Hall H Wristbands Return for San Diego Comic-Con 2017

With the full schedule out, there’s a lot of questions about how line-up for Hall H panels will work – and CCI has provided answers.

CCI will once again be utilizing Hall H wristbands, and the process will work mostly similar to last year’s system. For those that aren’t familiar, at a certain point the day before, CCI will begin handing out Hall H wristbands for the following day to the Next Day Line (NDL), which is located behind the convention center. Here’s a map:

And here are the times for distribution:

Wednesday, July 19: Wristband distribution for Thursday panels in Hall H will begin at 9:00 PM in the general Hall H line in Plaza Park.

Thursday, July 20: Wristband distribution for Friday panels in Hall H will begin at 7:30 PM at the front of the Next Day Line.

Friday, July 21: Wristband distribution for Saturday panels in Hall H will begin at 8:30 PM at the front of the Next Day Line.

Saturday, July 22: Wristband distribution for Sunday panels in Hall H will begin at 7:30 PM at the front of the Next Day Line.

The wristbands will be broken up into four different color “zones”, with each zone roughly representing 1/4 of the room capacity. You’ll need a wristband to be able to get into the first panel of the following day.

Once you have your wristband, you have two choices – you and your group can either leave the line completely and go sleep in that bed you’ve paid an exorbitant amount of money for, knowing that you’ll make it into the panel the next day… or your whole group or at least one person in your group can stay. If you leave, you’ll still make it into the panel the next day so long as you return by 7:30AM – but if no one stays to “hold” your place in line, you’ll be heading to the end of the wristbanded section.

If you or someone in your group stays, there are a few new stipulations this year. You can’t “hold” spaces for more than five individuals at a time. Any additional people beyond those 5 will be asked to leave and may rejoin the end of the Next Day Line. Again, you’ll still all need to return by 7:30AM, or you forfeit your guarantee to make it into the panel.

You can read all of this year’s rules on CCI’s site.

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  • Meagan

    Ive never used the wristband system, any suggestions on how early you should get in line on friday for the saturday wristbands?

  • Ganieda77

    SDCC should consider optimizing its online subscription program so that people could pay extra to watch live streams of the Hall H panels. Rather than spending all my Comic Con time waiting in a stupid overnight line for Hall H — as I have done for years now, and which EVERY YEAR, as much “fun” (depending on your idea of “fun”) as it is, reminds me how strangely inefficient it is, considering today’s online capabilities — I would gladly pay an online fee PER PANEL to see a one-time live stream. I GUESS, though, that they’d have to not stream the exclusive movie preview footage, for fear of pirate distribution, so that would cut down on the appeal some…

    But right now it’s tremendously inefficient and unfair to a lot of participants, because people like me who, say, ONLY want to see the Marvel and DC panels and don’t really care about anything else STILL have to go through the overnight wait, and then we get into Hall H in the morning and basically camp there and take up seats because WE CAN’T LEAVE.

    So then I sit through dozens of Hall H panels I’M not really interested in but someone else who couldn’t get in would probably give their eyeteeth to see, and doze through a bunch of material I don’t care about, until it finally gets to the late-afternoon superstar panels I want to see. But meanwhile I am sitting in a seat some other fan would probably kill for to get into the earlier panels. Sigh. It really doesn’t make sense.

    And it SHOULD be streamed live on a pay-per-view basis so the fans that REALLY want to see those panels can see them. It would be another revenue stream for SDCC and you’d probably get a ton of viewers from around the nation and the world who can never attend Comic Con but would pay online to watch the panels.

  • MD4thekids

    You would need to get the wristband Thursday evening/night, then be in line by 7:30 Friday morning. You would sit through all the panels in the room preceding the 1:30 panel to make sure you got a seat. I think the 1:30 is GOT? So you would have to sit through BBT, WD and FtWD to be assured a spot in the GOT panel. This is what every one is complaining about. If you had no interest in the other panels, you would be taking a seat from someone who was interested simply to assure you a spot in the GOT panel.

  • Eman78

    There were Twitter posts that were actually showing individuals bringing is as much as 30 people in line. Other clips show people PUTTING ON Hall H wristbands in the morning (obvious counterfeits)

  • Rich Kucera

    Dear Comiccon,
    New Algorithm for Hall-H:
    1) no lottery, it’s special that there is a wait that you can work for to get in. Lottery would be inhumane and so disappointing.

    2) One Token per party

    2a) the tokens are numbered according to place in line and handed out by security as parties arrive.

    2b) number of people per party is officially 6, and can be enforced if there are no wristbands.

    2c) there can also only be ONE token at that place in line.

    3) when you get to the front, you re asked — how many people in your party and you are let in.

    This solves the line-cutters and the counterfeiters. You could possibly still sell places in line, but the party would be the official limit enforced and anti-line cutting would be enforced. If you are 6th in line at the beginning you(your token) will still be 6th in line when it’s time to go in (not 95th for example). You would have the token with # 6 on it.

    One person from party needs to be in line at all times, until let in.

    A Comiccon Parent.