RFID Now Located at the Back of the Convention Center; New Signage for Sails Lines

Things are changing for the Sails Pavilion — but not as much as some would like. New this year, there will be RFID readers located on the stairs on the back of the convention center leading up to the Sails Pavilion, so that not just anyone can jump into the ticketed drawings held each morning there.

For those who are trying for one of the morning draws — whether for Funko, DC, Hasbro, LEGO, and/or FOX — you’ll still go through the Everything Else line (which begins forming in Plaza Park, near to the Hall H line) and then head up to the Sails Pavilion. You may not line-up initially behind the convention center. Once there, each line is now helpfully color-coded and marked, to help you find the end of your specific distribution line.

As you pass the RFID readers as the line grows long enough, it looks like you’ll need to temporarily tap out — and then tap back in on your way back up the stairs.

Here’s a look at the new color-coded lines and RFID readers, from Parks and Cons:

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  • Robert Roberson


  • Alonso Schneeweiss

    Uhh… what?

  • Darren

    Tap in and tap out when the line goes out of the convention was in place last year – this isn’t new – the painted ground with logos is the only new aspect

  • AlTheKiller

    So the line is behind the convention center, but you can’t line up behind the convention center?

  • keeleon

    What about autographs? Is that just one big line that separates for specific signings later?

  • JasonA523

    It’s when the Everything Else line is transitioned to the back of the convention center. Every years people camp back there, and wait for that transition, then cut into the line. And they cut all those people who were waiting overnight in the Everything Else line like they should be doing.

  • abbygail

    so the WB lottery ticket distribution is by the ballroom 20 line… this should be interesting

  • Marco

    This is NOT new this was there last year the priblem is when u punch out that where everyone cuts the line