Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Campbell’s Soup ‘Canstruction’ Will Greet SDCC Attendees at Airport

Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons is on the ground in San Diego today, where he stopped by to check out one of the coolest things around this year’s San Diego Comic-Con: a Spider-Man ‘canstruction’.

To launch Campbell’s first-ever alliance with Marvel Entertainment, Campbell’s has brought along a “friendly, neighborhood” surprise to Comic-Con attendees and San Diego visitors. Starting today, and up through July 31, a Spider-Man ‘canstruction’ is located in the Terminal 2 baggage claim at the San Diego International Airport, made of the new Special Edition Campbell’s Spider-Man cans and classic Campbell’s Red & White labels.

The construction is made of over 1,000 cans, and Campbell’s hopes to give it a more permanent home after its July run. As for the soup, it will be available this fall in grocery stores nationwide. The label for the soup was decided on by Facebook voting.

Here’s a look, courtesy of Parks And Cons:










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