Cryptozoic San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [UPDATE APRIL 25]

Cryptozoic Entertainment kicked off San Diego Comic-Con exclusives season this year with their amazing Golden Goddess DC Comics Bombshells, but that’s not all they’re bringing to the con. You can find them at Booth #115.

Let’s take a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE April 25]

It’s a big year for Harley Quinn as she celebrates her 25th anniversary in 2017, and Cryptozoic is celebrating by going a little crazy (in a good way).

We’ve got the exclusive details on Cryptozoic’s second San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: the Metallic Red 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn Lil DC Bombshells Figure. Cryptozoic’s regular DC Lil Bombshells Harley Quinn figure is re-imagined here in a variant, solid red with a metallic finish, and each piece is stamped with a “Harley Quinn” 25 logo on the base to help commemorate the occasion. Each figure will also be individually hand-numbered from 1 to 500 (the lowest run Lil’ DC Bombshells figure ever produced!), and will retail for $25.

Similar to the Golden Goddesses, Metallic Red Harley will be available in limited quantities in a pre-sale starting May 5 at 10AM (and we’ve been assured the kinks from the last pre-sale have been worked out). You’ll be able to pick-up on-site at their booth during the con – or if you’re shut out in the pre-sale, they’ll be saving some figured for on-site sales.

[UPDATE April 3]

Now that WonderCon is behind us, it’s time to turn our full attention to San Diego Comic-Con — and with badge and hotel sales happening so late this year, it can be easy to forget just how close the convention really is. So close, in fact, that we’ll get our first San Diego Comic-Con exclusive pre-sale this week, courtesy of Cryptzoic Entertainment.

Cryptozoic will be offering 7″ SDCC exclusive DC Comics Bombshells, the Golden Goddess Series. There are three vinyl figures in the series, including Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman. Each figure is limited to 250 pieces, and will retail for $40 each, or $100 for all three.

You’re be able to get your hands on all three right now on Cryptozoic’s website, for pick-up at the convention. A $25 deposit is required, and you’ll pay the additional $75 (plus California sales tax) at Booth #115 on Thursday-Sunday 10AM-4PM when you come by to pick them up. [UPDATE] These are now sold out. You can still pick up one of the remaining 200 sets at San Diego Comic-Con, available Thursday-Sunday (but not Preview Night) at their booth..

Here’s a look at the figures:

Will you be making this your first San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusives purchase? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jimmy David

    Any info on this? It is now past 10am PST and they are not up. Was your info correct?

  • Joshua Ivanov

    They didn’t use the right link…

  • Jace Delgado

    Sold out in less than 10 minutes

  • Joshua Ivanov

    That’s honestly an eternity for a 250 piece item.

  • Jace Delgado


  • Joshua Ivanov

    I’m guessing the link fiasco didn’t help. I was refreshing for five minutes on that one before I clued in.

  • Dib Chez

    Nice, that wasn’t even the correct link…

  • Jace Delgado

    Yeah, I had to go to the main page to see the correct link.

  • Joshua Ivanov

    We should meet up at the booth and high-five, lol.

  • Joshua Ivanov

    I tried to share it as soon as I found out.

  • Dib Chez

    Checked their twitter and apparently even their own facebook page posted the incorrect link -_____-

  • Jace Delgado

    Lol! I plan to pick these up on Thursday to get it out of the way. Sucks that you can’t pick these up on Preview Night.

  • not happening

    Wasnt there a link that was supposed to go live at 10PT if you only wanted to buy one?

  • Joshua Ivanov

    Yeah. Preview Night is so nuts, though.

  • Joshua Ivanov

    Seems that the info (a lot of it) was wrong. I only ever saw a deposit to buy the whole set together. Never saw any singles.

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