Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusives Available August 9

imageCouldn’t get your hands on Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives? Well, we’ve got good news for you.

On their FAQ, Hasbro has revealed that this year’s post-San Diego Comic-Con exclusives sale will launch at an unspecified time online on Tuesday, August 9. The items will be available on their site only, in the EXCLUSIVES category.

All items are limited – and Hasbro also cautions that your order isn’t finalized and items are not reserved until you complete the checkout process – meaning that simply adding it to your cart does not guarantee inventory before it sells out.

You can find all of their exclusives, when they go online, here. Although the items currently say ‘Add to Cart’, and ‘Out of Stock’ when you click on them – they haven’t gone live yet.

Typically, Hasbro offers all of their exclusives online – though many are in very limited quantities, and will go fast. You can find all of Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusives listed here.

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  • I’m going to try for the Obi-Wan, the Rogue One chick looks sweet but I’ll pass (maybe, lol).
    I was in line for a friend and got the Magic card set. Star-wars was sold out except for Kylo, so I said screw it and got one.

  • TK421

    Kinda no longer worth even getting at SDCC if they start doing this like Mattel did. They AREN’T EXCLUSIVES if they are sold afterwards.

    Basically most SDCC exclusives aren’t exclusive anymore…from Square Enix, to Mattel, now Hasbro (they did this a few other years also)…

  • NYAvsFan

    Soo anything that doesn’t sell should what, be melted down? Stored in a warehouse? Shot into space? Hasbro cannot predict what will and won’t sell out. The big difference between them and Mattel is that Mattel decided to pre sell and thus completely ruin any exclusiveness.

    I’m perfectly happy with my three Star Wars Black Series figures from SDCC and if someone else can get them too then that’s awesome.

  • Clark_Ken_T

    Too bad they won’t invest anything in server infrastructure. Last year, when the sale went live: total meltdown. Could not check out with my Antman. And after, even some of the big items like transformers never sold out. Maybe SDCC Hasbro should sell Star Wars and Magic exclusively.

  • Gabriel

    Maybe they should go to NYCC and sell the remainder of stuff there. But call them “Convention Exclusives” like other brands so they don’t have to pay the convention selling rights.
    I do agree with you on not caring if other people get them too. I was in line for Preview Night and all I heard the guys in front of me talk about was how much they’re going to be able to sell their stuff for. Like let collectors have first dibs before you guys go and buy 2 of everything just to sell it.

  • NYAvsFan

    As far as I know, this year none of the Hasbro items had the SDCC logo on them. The Kylo And Obi-Wan were available at SWC also. So they already weren’t SDCC exclusives, just convention ones.

  • Gabriel

    One of the reasons I skipped it on the GI Joe product