Funko Pop! Up Shop Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Funko still has a few tricks up their sleeves – and they’ve just announced that in addition to all of their awesome exclusives and Funko Fundays, attendees can also head to the Pop! Up  Shop (get it?) Thursday-Sunday of Comic-Con.

The shop will be open daily 10AM-3PM at 448 West Market Street in the Marina District, directly across from the Grand Hyatt Manchester. Rather than focusing on hot licenses (though there is a Marvel exclusive), the Pop! Up Shop exclusives mostly focus on Funko’s rich history, with items like a Bob’s Big Boy (the first ever Funko product sold in Wacky Wobbler form) now turned into a Pop!, and original characters Spastik Plastik.

From Funko’s blog, here’s a look at the exclusive merch you’ll be able to score there:

Freddy Funko SDCC Type Tee (100 LE)


Freddy Funko Model Kit Tee (100 LE)


Freddy Funko vs. The World Tee (100 LE)


Pop! Ad Icons: Bob’s Big Boy (480pc LE)


Pop! Spastik Plastik – Amazing Carlos (Blue – 3000pc LE)


Pop! Spastik Plastik – Amazing Carlos (Black – 480pc LE)


Pop! Spastik Plastik – Otto (Purple – 3000pc LE)


Pop! Spastik Plastik – Otto (Orange – 480pc LE)


Pop! Spastik Plastik – Otto (Red – 480pcLE)


Captain America 18″ Mega Dorbz 


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  • curtmcg1rt

    Sounds great! What time and where do I stand in line for a ticket to stand in line for this?

  • NYAvsFan

    Argh, you’re killin me Funko!!!

  • Miguel Hernandez

    I don’t think they’ll do tickets for this as it’s an offsite thing. The location and time is stated in the article.

  • curtmcg1rt

    You’re right. It sounds very organized and simple, like funko’s standard operating procedure.

  • Like this will be any easier to get stuff than the convention floor! Fortunately there’s nothing I really want. Wish they’d let you preorder convention exclusives to pick up at the pop up shop.

  • keeleon

    Or even just sell exclusives there also. That would help with some of the show floor congestion.

  • Banshee

    I agree, Neca has its shit together. You can pre order and then just pick up. No madness

  • Louis F

    Did anyone go to the Pop Up shop last year? Was the line pretty long and was it difficult to get items? Do you need a SDCC badge to buy stuff?

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