Deadpool and Cable Creator Rob Liefeld Brings Back His Sketch Hunt For A Third Year

Giveaways in the form of hunts at San Diego Comic-Con are becoming more popular (we’re even expanding on ours!) and Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, Cable, X-Force, and more has been doing his own for the past two years.

He’ll be bringing back the popular sketch hunt for a third year in a row, where he will be handing various sketches outside of the convention center for lucky fans to find. Deadpool‘s popularity is at an all time high and with Deadpool 2 on the horizon, we figure Cable (being portrayed by actor Josh Brolin) will be just as popular, making these sketches a great collectors item.

Make sure to follow Rob on both Instagram and Twitter to find the clues of the locations of the sketches during SDCC. Are you hoping to find a Deadpool sketch? Let us know in the comments!

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  • maxhdrm

    Is that HIS interpretation of Brian?! that sucks!. He might have “created” those characters but he wasn’t good at drawing them and others have done better over the years. Look at his work and you’ll notice that he is horrible with doing feet which is why you never see them. I prefer McFarlane, Ross, Turner or Milller but I do like a good hunt

  • Ben J. Davidson

    Yeah, he is not an artist most people can get behind but a really cool guy when I got a chance to meet him. Creating two pretty iconic characters is not bad to have on your resume even if you can not draw them for shit.