WonderCon Returns to Anaheim in 2018 for March Convention

WonderCon 2017 hasn’t even started yet (but it will, one week from today!) – but it may already be time to start looking to 2018. Released today with the WonderCon 2017 Quick Guide are the dates for next year’s convention, taking place once again in Anaheim: Friday, March 23 – Sunday, March 25, 2018.

That means for the second year in a row, the convention will bypass Easter, which is set for April 1, 2018. That also shifts it a week earlier than this year’s convention, which may have moved to avoid another Easter scheduling conflict.

The Anaheim Convention Center is currently undergoing construction for expansion, which should be completed this fall (and which also means you’ll get to enjoy it all next spring). The expansion will include the addition of 200,000 square feet of flexible space that can be used for panel or mixed space, and will also expand Car Park 1, and a climate-controlled connection to the second level of the current convention center.

That 200,000 will bump Anaheim up to 1,800,000 square feet – which is still a far cry from the San Diego Convention Center’s current 2,600,000 square feet, but still very impressive.

Will you be attending WonderCon Anaheim 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Martin Paternoster

    I’m certainly likely to attend in 2018. I love WC Anaheim.

  • zakin

    This is no surprise, as word was they had a 2 year contract this time.

    Still holding out hope it returns to SF, and if not SF then LA. Fat chance, though…

  • DCBakerEsq

    I’ve been in Anaheim since the beginning and I’ll certainly be there again in 2018. A terrific con and an excellent venue.

  • W10002

    If I recall, CCI would like to split WonderCon to have one in SoCal, and one in San Francisco. But the SF one had issues, and they can’t hold one in SF any time soon. It isn’t for a lack of trying though.

  • zakin

    They were offered dates in SF in both 2012 and 2013 and chose not to take them. That makes me believe they were never serious about staying in/returning to SF like they had claimed. Yeah, they had excuses — but when you want something to happen, you make it happen rather than looking for excuses.

  • W10002

    I’ve heard too many conflicting reports on both sides that I don’t know the truth. I do remember in 2013-2014 that there was a concentrated effort to go back to San Francisco for WonderCon 2014 [or was it 2015?] by splitting it into two separate conventions. But it didn’t work out.

  • zakin

    The only truth we all know is that WC was in Anaheim from 2012-2015 and again this year. There are other facts that can be verified such as Moscone offering them dates in 2012 and 2013 — given that alone, I’m skeptical that it wasn’t for lack of trying. (I did not hear of any verified offers of dates from SF in 2014-2015, though.)

  • W10002

    From what I remember, CCI said the dates for 2012 was given too short of a notice to be able to relocate the convention back to San Francisco. I don’t recall what their “excuse” was for 2013, but I do remember they liked Anaheim and wanted to split the con to both Anaheim and San Francisco. Maybe one day this will work out, but given CCI’s radio silence on this, it doesn’t seem likely.

  • zakin

    They were offered dates for 2012 show in SF in July 2011, and hadn’t signed on with Anaheim by that point.


    That’s in line with the timeframe they’ve had for previous shows. If they’re not willing to work with that then I stand by my comments that they didn’t try too hard to stay in SF.

  • R.Z. HB Local


    Absolutely I and my family will be there. But PLEASE move the Agents of Shield Panel into the Arena. I have not made it in two different years now. More space is needed.
    And a few more full panels for TV and movies….you don’t need to sandbag for San Diego. Bring it to Wondercon! Thanks Again! It was great!

  • R.Z. HB Local

    I’ll Absolutely be back with my family. But Please move the Agents of Shield panel into the Arena. twice the place was so full many many people couldn’t get in.
    And please don’t sandbag the great major previews and panels with actor appearances for San Diego….Wondercon is a great place to show them! especially for many of us who aren’t fortunate enough to get passes to SDCC.