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Thinking of Cosplaying at SDCC? Tips From The Pros

The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog attended the BigWOW! Comicfest, one of the best up and coming shows on the West Coast, and encountered quite a few cosplayers over the weekend. So we wanted to help any of our readers thinking about cosplaying at SDCC for the first time by asking them this question: “What advice, tip or suggestion would you ... Read More »

Will Mattel’s ‘Ever After High’ Make an Appearance at SDCC?

Mattel has a new animated high school series in the works called Ever After High which looks to be cut from the same cloth as their hugely popular Monster High property. Here is a synopsis from the Official Ever After High Facebook page: Fairytales have existed for thousands of years, inspiring imaginations around the world. Certain stories were so spellbinding, ... Read More »

Tech Tips from @evico: Build Your Environment!

The San Diego Comic-Con information stampede has already begun, so it is a good idea to start building that EGO PLAN we talked about earlier. The key to a good plan is a sound foundation and the base for my EGO PLAN is the Environment. That being said the Environment should be something that you are fairly knowledgeable and comfortable ... Read More »

SuperShuttle Offers Discount Code for SDCC Travelers!

Are you an out-of-town San Diego Comic-Con attendee? Do you need a ride from the San Diego International Airport to your hotel? If you answered yes to both, the SDCCBlog has good news for you! Our friends at SuperShuttle are once again giving SDCC attendees a discount code to use when booking their shuttle service online. SuperShuttle has given the ... Read More »

Tech Tips from @evico: Building an EGO PLAN!

The San Diego Comic-Con is approaching fast and I am sure the anxiety level for most of us is beginning to build as we anticipate what we want to do, see and get! Over the past ten years I noticed a trend and it seems to be getting worse with each passing year… there is always MORE to see, MORE ... Read More »

Setting Your SDCC Budget

With badges secured and hotels being booked there’s no better time to start thinking about creating a budget than now. I know this isn’t the funnest thing to do, but it is essential to keep you on track and prevent a trip to the poorhouse. The goal is to have fun at the San Diego Comic-Con and not put yourself heavily ... Read More »