San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Guide to Hasbro Exclusive Tips

It’s that time again. With just a few weeks until the Kings of Cons opens back up, attendees must strategize. High on the list of booths that needs strategy is Hasbro.

Historically, the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic-Con is one of the most challenging booths at a con that is filled with challenges. With that said, 2017 looks no different with a wide range of exclusives that will bring hordes of fans to their booth. While obtaining these elusive treats is a hobby for some, there are a lot of pros out there that will be competing on the crowded convention floor. In this guide, we cover everything from line procedures to filling out the Hasbro order sheet to big picture philosophy to help bolster your chances at adding these collectibles to your collection.

Are you planning to hunt Hasbro this year? Any other tips you’d like to share? Join in on the conversation and let us know your plans for Hasbro this year in the comment section below.

About Shawn Marshall

Shawn Marshall
Fan of all aspects of the con experience, but particularly the exhibit hall floor! Traveling to 50 or more shows a year. Follow along and play from home.
  • Matthew Oliva

    If I wanted to get the Star Wars and transformers ones, would getting in line around 7-8pm weds for Thursday be fine?

  • maxhdrm

    what I understand is that it is a lottery system that you get in line for tickets through the Sail Pavilion. LOL i think you’re nuts but as an avid Black Friday shopping, I think you’d be safe lining up at that time. Most of my stuff has been pre-order for pickup and this year I decided to just let go of Hasbro. It’s ludicrous because so many flip it on ebay to pay for their trip. Kinda worthless (IMO) when they will have a retail version in September. I prefer the items that are actually limited in Number with a certificate. I get the lure, don’t get me wrong but its so not worth the stress and headache.

  • Robert Roberson

    This has been my strategy for years. Pointless to waste your time standing in god awful lines when 2 months later I can pick it up on ebay. Time is the most precious commodity at Comicon…spend it wisely.

  • rishoutfield

    Here, here. I’ve been going to SDCC for a decade, and most of the time I get what I’m after, but every once in a while, I’ve walked away with nothing (after having wasted hours in the g.d. line). This video’s advice is golden, especially the part about making friends with people in the lines. When I’m on my own, just to find someone who will hold my spot while I run to the bathroom (or get a drink, or go feed the meter, or throw an egg at the Westboro Baptist protestors), is a big stress-reliever.

    And knowing that a lot of the exclusives will be available for just a handful of bucks more later would have saved me time and pain.

  • Akiba4tN8

    There’s no telling when it comes to line-up times, basically “the earlier the better”. Ppl w/out Preview Night tix will already be in line early Wed. Gotta take into account not only the ppl in front of u, but badge-swapping exhibitors n’ others already inside jumping the line. For Hasbro, it’s not a lottery; 1st come, 1st serve in the Sails Pavilion. Ur ticket has a designated time slot for purchases. U just have to hope u get the earlier time slot ticket. Also, the more popular exclusives will sell out quicker so a ticket doesn’t guarantee u’ll get everything u want. Last year Blk Series Obi Wan set sold out b4 Kylo set.

  • maxhdrm

    I can be honest and with all the deluge of information that starts pounding us, I too sometimes catch myself getting caught up in the “marketing” so thank you Robert for bringing me back down to reality. The last time I was there was 13 years ago and I had a 1 year old. Now I have two tween daughters and this will be their first time so I want it to be fun. I saved my pennies, budgeted and scheduled things accordingly so I don’t need to act like a vulture to flip stuff to pay for my trip. Hasbro is the only one left with the archaic system of ticketed lottery (as far as the biggies go). Not only did Mattel pre-order for pickup but their pickup is offsite so as to NOT disturb con-goers. THAT is consumer awareness. Hasbro could do the same but chooses not to always blaming CCI and vice versa.

  • Erik Saur

    I was pretty pissed off today. I guess I missed it when I had to get get VIP tickets to be able to buy something. I just walked up and bought what I wanted last year. I was lugging a 1 year old and a 6 year old around and the people managing the line looked happy when they told me I couldn’t get in line.