Nerd HQ Returns to San Diego Comic-Con, New Children’s Museum for 2016

The wait is finally over for San Diego Comic-Con attendees, as The Nerd Machine announced today that Nerd HQ is headed back to San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Nerd HQ is headed back to the New Children’s Museum, their second time at the facility (though their fourth home in total). Last year, The Nerd Machine transformed the 35,000 square foot, three-floor, facility into a mecca of star-studded panels for their Conversations for a Cause, gaming, dance parties, and even just a relaxing place to spend a few hours (we say this every year, but there are sofas, guys. You can sit!).

Just like in previous years, the event is free to attend, with the popular Conversations for a Cause costing around $22 to attend (with all proceeds going to Operation Smile).

[UPDATE July 11]

Zachary Levi appeared on TODAY on July 11, to dish up a little Nerd HQ news – including that AMD and Xbox will be co-sponsoring the event, and there there will be “a ton of free video games” to play.

You can watch the full announcement below:

Will you be attending Nerd HQ 2016? Let us know in the comments.

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Kerry Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the site’s resident panel guru.

  • epic_skyline

    Doubt I will attend this year. The space was much, much too cramped. Even those famous couches were basically impossible to land. Last year, we left the party on Thursday after unsuccessfully waiting 35 minutes to try and buy a drink. Think I’m going to start out saying I’ll be skipping it, but as always, I’ll monitor what people are saying online as the weekend progressives, and if the staff has made things run smoother then I’ll reconsider.

  • Candice M

    I didn’t get to it last year. I hope to go to the party Thursday night.

  • Rob Sibbald

    Hope they don’t use the “wrist bands of death” this year.

  • Brett Mullikin

    This will be my 1st NerdHQ

  • Steve Huber

    I will try to go. This would be my first NerdHQ and my 2nd SDCC. I mean hell, its for a good cause.

  • MediaSavant

    If they don’t address the cramped panels where you couldn’t see anything if you weren’t in the first few rows, I doubt I’ll be among those who are clamoring for tickets to the panels this year. Same with the party. I heard there was shoving on the dance floor any time a celebrity appeared and it took 45 minutes to get a drink. I didn’t even get in on Saturday. I loved this event in the early years before the entire con discovered it. Of course that’s good news for The Nerdmachine company. They’ll sell more t-shirts.

  • Devon Baltz

    Yeah Saturday was a mess. I went a lot, but it wasn’t too bad if you used the nerdhq app to make reservations for stuff. I’m not real sure why people said the view in the panels was so awful I was able to see just fine. They had monitors up as well so couldn’t you just have looked at those? All in all i might not go as much but I think it’s still a great time if you plan correctly.

  • bb_mke

    Yes, definitely. I didn’t manage to get into any of the panels last year, but having an easily accessible Comic-Con place to meet up, charge up and grab drinks was really nice.

  • MediaSavant

    They didn’t have the monitors up the first day. They added those later. They also put people on larger stools later. In the first one I went to I was in the 8th row, but the person directly in my line of site was huge. In the second, I was way in the back and couldn’t see anything without the monitors. It just feels wrong to need monitors in an audience of 200 people. It takes away the sense of intimacy their panels had at other venues. it’s also about how cramped the seating was. Con attendees don’t tend to be small people, if you know what I mean. Since it’s unlikely I’ll go for tickets this year, that’s good news for someone else who will get in who might not have.

  • Really? While we agree the panel space left something to be desired, we never had a problem scoring a couch (unlike in 2014, which we thought was too cramped). Maybe it just depended on when you went.

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  • Alex

    I’d love to go… 8th SDCC, though never been to a NerdHQ

  • Benjamin Gonzalez

    Last year dropped by on the very last day to check it out. It was about an hour before it ended but enough time for me and my bro to get some Star Wars gaming in upstairs. It sure was hot though! Thankfully, everyone around us had put on deodorant that day.

  • Kerry

    It’s definitely worth checking out! It’s basically our staff’s favorite offsite.

  • Bernie_Sanders

    Last year was the worst. I’ve been going since they’ve been attending SDCC and last year it was too cramped, no A/C, and longer than ever lines for everything. I doubt I’ll go this year. Petco was my favorite venue of theirs.

  • Katelyn Anne

    I am excited for this. I made and donated a piece of artwork last year
    and they auctioned it off during the heroes reborn panel.. Hoping to do
    the same this year… 🙂 Love that Nerd HQ helps a good cause. I do miss
    the seating in Petco, the fact that the seats were stadium style were
    nice because even if you were in the back you could still see

  • mimi

    Petco Park was much better and bigger but they lost that space so at least they have somewhere to go. If you are lucky enough to get panel ticket it a must go. Hanging out there is too crowded. Plus you have to weight in that line for those bracelets. The panel can not be beat. The party was ok. Some panel did not have pictures afterward which sucked. I guess there is only so much time 🙂 Good luck to those trying to get ticket. At the end of the day it’s all about charity right 🙂

  • James Scarafiotti

    Roll with it. Enjoy the positives.
    I will certainly be back.

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  • Krell

    Ugh. Those were the details? When do we get more info??

    I do agree that the sofas are few and far between — just like everything else in San Diego, good luck doing anything that everyone else wants to do too.

  • Annabella G

    Okay, so no panels announced yet.

  • space traveler

    Definitely miss the stadium seating.

  • space traveler

    The A/C thing is a major problem for sure and I think really adds to the discomfort of everything else you mentioned. I had a ticket for one of the Conversations for a Cause and got the heck outta there right after because of the heat. REALLY hope they fix that this year. Another nice thing about Petco was at least a breeze would come in sometimes..

  • raybdc97

    Apparently not…I’m getting itchy

  • Joe Marinas

    Do you need a SDCC badge to get in? I only have a Thursday badge and would like to attend on Friday and Saturday.

  • Dylan

    last year was my firist time and it was amazing!!