Con Flashback: Ballroom 20 versus Hall H

We’re starting a weekly column, that’s all about looking back at Comic-Con’s of the past. Have you ever wondered what the UBlog staff’s favorite panel was? Or their favorite place to eat during the convention? If you have a question you’d like us to tackle, please let us know in the comments.

This week’s question comes to use from Angela Robinson on Twitter – and is all about whether we prefer the hallowed halls of Hall H or Ballroom 20!

James Riley

There’s a reason Hall H is where a large number of people want to be during SDCC. It’s been host to so many exclusive reveals, once in a lifetime experiences, cool give-aways, and incredible panelists. In the nearly 15 years since they started using it, I’ve been there for some awesome moments. In the early years, it was seeing things like the reveal of Revenge of the Sith as the title of Star Wars Episode III and the first SDCC appearance of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Then after a few years of not going it was returning to see Harrison Ford’s first SDCC and the gathering of the whole Avengers cast in 2010. In the last few years it was the absolute peak when we got to see the cast of The Force Awakens and then be invited to a Star Wars concert. No matter the lines, the wait, the hassle, or lack of sleep, Hall H is a special place to be during Comic-Con.

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Kara Dupree

I prefer Ballroom 20 to Hall H because not only is Ballroom 20 the best way to see panels for some of your favorite TV shows, but it is also a lot easier to get into compared to Hall H. I have been attending SDCC for four years and every time that I’ve wanted to get into a panel in Ballroom 20, I’ve been able to get in. I’m not saying you can walk right in for most of the panels but as long as you line up in the “everything else line” outside the convention center before the doors open the morning of your panel, you will have the best chance to attend the panel that you want to see. Another thing to keep in mind is to just keep an eye on Twitter to see if the room has been filled, if not you should be able to walk right in. How often can you say that for Hall H?

My favorite memory of Ballroom 20 was getting to attend the panel for Under The Dome back in 2014. That year was the only year that more than three cast members were part of the panel. They also shared a lot of information that hadn’t been previously shared about that particular season. On top of that, I also got to see some of my favorite actors up close! It’s very difficult to get that close to your favorite stars in Hall H. I will always prefer Ballroom 20 to Hall H any day!

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Robert Warners

I’ve never been that much of a fan of Ballroom 20 as I find most of the panels held in the room are not my cup of tea. The last time I was in Ballroom 20 was in 2014 for the show 24. It was the first panel of the day in the room so thankfully it wasn’t all day wait for me. With that said, I much prefer Hall H over Ballroom 20. Getting into Hall H on a Friday or Saturday is pretty much a badge of honor as it requires determination, patience, endurance, and mental strength (no lie!). Once you’re in the room one of those two days, you’ll more than likely to experience quite a few good panels featuring some of the biggest names in television and film. 

My favorite Hall H memory wasn’t a panel but the excitement leading up to the panel. In 2014, I had camped out the night before to get into Hall H for the Marvel Films panel. Everyone in the room was anticipating the Avengers: Age of Ultron panel and before it started, the room was electric. The room started chanting “Marvel! Marvel! Marvel!” and clapping in unison. It was quite the scene leading up to the biggest panel of the day.

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  • Hector Flores

    2015. I was in the hall H line on Friday to attend the WB panel on Saturday. While in line;
    I made friends with my line neighbors.
    I saw (a remote controlled) R2D2 fly over the bay and snapped a selfie with the droid.
    My place in line was by the Marina Park, so I was in the parking lot when Hamill, Fisher, Ford, came out of their black SUV convoy to attend the Star Wars concert after their panel. Hamill took selfie with us! I enjoyed the concert from the line. FIREWORKS OVER THE BAY TO STAR WARS MUSIC!
    I witnessed the SDPD escort the Batmobile being driven by Zach Snyder. Snyder proceeded to hand out swag to those of us in line.
    I love Hall H.

  • Fred Jones

    Ballroom 20- Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel


    EveryOne stands up and Whedon cries…

    Nothing will every be better than that…..

  • Ryan Solano

    This is probably one of the best panels i have ever been to.

  • Sounds a bit like you had more fun waiting in line for Hall H than in Hall H, ha!

  • Seank

    While I agree that Hall H lacks intimacy, there is an undescribable energy that comes from the crowd of over 5000 strong. Saturday 2014 was without a doubt the most exhilarating day I ever experienced in Hall H. Lord of the Rings reunion, Batman V Superman, Avengers Age of Ultron…it was amazing. I really feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend. It may sound silly to some but being with so many like-minded people that just want to celebrate something they love made me feel great inside.

  • Investigatin Detective

    Hall H. Hands down. I’ve done both many times and Hall H is the easiest choice here. I’ve been to so many Hall H panels but some highlights for me:

    -The cast of the Avengers assembled (also Ruffalo’s introduction and Whedon’s directing confirmation)
    -Hiddleston in full Loki gear hyping up the crowd
    -2016 Marvel panel was amazing (laser show, Larson reveal, Panther cast, etc.)
    -BVS announcement (despite how awful the movie was, the announcement was great)
    -Samuel Jackson delivering his “Yes they deserve to die” line
    -First reveal of Avatar from James Cameron
    -Entire cast from Days of Future Past

    –Oh and my cousin proposing to Cameron Diaz and her accepting (she gave him the Hershey Kiss they give to panelists)

    Love Hall H

  • epic_skyline

    I was just going to say! Yes! This panel will always be one of my top five favorite comic con memories.