Entertainment Weekly’s Con-X Not Returning to San Diego Comic-Con in 2017

Gerard Way at Con-X 2016

While we’re starting to get news of what will be at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, we’re also beginning to get news of what won’t be at the convention this year.

We’ve confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that Entertainment Weekly’s Con-X, the offsite last year in the Embarcadero Marina North Park which included live interviews on stage, food trucks, swag, a concert on Preview Night, and more, won’t be returning to the convention in 2017.

While it was a bit of a trek from the convention center (which probably accounted for the low attendance every time we stopped by), we enjoyed Con-X. Our own Robert Warners described it as a “cool break from the con”, and it’s always disappointing to learn something won’t be returning to the convention.

Of course, there are still plenty of offsites waiting in the wings to take its place – we already know that Nerd HQ, Conan, Hop-Con, and more will all be back this year. You can find all of the announced offsites on our calendar.

Did you stop by Con-X last year? Are you disappointed it won’t be returning? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Michael Ebel

    I stopped by a few times. I enjoyed the interview with the cast from Marvel Agents of Shield

    I wish EW was set up in the Adult Swim location and moved the Adult Swim stuff to the island.

  • Joe Schweiss

    CON-X was fun last year – disappointed to hear it won’t be back. DJ Goldfish was awesome. I think CON-X had a lot to offer, but people didn’t seem to know much about it. Location probably was a factor, though it was a great location for everything it offered. Attendance was really off, but it’s the kind of event that might take a few years to grow. This is like canceling a TV after airing one or two episodes – not allowing enough time for word of mouth (or social media) to create a buzz about it.

  • Michael Ebel

    I totally agree. Due to it’s location EW should have given it at least the 1 more year and start advertising it in June.

  • Jerry Knowles

    Maybe my fave offsite last year 🙁

  • Susan

    It was really warm last year and that made me less interested in hanging out at CON-X. The marketing activations were okay but the scale was too small. There were things that would have worked better as pop-ups in the Gaslamp. Plus, the location baffled my friends for some reason and I ended up waiting forever because “behind the Convention Center on the side closer to Seaport Village” threw them (not being helped by my saying the wrong H hotel name). The security staff at the gate were really nice, though; just so friendly and happy to be there. They weren’t meant to be part of the experience but they set a great tone.

  • keeleon

    Ya, the adult swim stuff just gets weirder and more off putting every year.

  • Kate

    We had so much fun there last year! We got to see a couple panels with people we couldn’t get in to see in the regular con. Plus we were really close because it was all grass seating! It wasn’t a perfect setup but it was a nice break from the chaos of the main con. Hopefully they come back in 2018.