Disney’s D23 Expo 2015 to Include Marvel, Star Wars, Walt Disney Parks Presentations on New Stage

d23-expo-2015-logo-011D23 Expo 2015, the bi-annual Disney’s owned convention for their fans, have just given a peek inside this year’s programming.

The convention, which kicks off August 14-16, will feature presentations from Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts – and to showcase these exciting presentations, they’re transforming Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center into a new “Hall D23”, which can seat 7,500 – larger, even, than the San Diego Convention Center’s Hall H, which can seat 6,130 attendees.

That means Disney is anticipating very large crowds for what they have to offer attendees – and we’re pretty sure they can deliver the goods.

The Disney Legends Awards Ceremony, hosted by Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger, will kick off the Expo on Friday, August 14. Then, later on Friday, The Walt Disney Studios will “unveil an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at its upcoming film slate”, including a closer look at Zootopia and Finding Dory.

Then on Saturday, the studio will turn its attention to its live-action titles, including Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Jungle Book, and even upcoming films from Marvel and, of course, Star Wars. The press release also promises “some very special guests” – so it could mean a very full stage, and a very happy audience.

Finally, later on Saturday, Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, will offer a behind-the-scenes peek at the magical experiences and entertainment coming to Disney’s parks and resorts. Considering this is also being held in the newly-formed Hall D23, potentially expect some big announcements.

We’ve often talked about a “D23 Effect” on San Diego Comic-Con – meaning that Disney theoretically saves the best of their reveals for their own convention, rather than Comic-Con. With word of Marvel skipping Hall H this year, and Walt Disney Studios having a very limited panel presence the last few years, that mostly just leaves Star Wars in contention for this year’s SDCC. We’ve heard some positive rumblings on that happening though – but if you want to be sure you don’t miss out on any of Disney’s properties, proceed straight to D23.

There’s still time to grab your tickets to D23 Expo 2015 – with ticket prices running $67 for a one-day adult admission or $48 for children 3-12 now through June 30. There’s also a discounted rate for Official Disney Fan Club members.

You can find more information on the D23 Expo website.


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  • Sadly I think that between SWCA and D23 this year SDCC will be pretty quite on the Disney front… They will usually turn out for the ABC TV shows since that is not as large at D23

  • There Are No Strings On Me

    True, SDCC will be boring this year, except for Batman v Superman

  • There Are No Strings On Me

    Anyone knows how many people go to D23?

  • Jon Reeves

    So, I’m confused. According to the Anaheim Convention Center web site, their Arena seats 7500; when Hall D is configured as a theater, it can seat up to 15,000. The question is: If they are using Hall D, why configure it to seat no more than the Arena? Or are they actually using the Arena? Seems likely either the venue or capacity is wrong here.

  • Jason

    time to start going to D23 instead of SDCC. Disney knew what they were doing by holding back their property from SDCC. only way to make people go to their own convention. great marketing move. Too bad I can only afford one west coast convention and sdcc is non refundable. Otherwise id be at D23 in a heartbeat

  • flashlightbuff

    Disney pulling marvel and star wars from sdcc really bugs me. It doesn’t help Disney it only hurts sdcc. Like most people I only do one west coast trip and it’s always going to be sdcc. How many people are going to do both. Or do d23 over sdcc, just for star wars or marvel panels. A minority at best. Or just west coasters.

  • We actually don’t know that they have pulled Star Wars yet. We’ve heard some rumblings that it may yet still show.

  • The Arena can seat 7,500 – but that doesn’t really account for the stage. The way the Arena is built usually cuts into that capacity pretty heavily. I’m not 100% sure if Hall “D23” is really a modified Hall D or not, but it’s obvious they’re not using the same kind of setup as WonderCon/SWCA used there.

  • flashlightbuff

    I hope not, but disney holds all the cards and seems to be making decisions that take away from SDCC in general. It wont stop me from going to SDCC by a long shot, but its annoying to say the least!

  • Jennifer Lazo

    For those who are curious, I looked at the info in the 2013 D23 expo articles and the Arena was set up in a way that had a capacity for 4,000 people. So this is almost doubling the capacity. As a regular D23 goer, I’m thrilled. Comic-Con is way too crazy and overwhelming for me. D23 is simply fun, especially for those who geek out about several of the Disney properties. I’m a fan of the Disney Parks, Animated and Pixar movies, Marvel, and Star Wars. This lets me see all of those without the craziness of Comic-Con.

  • Jason

    i think it helps Disney far more than hurting sdcc.. people will still go to SDCC but now people will also go to D23 if they want Marvel and Star Wars. it was a good financial move by Disney. it forces fans to their convention. It sucks for SDCC fans but they could go to D23 as well if they can afford it.

  • flashlightbuff

    Serious question – Can Anaheim support d23 at the height of summer disney season? or if d23 gets much bigger? I cant find accurate attendance records for d23 or wondercon, and ive never been to know if the infrastructure of anaheim supports big conventions, especially with hotels and convention hall size.

    With wondercon moving to LA for 2016 that makes me think anaheim couldnt support Big cons, but im sure short term disney will be fine.

  • Jason

    no idea.. D23 hasnt been a huge convention from what Ive heard about it in the past. No crowds, no lines etc.. Now that Disney is holding Marvel and Star Wars… the 2 biggest properties on earth right now, im sure that is about to change. Like I said. Great move by Disney to make their convention bigger.. sucks for SDCC fans but theres tons of other great stuff at SDCC. All SDCC will miss is a Civil War panel, maybe a Thor panel but i doubt it, and Star Wars, which still may appear at SDCC… but the panels biggest draw at SDCC are exclusive trailers. Weve already got one from Celebration. so its not a HUGE loss

  • flashlightbuff

    We miss out on Ant man panel, which comes out barely 2 weeks after SDCC. That makes me wonder if they will SDCC at all to promote MCU in the future.

  • Jason

    would there even been an Ant Man panel with the movie so close? It was already at SDCC last year. Id assume it would skip it eitherway but who knows. Unless it was small.. similar to Hugh Jackman promoting the Wolverine at sdcc in 2013. the movie was opening shortly after SDCC so it was just Jackman on stage with a microphone for a few minutes before showing an already seen trailer. It was tiny. maybe 5 or 10 minutes before going into Days of Future Past.. Good news is well most likely have Apocalypse this year at SDCC which should be terrific.

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