Marvel San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives

Marvel always has some of the hottest exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con – so line up early for Booth #2329, because you won’t want to miss their exclusive shirts, pins, and much more (even when they sometimes can’t be bothered to announce most of their exclusives ahead of the con).

Here’s a look at what we know they’re bringing this year:

[UPDATE July 17]

Marvel is pushing Marvel’s The Inhumans hard at Comic-Con this year — which includes this adorable Lockjaw plush you’ll be able to score at the convention. There’s no word yet on if it’s an exclusive, or pricing, but why wouldn’t you want it?

[UPDATE July 15] Marvel is bringing “Marvel Emojis” Pins to San Diego Comic-Con, in a variety of different styles. This year, you can pick up a blind pack 2-pin set for $15, which includes a randomly inserted pin ranging from Loki, Red Skull, Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon, Doctor Strange, Venom, Drax, and Kamala Khan.

For those who prefer to know exactly what they’re getting, you can choose from several $25 sets, including a 3-pin set for Guardians of the Galaxy (with a bonus mixtape pin), a 3-pin set for Team Cap (with a bonus Captain America shield pin), a Team Iron Man set (with a bonus Iron Man hand pin), and an Avengers set (with a bonus Hulk hand pin). You can also score a Spider-Man pin with a lanyard for $15. Finally, there will be three “Incentive” Pins, including Spider-Gwen, Thanos, and Captain Marvel. To purchase one of those for an extra $10, you’ll need to spend $60; to purchase two, you’ll need to spend $80; and to purchase all three, you’ll need to spend $110.

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  • CptWhizbang

    I know they’ve run out of Skottie Young baby designs for their pins, but jeeze between this and the NYCC pins it’s like Marvel is literally trying to find the ugliest designs possible to replace the baby pins.

  • NYAvsFan

    I don’t say this lightly, but I love the Marvel pins and these are ugly as sh*t. Every person I know who normally buys these wants nothing to do with them.

  • Denz

    I for one am very thankful that these are way ugly compared to the skottie young pins of previous years, between their NYCC pins and these I have saved a whole lot of money, because all I want/need is the lanyard. I am sorry but these just look lazy and cheap, I was going to bring extras of my previous years pins and some SWCO pins to trade, I can leave those at home now, cause these have zero desirability in my book and I love pins.

  • Denz

    You would think after Disney did the ugly emoji idea for Star Wars Celebration in London and have been trying to off load those pins via Reed Pop for over a year now, that they would have known better. They did a much better “skottie youngish” design for Orlando and they sold very well, still some left over due to poor character selections. I expect Disney wanted to go cheap and not have to pay an artist for real designs and got some intern to do this.

  • Ron Oshmago

    Oh my, those suck. Very disappointed. 🙁

  • NDH

    Haha. Nice collection! The custom pin scene is way more fulfilling than officially licensed nowadays.

  • Momo

    These are freaking hideous pins wtf?!?