Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [Update July 6]

After Hasbro, Funko may just be the hardest exclusives to get at San Diego Comic-Con — but they’re also some of the best, with a huge array of licenses and cool variants. Funko revealed on their June 5 periscope that the process to get ahold of their exclusives will be similar to last year, which in 2016 involved a Sails ticket distribution for Thursday-Sunday. There will be no public lottery for Preview Night this year, with slots already having gone to qualifying Funko Funatics board members.

Most of their exclusives are shared and available in places like Hot Topic and Barnes & Noble (though with a different sticker).

Here’s a look at their offerings for 2017:

[UPDATE July 6]

Funko’s brand new line of stylized vinyl collectibles, Vynl., will have a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Batgirl + Poison Ivy two-pack.

[UPDATE June 29]

Funko brings two of your favorite HBO shows with them to San Diego as exclusives.


[UPDATE June 23]

A wonderful variety in today’s wave of Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.


[UPDATE June 21]

It’s all Disney, all the time in today’s Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

[UPDATE June 20] 

Funko is parterning with Rick and Morty for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Tinkles with Ghost in a Jar Pop! figure.

[UPDATE June 19]

Another Monday, another round of Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives!

[UPDATE June 16]

Did you really think that Funko wouldn’t bring their A-game when it came to TV exclusives? They have more licenses than almost everyone, and today’s sixth wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives is sure to have something to get everyone excited:

[UPDATE June 14]

Today’s Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusive wave is all about DC:

[UPDATE June 12]

You’ll be screaming Happy Happy, Joy Joy at Funko’s fourth wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives:

[UPDATE June 8]

The third wave of Funko SDCC exclusives comes at you with a marvelous punch:

[UPDATE June 7]

Funko’s second wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives is all about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:

[UPDATE June 5]

Funko kicked off their first wave of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusives, which included their Star Wars exclusives. Here’s a look:

Which Funko San Diego Comic-Con exclusives will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments.

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  • maxhdrm

    the 6″ Snoke would be cool but I’m not going out of my way to get crazy over a piece of plastic. The whole lottery process is antiquated and “drumming” up a frenzy on purpose should be outlawed. Just open pre-orders and leave it at that. That guarantees they come by your booth for any number of sales pitches/introductions. All this does is guarantee a mob scene. I’ve personally have seen many of these for sale every year at B&N like the post says. I could care less about the sticker.

  • ryan

    It’s really crazy. My wife and I got to the line at 4:30am last year and the tickets for the entire week had already been distributed by the time we got anywhere near the front. All the days should be an online lottery so you know you have a spot before the Con even starts. You could presumably wait all night in line and then not have your number called. Don’t know why they would want to make it harder than it should be.

  • David

    I’m assuming some of these will be “shared” exclusives, is that information available prior to the convention?

  • CCI won’t let them do that, plain and simple.

  • Yes – I believe last year they announced details on either Tuesday or Wednesday of the con. But probably 90% of these will be available in some retail store (and then they go live online Thursday morning, so get your exclusives on your phone while sitting in line for the floor like our Editor does!)

  • Nabeel Ahmad

    What do you mean they go live on Thursday morning? How can you get them the exclusives on the phone while sitting in line? Thats new to me, I’ve never even heard that before?

  • JGV

    I’ve tried buying from the Funko booth every year from 2012-2015. It was an inefficient nightmare every time. Did ticket distribution in the Sails make it any better?

  • matlomealfan

    Really? It was an inefficient nightmare in 2012?

  • They share the vast majority of their exclusives with various retailers – so Hot Topic will get a few, B&N will get a few, etc. On Thursday morning, those companies put them on their websites, and you can get them on your phone and have them shipped to you, just like any normal purchase from Hot Topic or B&N. It will have a different sticker, but it’s about .05% of the stress.

  • Nabeel Ahmad

    Wow…. that’s awesome. Thanks for telling me. I’ve been to SDCC the last 2 years and will be going again this year and I had no idea. Do you think there’s a perceived value in the SDCC sticker vs the other stickers that go out?

  • AlabasterZ

    why so they have to be comic con exclusives 🙁

  • JGV

    Ahh actually 2012 wasn’t bad. But it got progressively worse after then.

  • There’s some. But there’s also value to be found in not waiting in that line. YMMV.

  • ryan

    Why does CCI care? Genuinely asking, not trying to sound grumpy.

  • Because CCI is all about operating on an even playing field, and, “There’s a booth on the floor that no-one who didn’t enter a lottery before the con even started can get to it” is not their MO. I suspect if Funko really wanted to do like Mattel’s old system — offer a pre-order for some, and some on-site sales, CCI would have no issue with it. But Funko would have to want to do that, and I don’t think they do.

  • ryan

    I get that mindset but keeping an even playing field shouldn’t be synonymous with “who has the most comfortable sleeping bag for sleeping on the ground.” I don’t propose to have any answers to fix it so I won’t complain too much, but I think the process could at least be tweaked; take a scalpel to it and not a hatchet

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  • zakin

    Last year the only Funko item I really wanted was the Vanelope (from Wreck It Ralph) Dorbz Ridez. There is no way I was going to mess with the Funko line, so on Thursday morning I went over to Hot Topic in Horton Plaza. They had a HUGE display of many Funko items, including the one I was looking for, and hardly anyone was there.

  • raybdc97

    Can I just buy the Sticker?…cause it seems like that’s the only thing they’re selling that’s “Exclusive”.
    I’d like to see REAL exclusives, and not a cheap gimmick to separate us nerds from our cash.

  • raybdc97

    It be great if CCI and companies like Funko would “even the playing field” for regular attendees by cracking down on Vendors and others poaching exclusives before attendees even get in the door.

  • keeleon

    How even of a playing field is it when you have to sleep on the ground to get a CHANCE at getting permission to buy something? How is that any different? You still can’t just walk into their booth and buy stuff. And if you try and stand around waiting for the line to ease up, security will shoo you away. That’s not really “fair” to begin with.

  • zakin

    Although, if everyone has the ability to enter the lottery before the con, then it is a level playing field.

    It’s more level than making people camp out in order to get things. That benefits people who can afford to stay up and/or put up with shaky sleep all night and not feel like hell the next day.

  • maxhdrm

    I like the qwenpool and is that a model miniature of iron man helmet Stark is holding because it sure as heck isn’t to scale for his big head. it’s like he is dribbling a baskeball painted to look like an ironman helmet..LOL

  • maxhdrm

    I use to be into collecting for the sake of re-sell and I can firmly tell you that the only value that is in ANY of this stuff is what someone is willing to pay. It’s not like Gold, Silver, paper money or stocks. It’s all subjective to how many are produced, the amount of years that go by and how many are left in existence. In my opinion, a sticker doesn’t add anymore value than retail. Even these “variants” (oh so minor) called exclusives through subscriptions have such a huge production run that it would take 20+ years if not longer before there is any real value. The demand has to outweigh the supply before you see any worthwhile profit. If it was limited quantities like 300, yeah there would be some value. I have become much more selective in what I get. I make sure it has personal meaning and a cool factor for me personally like prop replicas. I don’t re-sell that stuff and I save a ton of money for better stuff like trips. Memories with family mean more to me than pieces of plastic.

  • maxhdrm

    Besides, at some point you start getting a headache trying to find a place to store it all

  • maxhdrm

    LMAO….darn that was a good one

  • maxhdrm

    why stand in line that early in the morning for pieces of plastic?! have friends/family pick it up for you elsewhere. Offer then a trade for something they can’t get becaues they aren’t at the show. I’d stand in line for black friday before I’d ever mess with this. at least THAT gives me useful stuff.

  • maxhdrm

    not through CCI’s website or premise but that doesn’t stop Funko from doing a lottery for pickup on their own company website. Any web author could create a new page and/or link (like NECA or Cryptozoic) for SDCC sales or lottery system. ACE parking did it on their own website and winners were noticed via email. They had two weeks to pay for the spot or it went back up. These vendors could do the same.

  • maxhdrm

    Ultimately here is where the real power lies…within us all. That is to say, outside of my previous post on my logical remedy, the only way things change is if people finally get fed up with Funko and stop buying their products. Unfortunately, US society doesn’t have the resolve to boycott a toy/collectible company. It’s a shiny new toy and ya’ll gotta have it so ya gripe moan and complain but you’re still going to try to get it. Boycott Funko (at least for the Con) show them a 20% drop in sales and you’ll make them stand up and notice. Their wallet is the only thing that produce a reaction. Otherwise what they do with complaints is simply shrug their shoulders (invisibly to you and I) and say “sorry out of our control’ or some other complacent PR crud!

  • maxhdrm

    These exclusive serve a two-fold purpose, one is to (according to the vendor) “make their loyal fans happy” and the other is marketing. that’s right marketing. Whether you show up on sight or pre-order for pick up, ya gotta go by their booth. This helps them to introduce their company (if you don’t already know) to you, what their about and convince you to buy even more while you’re there. To expand their customer base. We the customers can impact the success or downfall of a company. Sometimes it’s licensing, poor management or poor quality but ultimately, no customers, no revenue, no success. take it from someone who use to go after everything, the longer you stay walked away from all things collectible the more level headed you become about this stuff and the more selective. It can become a competitive addiction if one isn’t careful. It’s just not worth it.

  • maxhdrm

    I have a few I pre-purchased Ray.

    The rebirth Harley statue with her boombox which contrary to Diamond Preview’s website won’t be on the sales floor of fellow retailers. they all said they weren’t getting any until September FROM the vendor. Try THAT one on. an SDCC “exclusive” sold only through collector/comic shops but not supplied until September.

    Anywho, I also pre-purchased factory ents Star Lab/Flash ID badges.
    2000 A.D’s Mega City one SDCC Tshirt (definitely only sold for pick-up).

    Tweeterheads miniature city of Kandor (also only sold for pick up, no shipping).

    so there are some unique limited edition exclusives depending on what you like. again, prefer prop or prop-like stuff not so much toys. Although I do try to get mattel items for my kids.

  • maxhdrm

    what about just entering the convention? this time of year CCI is notorious for never answering CS questions from us patrons. Is there an overnight line just to get in or are those only lines for Hall H, exclusives?

  • ryan

    Wow, you’ve really opened my eyes! I’ve been doing this all wrong! Maybe it’s perhaps, and you can check me if I’m wrong here (seems to be your forte!) that the figures/stickers hold more value to me than they do to you? Just a thought. You know what though? You have crazy punctuation in your response so you’re probably right. I should really start valuing my time and just use it to judge others’ decisions. Thanks!

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  • Austin Carter

    how can we find out where they will be sold? I absolutley need the ren stimpy and batman joker pops.

  • Mario Escobar

    Will These be available for purchase on Preview Night? 07/19/2017

  • Not unless you were a qualifying Funko Funatic, more or less. You can read more about it here:

  • Mimi

    OMG Mr Robot Masked!!!! Please be a shared exclusive.

  • Omer Hasa

    I think Ren and Stimpy 2 pack is a (2500 LE)

  • Investigatin Detective

    Is it just me or is the only REAL SDCC Funko exclusive the Conan ones? Most of the items they list as exclusive hit various retailers on the same day so really the only ones you can’t get like that are the Conan versions.

  • raybdc97

    Many folks, and not just you, are waking up to the reality of these “exclusives”.

  • Suzana Nunes

    What do you mean by tickets for the entire week? They do the tickets distribuition only for the day. I could not get tix on Thurday but managed to get on Sunday.

  • Mike Harris

    *sees Hei Hei Pop*

    Well I WAS hoping to have to avoid trying to get one these but…he the real hero of that movie.

  • Jimmy Chew

    What time did you line up? Realistically, if I line up at 11:30pm the night before how long would it take me to get to the Sails Pavilion and the front of the Funko line?

  • Suzana Nunes

    In theory if you line up at 11:30pm you would be able to get to the front of the funko line, but the exiibithors and other badge holders that are allowed inside the convention center before us usually cut the line and you may or may not get there. That was the reason for me not getting to the front of the line on Tursday last year. Also, getting in the front of the line does not guarantee you will get a ticket since it is a lottery. I usually start to line up early in the day (around 1pm) because I travel with a group of friends and we have the whole line relay sorted out. If you would like to get in our “Line Buddy Program” you are welcome. The more people the better for the chance in the booth.

  • Jason C

    Just curious. Why start waiting at 1pm instead of 11:30pm if you’re still going to get skipped by exhibitors and other badge holders, and it’s a lottery?

  • Suzana Nunes

    Short answer: because it works. Long answer: regarding the exhibithors if you are in the front of the line you get less people cutting in front of you. That way you are more lakely to get in the front of the line before all the tix are gone. And it is a lottery so its all about improving your probability to win. We are in a party of 10 people so at least 2 of us can get the tix (usually). Since we all want different pops in general the ones that get the tix will buy for all. It is a team efford.

  • Jason C

    Smart idea. I might have to look into this “Line Buddy Program”.

    Is there any days with better odds of getting near the front, like Sunday?

  • Suzana Nunes

    If you want to join us in the line you are most welcome. Agout the best day, well, since to get to the funko line you have to be in the Everything Else Line it is better to be in this line in the days the line is less crowded and what will determine this is the Panels programing of the day. So if lets say, on Tur there is a huge show on Ballroom 20 the line will became longer quikly and even tho they will split the line inside the convention center you will be still behind and take more time to reach the funko line and this will give more time to people to cut in front of you.

  • Diane S

    I wood like to see them have a random drawing for everything. I can’t get to the drawing as I have a disabled child and can’t get there at 3am. Every ticket holder must be on a comic-con master list. put in for stuff you have interest in and get tickets for the booths when you go to get your sdcc bag and books