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What Are The Odds Of Getting A San Diego Comic-Con Badge?

Unfortunately, every year in Open Registration, people walk away empty-handed. Why? It’s not lack of planning. The real problem is very simple: There is much more demand for badges at Comic-Con than there are available badges. One of the questions that we get asked around badge sale time, time and again, is what are the odds of being able to ... Read More »

Fourth Round of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Guests Announced

Something big happened this weekend — and we don’t mean the Oscars. Thousands of hopefuls tried for a badge to San Diego Comic-Con during Open Registration, and many walked away victorious, but many more left empty-handed. For those that were triumphant, the next big question becomes: What is there to do and see at the convention? Just like in previous ... Read More »

Creative Professional Registration for SDCC 2015 To Take Place After Open Registration, CCI Offers Clarification

There’s been a lot of concern from Professional attendees, following the announcement that Open Registration will take place this Saturday, February 21. Typically, Professional Registration takes place before Open Registration – but that isn’t the case this year. Add on top of that that Creative Professionals (and likely Trade) have to use EPIC Registration’s Waiting Room for the first this ... Read More »

Third Wave of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Guests Announced

As we assume you already know, last week, Comic-Con International announced that Open Registration — the big badge sale to attend the convention this summer — will be going down this Saturday, February 21, at 9PM PT. But that’s not the only big Comic-Con news to come out recently, as today, CCI unveiled another five Special Guests who will be ... Read More »

Gam3rCon Returns To San Diego in July, Special Pricing Until February 28

Gam3rCon, the popular gaming offsite convention held during San Diego Comic-Con, will be returning to San Diego in July 2015 and is currently offering its week-long pass at special pricing, through February 28. The annual gaming convention, which celebrates all forms of gaming from table top to arcade to the biggest names in the industry, will be heading back to ... Read More »

SDConCast – 2-21-2015 – SDCC Open Registration 2015: Live Coverage

Saturday, February 21, was the day to remember, as San Diego Comic-Con Open Registration, the biggest, baddest badge sale, took place. The team took covered the event live, discussing breaking news, what’s coming next in Comic-Con coverage, the high and low points of the sale, and much more. If you didn’t turnout for the live feed on Google+, you can ... Read More »