here’s hoping I get back out there next year!

  • marybluefairy

    Nice tips for the newbies! I think it might be a good idea to talk about the exclusives separately because he makes it sound like you can just wait till the end of the day or Sunday to buy things since you’ll have to carry it around all day, which ia true for smaller vendors, but if you wait on exclusives, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I would advise buying as many “must have” exclusives as possible, then stuffing them into one of those giant swag bags and stashing them at bag check. It only costs $2/bag, even the giant ones, and you can pick them up any time before 2am. I can’t tell you how liberating it was to get rid of our two backpacks and multiple swag bags before walking into the gaslamp for dinner!

  • marybluefairy

    I use a New Trent charger, but basically the same thing. It has been a lifesaver on my frequent Disneyland trips, but surprisingly, I didn’t need it at comic con, my ip5 had enough juice for the whole day.

  • Kristie Jae Shorten

    Great video! I wish there was a transcript somewhere, coz I’m sooooo gonna forget all that stuff! haha but thankfully I’ve done my research and I already know most of that stuff. Question: does all the exclusive stuff sell out during preview night? I’ve pre ordered as much as I can, but most stuff you can’t do that 🙁 For those who have been before, does Hasbro and other big booths have much good stuff left on thursday?

  • Kristie Jae Shorten

    Mary: can you drop any excess baggage off at ANY time during the day? Coz that would be a MASSIVE help to me, because I’m cosplaying and my costume is NOT conducive to much baggage at all. But if I must…

  • marybluefairy

    Yes, I think bag check opens pretty early in the morning and closes at 2am, so you can pick up or drop off throughout the day. It costs $2/bag each time you drop off.

  • marybluefairy

    It depends on what you’re looking for, each vendor does things their own way, so sometimes they hold back x items for each day and others just sell until they run out. I’m not big on exclusives anymore, but one year we tried to get a Monster High doll for a friend’s daughter and we checked back every day to no avail, whilst scalper dudes had cases of them.