How to Score Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives — Booth Procedures, More

Funko is bringing a plethora of exclusives to San Diego Comic-Con, for everything from Game of Thrones to DC to Marvel to Nickelodeon. But the question is — now that you’ve scouted what you want, how do you get it?

Today, Funko revealed their San Diego Comic-Con booth procedures, and the process will work similar to last year. As we reported earlier, general attendees who didn’t pre-qualify and win through Funko’s own Funatics board won’t have access to the booth on Preview Night (unless by some miracle they finish with the pre-approved Funatics, but that seems unlikely).

For Thursday-Sunday access, though, similar to last year, you’ll be heading up to the Pavilion Terrace (just outside the Sails Pavilion — where LEGO normally is) first thing in the morning. Attendees who arrive in Sails/Terrace in the morning will draw for a winning wristband – and each wristband will have a specific date and time to be redeemed on it.

There is no guarantee of receiving a winning wristband, as the process is randomized, and there is also no guarantee which purchase session you’ll be chosen for – so the first person who draws a wristband could potentially get group 4. If you don’t draw a winning ticket/wristband, you won’t have another chance to try again until the following day.

There is also a limit of one of each item per wristband. Also worth noting is that Funko buying is only open to attendee and professional badge holders — which would imply no press, volunteers, or exhibitors.

Here’s the pricing for all of their items:

Pop!s: Regular $15 / 6” $20 / 2-pack $30 / 3-pack $35
Dorbz: 2-pack $20 / 3-pack $25
Rides: Dorbz Ride $25 / Pop! Ride $40 / Action Figure $50
Rock Candy: $15
VYNL.: $20
Book: $25

If that doesn’t appeal to you, don’t forget that Funko offers most of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives online through shared retailers. Typically, some go to Hot Topic, Barnes & Noble, Game Stop, F.Y.E., and other retailers — both online and in stores — beginning Thursday morning. The exclusives will have a “Summer Convention” sticker rather than a “San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive” sticker, but is 10+ hours of your life really worth a sticker? We can’t answer that for you — but we can tell you that we’ve had success every year just ordering our exclusives online while sitting in line for the show floor, to have them delivered straight to our own homes. The list of which exclusives will be going to which individual retailer will be released the week of Comic-Con on Wednesday.

Also, remember that while most of Funko’s booth exclusives are shared, typically the ones that say LE and give a set number of pieces will only be available on the show floor. This year, that list includes the Scott Pilgrim vs the World exclusives except Nega Scott, the Ren & Stimpy 2-pack, the Dorbz Classic Nightwing & Deathstroke 2-pack, the Red Batmobile with Green Batman action figure, The 100’s Lincoln as Reaper, the Disney Mr. Toad, and the Disneyland Jolly Roger. The items at the Pop! Up Shop will also likely not be shared.

You can view all of their exclusives on our master post.

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Kerry Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the site's resident panel guru.
  • Tony McDougall

    What sort of queuing time could I expect for this?

  • STL_ben

    12+ hours

  • Tony McDougall

    Really? Or are you joking?

  • @tony_mcdougall:disqus- he’s serious. Bring line buddies, or else you’re in for quite a long night like the rest of the folks waiting outside in the “everything else” line.

  • STL_ben

    In total yeah. Get line by midnight, till they hand out tickets (9 hours) then if you win go get in line at the funko both (most likely a couple more hours).

  • Sara Wilson

    Comic-Con is all about the lines and that is not a joke. People who think otherwise have not been to SDCC.

  • maxhdrm

    In order to have fun and not stress about this, I agree with Kerry. Honestly ask yourself is it really worth blowing a whole day basically (Sat is out if you’re in hall H or panels all day.) or two just for a piece of plastic and a sticker? Line buddies or not, its just a sticker. A FLIPPIN STICKER MAN! because I can’t get into the Con all days, I will be able to pick up what I want from any of the retailers without the stress. The only two items I can’t get are Thrawn from Hasbro and Super7’s He-Man exclusive (looks like two vehicles) unless that falls at their store too. I am willing to hunt for Funko items from these retailers on thursday to trade for MY wants on Friday when I arrive from anyone. Like Kerry said, it all depends on how much that sticker means to you vs the actual item. I will be waiting in line at the Funko Pop-Up shop early AM on Friday.

  • Tony McDougall

    I’ve been 3 times and never been in a 12 plus hour line.

  • maxhdrm

    Weeeelllll technically CCI would disagree with you what it is “about” being for movies, pop culture, comics, cosplay but the lines are a result of vendors and those trying to “flip” exclusives to pay for their trip not the convention as a whole. One has to be able to really let go of the competative “urge” for these items and just go for stuff that you personally like in order for the experience to be fun. I mean just look at all the offsite things that will be happening. I love being a big kid but you can still be a big kid and let go of the toys at the same time.

  • Fabi0lous

    Does this also go for disabled?

  • Mike Harris

    Absolutely hate the “get a winning wristband for a random day and time” crap. Ruined my ability to get the Hasbro exclusive I really really wanted my first year going because I got a ticket for one of the days I wasn’t attending.

  • maxhdrm

    I think the inclusion of waiting in the everything else line overnight starting @8pm the night before is being added to the wait time. I heard people push, shove and race each other for the Hasbro tickets. How uncivilized and something Hasbro could squash by pre order for pick up like Mattel. Unfortunately both CCI and Hasbro keep pointing fingers as to who fault it is. Plain and simple, hasbros. They know they can solve the mad dash, they just don’t want to.

  • maxhdrm

    Most of their stuff this year are repaints or a single new figure or two in a set of previously released etc.. The black series is my only like but I’m not losing sleep over a toy. Not when they will release them in the fall anyway. The last time they did that with the speederbike it choked the eBay sales on the sdcc version and eventually the store version clearanced. If you stop to rationalize away the gotta have it compulsion you’ll be better off. There really is no reason why any company couldn’t do online pre order for pick it’s just a choice. IMO, it’s a lack of disregard for the consumer.

  • nerdygirlie

    I think so as this was the procedure for disabled last year. I went at 5:30am on Thursday and had to wait in line with everyone else. SDCC does have line holders for certain times of the day if you can’t wait. Good luck!

  • NiceGuyVan

    “”””Attendees must first enter the Convention Center from the Badged Member entry line at the front of the building before lining up for drawings.”””” Entry to the Sails Pavilion will be from this line.

    What does that mean, how do you line up for drawing at night, if you first have to go to banged member entry line in the morning when it opens?

  • They’re really just saying you can’t cut around and go straight up the Sails stairs in the morning. That’s also a CCI rule. You’ll line up overnight/in the morning in the Everything Else line then head upstairs. Here’s our guide to lines with maps/locations/etc:

  • raybdc97

    NO VENDORS!!!! whooooo-hoooooo….you GO FUNKO, Right-On!!!

  • tyler

    If I were to get into line at about 5 or so in the morning, would I still have a decent chance at scoring a wristband?

  • maxhdrm

    I know there’s usually sarcasm in your posts but help me out here as I am missing something. I still love your “buy the sticker comment”

  • Monstercrush2

    Does anyone know if a junior badge can try to win a lottery wristband? My niece is coming with me for the first time and she wants the experience of buying everything herself.

  • Mao Martin Ortega

    Does anyone know how the pop up shop works? I would really like the Marvin merch they have. Do they get as busy as the sdcc booth? Is there a suggested time for how early I should get to the store?

  • Joshua Heffy Heffington

    People line up for that almost as like lining up for Hall H and anyone can line up

  • Joshua Heffy Heffington

    I’ve been in contact with Funko about it before and tweeted. Press and others are ok to lineup. Its basically as long as you aren’t an exhibitor.

  • Jerome Sunglao

    hey, so is it okay for volunteers also to lineup for funko?

  • GooniesAndy

    Is the list of retailers released by Funko, or will it be somewhere else? I’m hoping the Leia/R2 set is available online, because I just can’t do the overnights and super early mornings with the kiddos. The only other two they would really like are the Disneyland ones, which are LE.

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