SDCC 2017 Hotel Waitlist Set to Begin May 15

Hotelpocalypse is (almost) finally over.

E-mails with instructions about this year’s hotel waitlist – which will open on Monday, May 15 – are going out now.

Rooms from Hotelpocalpyse were allocated (supposedly, anyway) based on timestamp of when you entered the form to fill out your information, and then assigned in two groups, the last of which was this last Monday. Now, any rooms that have been returned will be opened up to a general waitlist.

On Monday, May 15, those eligible who requested to be on the waitlist will have the first opportunity to book from any remaining Comic-Con hotel inventory. On Monday, an email will be sent to those individuals, which will include the waitlist link. For those who choose to book, you’ll owe a deposit of two nights room rate plus tax, just like normal.

The waitlist sale is live inventory, and will be first come/first serve, so make sure to keep a close eye on your e-mail on Monday. No specific time for the waitlist sale has been announced, but we’ll update if that changes.


Those who didn’t put down a deposit in at least round two were e-mailed today, to let them know that their rooms have been released. There’s also a “Book Now” button in that e-mail, which takes you to a list of inventory. Currently, none of that inventory is available – but it’s entirely possible this is also a link to the waitlist, and that you’ll be able to attempt to snag a hotel on Monday.

Will you be participating in the hotel waitlist sale? Are you as excited as we are that we can all stop talking about Hotelpocalypse soon? Let us know in the comments.

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  • garfeimao

    Yes, although I’m not entirely sure I’m on the waitlist, even though onPeak staff told me earlier this week I would be. Why? Because they contradicted themselves more than once. I asked what happens if I take the hotel offered outside DT and they said I would be on the waitlist for my first choice hotels. A day later I asked the same question and was told that if I accepted the less desirable room I would not be on the waitlist because they have other people waiting to get rooms. Of course, if I had accepted the hotel and was on a waitlist that cleared for something closer, that would free up that room, so same difference to someone needing a room as far i can reckon.

    Anyhow, so no idea if I’m on the waitlist and they won’t confirm that, just said I would get an email stating I was. Well, I got the “your request has been released” email with the link to inventory, but not a single word about a waitlist, and they won’t confirm it. So, does that mean I will or won’t get another email? And is the emails that went out to others today about the waitlist the only email, or will there be something else with a link? And is it the same link that I have already?

    So, I’m stuck sweating out yet another weekend waiting to see what will happen.

  • TK421

    Try to cycle through/get back in line because it seems various hotels are popping up downtown for some people but not others.

  • No email yet here. I checked ‘Waitlist’ but did nail a downtown(ish) hotel. The Wyndam just past the USS Midway. Further away than I wanted, but if no waitlist this year I can deal with only being a mile or so away from the action.