Funko Unveils New Comic-Con Booth Procedures

funko slider 3If there’s one company at San Diego Comic-Con that’s blown up in the last year or two, it’s Funko. And in order to meet the growing demand for their products, as well as to help streamline the process and keep the line moving quickly, they’re changing up the process at their booth for purchasing this year.

Now, attendees who are in line will receive an order sheet, and mark down each item that you want from the booth. There’s a limit of one of each item per customer, though we’ve confirmed they won’t be keeping track of those who have been through the line previously.

All orders will be filled based on availability.

Also new this year, exhibitors will not be permitted to purchase any items on either Preview Night, or during the first hour of the show floor on Thursday-Sunday.

You can find the full list of Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, which includes everything from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Orphan Black, Sesame Street, Arrow, and much more, in our list of Funko SDCC 2015 Exclusives.

Here’s this year’s price list:

  • Pop!: $15 (2-pack $25)
  • 6” Pop!: $20
  • Pop! Rides: $40
  • Hikari: $50 or $80
  • Pop! Tees: $25
  • ReAction: $15 (Jaws $30)
  • Vinyl Idolz: $25
  • Dorbz XL: $25
  • Dorbz: $12

And from their site, here’s the full FAQ about this year’s new procedures:

How is the booth going to run this year?

We understand it is frustrating to wait in a long line! In an effort to streamline the process and keep the line moving quickly, we are moving to an order sheet system. Everyone in line will receive an order sheet. You will mark each item you want on this sheet. When you reach check-out, a Funko booth worker will take your order sheet and retrieve all the items you have marked.

Is there a limit?

There will be a strict limit of one of each item per customer.

What if I have other people in my group (children, friends, etc.)?

Each member of your group must have their own order form completed and be present at check-out. One person may pay for all the orders, but everyone must be present.

Will vendors be limited?

Attendees with “Exhibitor” badges will not be permitted to purchase any items on Preview Night or during the first hour of the show Thursday-Sunday.

If I fill out an order sheet, am I guaranteed to get everything I want?

Filling out an order sheet does not guarantee your order. Items may sell out before you reach the front of the line. Your order will be fulfilled based on availability at the time you reach check out.

Will other retailers be sharing any of these items?

Certain pieces will be available at other retailers in limited quantities. These retailers will make their own announcements regarding what pieces they will have in stock.

Can I buy anything at Fun Days?

No – Fun Days is a celebration! Nothing will be sold at Fun Days.

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Kerry Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the site’s resident panel guru.

  • Talos Tsui

    so “exhibitor” will do the switch badges routine as usual

  • NYAvsFan

    I hope it makes a difference, but like Talos said, a lot of those exhibitors just switch badges. If you’re one of the first dozen people onto the convention floor there is no reason the line should be capped, yet it mysteriously is every time.

  • Talos Tsui

    they should take some pictures around their booth, anyone in those picture shouldn’t be in line at all for the 1st hour

  • keeleon

    This was also my experience. Twice I went straight for their booth after opening and the line was closed already. It’s a nice thought that exhibitors can’t purchase until later, but it won’t stop the scalpers. And actually I feel bad for the artists and vendors who actually wanted this stuff for themselves and deserved a tiny head start since they don’t get to see anything else outside their booth.

  • mjwidmark

    Thank you! I’m an exhibitor at SDCC and all I want are two Pop! figures for my own collection. Think there will still be any at 10am Thursday? Even if there are, it’s not like I can just leave my booth in the 1500 row and go to the end of the hall every 30 minutes to see if they’ve put more out. Crap, I don’t even sell toys!

  • keeleon

    I’m not an exhibitor at SDCC, but I do sell at shows all over SoCal, so I definitely feel the frustration. It just sucks that the people that policy is made to stop will not be stopped. And all that will happen is the few who might genuinely want it have NO chance. What POPs are you looking for? I’m gonna check the line a few times, but I have very low hopes of getting in.

  • mjwidmark

    As an exhibitor who collects Pop! figures, this sucks. As a collector who hates getting shafted because of aggressive flippers, this rocks.

    Perhaps a better thing to do would be to limit purchases to 1 of each/5 total for EVERYONE…hell, I only want 2 of them.

    If all I wanted to do was flip them, would I still own these?

  • mjwidmark

    I’m only looking to get Castiel and Gold Bender

  • keeleon

    Well, those certainly aren’t ones I care about. What’s your booth? If I find myself in line, maybe I can pick them up for you 😉

  • keeleon

    Well, those certainly aren’t ones I care about. What’s your booth number? If I find myself in line, maybe I can pick them up for you 😉

  • mjwidmark

    Thanks! If I don’t get them myself that’d be awesome! I’m at Booth 1533. Do that for me and I’ll give you one of our t-shirts!

  • Kristi Sk8

    Only want Helena.

  • keeleon
  • mjwidmark

    Nice! I was able to get the two I wanted already, but I went ahead and bought a couple of others from them. Thank you for sharing that with me!