The Shruggie Awards of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 – Nominations

San Diego Comic-Con was filled to the brim this year with a lot of amazing things – including panels, exclusives, offsites, and so much more.

We’re excited to launch our first ever The Shruggie Awards, which, despite the name, is not celebrating the “wtf-ness” of the convention (though there’s plenty of that to go around as well!). No, these are the best of the best (and okay, one of the worst) – and we need your help to determine the winners.

We have compiled a list of nominees, though of course if you think we’ve missed something important, feel free to let us know in the comments. We’ll be announcing the winners on Friday of next week.

So, without further ado, let’s vote for The Shruggie Awards of 2017:

What was the best panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

Who was the best panelist at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

What was the best offsite at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

What was the best VR experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

What was the best booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

What was the best exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

What was the best merchandise (non-exclusive) at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

What was the best swag at San Diego Comic-Con 2017?

What was the most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  thing about San Diego Comic-Con 2017?


Did we forget something important? Let us know in the comments.

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The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog Staff
  • TheMurci

    the last one should include “all of the above”

  • Denise Tallman Greig

    The best swag bag for the last two years is from the Her Universe Fashion Show, it’s a really fun time as well!

  • Matt

    Stan Lee panel was also great – up close and personal, because it was in a small room (!?!?). I feel bad for the panels before him (people weren’t paying attention since they were waiting for Lee) and after him (room cleared out 90% after his panel)

  • Matt

    Do they give those out to everyone at the fashion show?

  • Jennifer Luchsinger

    Ahem…Best moderator of major panels…?

  • Denise Tallman Greig

    There is one on every chair when you walk in, so yes, everyone receives one. As you might expect, the swag is aimed to the Her Universe customer, but my husband and adult son were thrilled to get the goods, which included a POP figure, black nail polish in a skull shaped bottle, nail wraps, a plush Marvel or Star Wars mini, a Star Wars or DC themed BDay card, and a Hot Topic Tee. Last year the bags included cool BB-8 socks. The event is a great time, the Her Universe team puts on a fantastic show.

  • Brian

    Best gaslamp happy hour

  • According to Twitter, “Anyone But Reggie Watts” is the answer to that one.

  • Laura Hooks

    Now I’m depressed. I didn’t get to do any of the first four questions, the booths were booths nothing special, I’m not into exclusives, didn’t get any of the swag mentioned but I did get some other stuff and the most shruggie thing was Hall H. You’d think they could space some of the popular panels out across the four days instead of taking up most of Friday & Saturday. Disappointed this year. Too much awesome stuff to do and can’t get into any of it.

  • Tyler Christian

    There’s a shocking lack of Jason Momoa in the favorite panelist list

  • The Expanse escape room was a really cool offsite, just wasn’t big enough/didn’t last long enough. If it had been a little complex of like two more (three total) experience things it would have been one of the top offsites, for sure.

  • Also another category could be “Best major lineup outside Hall H” so like 6BCF or Ballroom 20 or Indigo.

  • YesGrrrl

    Best swag = tote bag, blanket and candy at Adult Swim (blanket to sit on grass and watch Samurai Jack + others) <3

  • cheryl42

    Best panel….Supernatural. How can you beat that intro. Kansas!

  • sunystone

    Best swag = Vikings drinking horn

  • Leslie

    One of the best things was the ecoin card, and that wasn’t in any of the above categories. I didn’t see most of the panels mentioned, Todd MacFarlane and Robert Kirkman was the best one.

  • space traveler

    Is it difficult to get into that? I’ve heard of it, but have never attempted. Would be nice to go one year!

  • SnazzyO

    I was at both the Pscyh and Supernatural panel. There is no comparison. One was a great panel full of fun with free pineapple pins. The other was an EPIC ROCK CONCERT with 270 deg panoramic video, free-T-shirts, and a fun panel.

    Supernatural, hands down. That one was one for the history books.

  • Psych! Hoo-rra!

  • Albert Einstein

    You need a “Best Party” category.

  • Albert Einstein

    I went to the Psych panel. If you weren’t a fan of the show, it wasn’t that great.

  • Candice Langham

    The best part about Psych is the way they connect with their fans. They didn’t need the flash to make it a great panel. They are just genuine, humble and funny people. The reason their panel was the best is because they were bringing a movie fans have wanted for a long time, and the excitement for it is very real. I understand how people were impressed with the showmanship of the SPN panel, I like the show. But Psych is a comeback kid and it’s something we’ve waited for for 3 years. That’s why Psych was better than Supernatural this year

  • Denise Tallman Greig

    Like so many things (everything these days?) at SDCC you do need to line up ahead of time, we were in line about an hour and a half or so before the doors opened (at 5:30 for the 6:00 p.m. event) and made it in with no problem, with our choice of seat, I don’t know if they turned anyone away.

  • Donald Wygal

    I don’t understand the Reggie Watts hate. He was easily better than 70% of the moderator’s I’ve seen over the last 18 years of going to the Con. My only theory is that a lot of people didn’t like or didn’t get his sense of humor.

  • I didn’t attend, but we had like 100 people on Twitter the other day complaining about him, which is decidedly the most opinions about a moderator we’ve ever had.

  • Donald Wygal

    Yeah, I know that people hated him, but I just don’t understand why. Right after the Westworld panel there were people behind me loudly complaining about him. He’s was no Chris Hardwick, but I thought he was pretty good and pretty funny. He asked a lot of good questions. I can’t tell you how many panels I’ve been to when the moderator just immediately opened up the floor to audience questions which, in my opinion, is the worst way to go and shows very little interest or preparation. As I said above, his sense of humor was pretty snarky which may not have translated well to a lot of folks.

  • AlTheKiller

    Oh, I’m sorry, did the Psych panel have a fucking legendary rock band show up for a surprise performance?

  • AlTheKiller

    Let’s be real, Reggie’s humor may seem simple but it’s actually tremendously complex and intelligent. That goes over a lot of people’s heads.

  • AlTheKiller

    They’ve given those out for like 5 years. I have 3 of them.

  • I can only speak for myself, but the only problem I had with him was that while he had good questions, it was either not the right setting or he was not the right moderator to follow up on those questions.

    He’s a funny guy and he’s clearly a fan and was thoughtful. But the panel fell flat, especially for Hall H. I wish he had brought in more energy, hype, or entertainment.

    The cast and creators didn’t bring much of that either, but a good moderator can turn a lull around real quick. Nothing against him as a person or a comedian, but I found myself wishing Chris Hardwicke or Patton Oswalt would come back, especially since I was with friends and family that I was trying to convince that it’s an exciting show to get into lol.

  • THANK YOU. My clicking finger was ready to select him, but I got all the way down the list without his name popping up. We need a re-vote!

  • david

    Lego Ninja Yoga offsite swag was a Lego Ninjago beach towel and waterbottle.

  • parlance

    The best panels for me are always Fridays in Indigo – all animation. I avoid Hall H so couldn’t answer that one.