‘Once Upon a Time’ Will Put a Spell on San Diego Comic-Con Again in 2017 [UPDATE]

Once Upon a Time is returning to put a spell on San Diego Comic-Con once again.

The series will be back in its usual Saturday morning 10AM Ballroom 20 spot – as co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (“Lost”), along with executive producer David H. Goodman, join “the cast” as they discuss what’s in store for our returning favorites as well as the new additions series with moderator Nicole Yvette Brown.

There’s no word yet on which cast members will be in attendance — but O’Donoghue is already confirmed for Entertainment Weekly’s Brave New Warriors panel, so he seems like a lock. [UPDATE] The Queen herself, Lana Parrilla, confirmed that she will be at Comic-Con as well. Carlyle also seem likely to be in attendance, with some possible extra spots going to new cast members.

Additionally, you can find Once Upon a Time and the new series The Crossing at ABC Booth #4245 to be fully immersed in a 360-degree fan experience created using hologram technology.

There will also be a Once Upon a Time autograph signing on Saturday, July 22 – and 100 lucky fans will get to attend. It’s usually some sort of lottery (though not a ticket draw) or a “collect XYZ at the booth all weekend” to attend – so check with the ABC Booth on-site for details for 2017.

Are you excited to return to Storybrooke? Do you love or hate this Hook photo? Let us know in the comments. You always do anyway.

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  • Andy Wagner

    I can’t wait for OUAT’s panel. I hope Adelaide Kane is there. And the pic? Colin is the man!

  • ❀Em(ily) Cristal

    Hate hook better put a picture of the Queen ?

  • Lady_Junky

    They took their time to confirm it! So happy <3

  • nicolemuenchseidel

    Hollywood reporter is saying that OUAT will be at Comic Con. If it’s true, the next question is who will be there from the cast, and if Robert Carlyle is one of them, will he ‘behave himself’ or let it rip about his opinions about OUAT in recent seasons, like he said at the Paris conference about OUAT’s appalling and insulting writing. I hope if Robert goes that he’s authentic about his feelings again. He said things that needed to be said. There are very valid reasons why OUAT lost most of it’s viewership. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4305f99c1f7ff9c9a14ce0f844908116b1f9cad2a76a9cdcebcddb4b21140042.jpg

  • Joy Haldar

    Love the pic.He looks dashing as always.

    Glad to finally get a confirmation.Now announce which cast members are gonna attend ASAP.

  • Joy Haldar

    Tell me about it.But i’m so glad and relieved to get the confirmation.

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  • lilyanjones

    Return to Storybrooke? I heard there won’t be much of it this season 🙂 And every pic of Hook is gorgeous. Always. Also, he’s the only reason I’ll be giving S7 a chance.

  • keeleon

    I stopped watching in the ,middle of season 4, because the show just started getting stale and repetitive trying to cram in more Disney characters. Is there a link to what he said about the show? I’d be interested in hearing that.

  • SinnamonRoll

    Cool we finally got the confirmation!

    They really took their time to confirm if OuaT was going to be getting a panel or not. I was worried they won’t be attending this year as I saw days pass by and no info about it came out.

  • Diane S

    Love the pic and am happy you will be having a signing. Fingers crossed I get to be part of it.

  • Len_Swan

    i hate the queen and regina, and i rather not see her at all.

  • Vari

    Seeing as she is recurring character, i dont see her being there to be honest.

  • Vari

    The only reason i am even going to give season 7 a try is Hook. (otherwise nothing else seems interesting) neither have any buzz going into SDCC

  • Vari

    Its also probably that most ppl cant stream the show and dvr it and also watch on any other player then just live or ppl move onto other shows. Not the ONE reason you seem to be banging on about.

  • Actually, we’ve heard some really good indications that she will be.

  • Choc

    I applaud Robert for speaking out, especially at the risk of his job. (Some of the guest stars have too but they were guest stars) I’m surprised he still chose to return.
    I stopped at season 4 because once I saw Frozen come in, I knew they were baiting for viewers and ratings after trying to focus Emma’s story on the love triangle/Emma and Hook and push everything else to the B-plot if not push it offscreen (while throwing in some time for Regina and scattered Disney characters). And I see they’ve continued the baiting through bringing in the Queens of Darkness, Camelot, the dead favorites in the Underworld, bringing back Sean Maguire just after Robin’s death, the musical episode…

  • Zac

    Once in Ballroom 20 at the start of the day can we leave and come back later or are we out for good?