LEGO San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusives [UPDATE July 18]

When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, everything is awesome when it comes to LEGO’s choices the last several years. The few fortunate souls that get their hands on Lego SDCC exclusives become owners of some of the priciest prizes of all. These exclusives are incredibly difficult to get their hands on and keep their value high.

Last year, you needed a winning ticket in order to purchase LEGO’s exclusives. LEGO will once again be distributing free mini-figures upstairs on the Pavilion Terrace, beginning at 12:30PM daily. There’s a limit of one drawing per person per day. Here’s this year’s known schedule:

  • Thursday, July 21 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Atom
  • Friday, July 22 – Hydra Captain America
  • Saturday, July 23 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Atom
  • Sunday, July 24 – Hydra Captain America

For their other exclusives, while purchase and fulfillment of exclusive sets will take place in LEGO Booth #2829, attendees must first visit the Pavilion Terrace to participate in a random drawing to qualify to buy, beginning as early as 7AM daily. Tickets to purchase must be redeemed on the same day or purchase is forfeited.

Here’s what’s awesome this year from LEGO:

[UPDATE July 18]

The second of LEGO’s two San Diego Comic-Con exclusive minifigs this year is none other than DC’s Legends of Tomorrow‘s Atom (aka Ray Palmer). The figure will be given away on Thursday and Saturday of Comic-Con, beginning at 12:30PM on the Pavilion Terrace upstairs of the convention center. The minifig comes with a removable helmet and a Palmer Tech baseplate.

From TVInsider, here’s a look:


[UPDATE July 15]

Finally, some more LEGO Comic-Con news! LEGO’s BrickHeadz brand won’t be hitting retail stores until 2017, but you’ll get the first BrickHeadz figures ever with the Comic-Con exclusive sets, only available at the con. The sets feature DC and Marvel heroes, and will be available one set per day (schedule below). You’ll need to participate in a random drawing in the Pavilion Terrace around 7AM daily to be able to purchase later in the day at the LEGO booth.

They’ll retail for $40 per two-pack.

Here’s a look:


July 21st-Batman™ and The Joker™

July 22st Black Panther and Dr. Strange

July 22nd Black Panther and Dr. Strange

July 23nd Superman™ and Wonder Woman™

July 23nd Superman™ and Wonder Woman™

July 24th- Captain America and Iron Man

July 24th- Captain America and Iron Man

[UPDATE July 12]

LEGO will once again be distributing free mini-figures upstairs on the Pavilion Terrace, beginning at 12:30PM daily. There’s a limit of one drawing per person per day.

Entertainment Weekly has a first look at one of the exclusive minifigures – beginning with a Hydra Captain America figure, available on Friday, July 22 and Sunday, July 24.

You’ll also have a chance to win online on Friday, July 22 and Saturday, July 23 by following the hashtag #LEGOSDCC.

Here’s look:


LEGO is one scary booth, but do you plan to take it on? If so, what are you after? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Rehza

    I love LEGO. I’ve been trying to get my hand on exclusives for the last few years as an attendee and have been successful a handful of times. It’s certainly sought after. I hope to scoop them all up.

  • TK421

    They should just make it where you scan your badge at the booth through out the day and if you win you get a figure.

    Making people sit outside for 3+ hours in the sun/heat is just ridiculous.

  • Joshua Heffy Heffington

    Last year it was an iPad set up. There were not tickets. They did it the same way in the morning for the set, and in the afternoon for the min figure . You wait hours and you go thru the line. and you touch the iPad screen. If you are a winner it says “Everything is awesome” with Emmett and a big smile. If not it says you are not a winner. If you win the mini figure, they hand it to you there. If you win a Lego set, you get a ticket to buy it at their booth.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    To be fair no one makes you sit out there. It’s all a choice and there are tons of other things to do.

  • TK421

    There are better ways to make it fair and allow people to enjoy other things in/around the con. Use technology/net/etc to make it better. It’s not a bad thing.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Possibly, but keep in mind they are still dealing with thousands of people and not every system is perfect. Also I would think being allowed to draw once a day is pretty fair, so you don’t have to worry about people trying one and getting a ticket and you trying again and again with nothing. It’s all a matter of what matters most to you and how much your time is worth to you.

  • ComradeRudy

    nice. so you don’t need to queue up for a ticket in the morning like those hasbro nutsos?

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  • Timothy Gray

    You do have to line up, it works essentially the same as hasbro except you don’t pull a ticket out of a bowl, you tap an iPad and see if you’re a winner or not. You still have to line up early because there’s a limited number of tickets and they end the drawing when they run out.

  • Timothy Gray

    I hope these sets aren’t the only thing they’ll be doing this year, Lego is normally good about making exclusives actually exclusive, if this is just early release I may be spending my mornings in one of the Funko lines…

  • Leigh

    Did you see that the Funko line is similar to the Lego one last year? You have to line up for a chance to get a ticket to buy.

  • Leigh

    I guess if these are the only exclusives, I won’t need to line up for Lego. Stupid.

  • Obito Ishii

    What time would you suggest on getting there to line up?

  • Timothy Gray

    Don’t know if my last post went through so I’ll write a shorter one: basically the earlier you get there the earlier you get out of line. I’ve been there as late as 7-7:30 and still made it all the way through the line, but I was stuck there until ~11am. Since drawing is random people who get there a bit late still have a decent chance, but you miss out on making it to any early panels. I plan to arrive at 5:30, but I think you’re safe at least until 6:30, but take that with a grain of salt cause it’s all luck, if 100 ppl in a row get tickets they’ll run out sooner.

  • Seth

    Totally agree technology has made this very possible.Simply stupid to waste all the man power for security and workers. I wish SDCC would force this for all exclusives.

  • Seth

    Lego a few years ago scanned badges for the free figure.
    worked just fine

  • Timothy Gray

    No matter how they attempt to do it, if there are a limited number of items and they say they’ll start any sort of giveaway mechanic (lottery or or otherwise) everyone who wants it will show up at that time or before because no matter what you have to show up before they run out for the day, as long as these are limited runs you will never get past that problem. The way they handle it now is the best possible way IMO since they have the space and there’s no real confusion about how it works.

  • Timothy Gray

    Technology has not made this any simpler than how Lego does it now, if you have a limited quantity of something to give away everyone will want to try their hand at getting one ASAP.

  • TikiGawd

    Funko is finally adopting the Lego line system this year, so you can’t just show up at their booth and line up. Plus most of their “exclusives” will be available online through Barnes & Noble, Hot Topic, etc.
    Not that they deserve your time and effort anyway. Funko certainly does not give two craps about their customers. I’ll be bringing my moola to other businesses.

  • Timothy Gray

    Yes, I know that they are doing the same setup as Lego, that’s why I plan to get in their line instead of Lego’s since they have some actual exclusives. There are timed exclusives at Funko as well but some of them are real exclusives like Big Boy and the Sex Bob-omb set, there’s also the line every day to try to win Conan Funkos which are also real exclusives and these lines are all going on at the same time as the Line for Lego “exclusives” which so far will all be available in 2017. I’m still going to get in line for the mini figure giveaways at noon though.

  • Obito Ishii

    Thank you for the heads up. I’ll plan to arrive a few hours early. i know where the pavilion is, is that where the line usually starts?

  • Timothy Gray

    The past two years the start of the line has been out on the terrace behind the pavilion, but every time I’ve been in the line it’s already stretched down the back stairs and out onto the marina, they normally have people holding signs that say “end of LEGO line” so just head to sails, go out onto the terrace and look for signs and be prepared to ask a couple people which line they’re in and you’ll find it, the lines grow pretty fast and are constantly moving but they’ll have a lot of people helping guide everyone to the right places. It’s the same thing for the 12pm MiniFigure giveaway line.

  • Akiba4tN8

    So Lego doesn’t do anything for Preview Night? Just Thurs – Sun?

  • Djai Batoon


  • Djai Batoon

    Looks like they are not. No new update since Atom Minifigure confirmed!