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CONTEST: Win a 3DLightFX Captain America Shield

Nightlights aren’t just for kids, as Canadian 3D deco lights company 3DlightFX has been proving. We recently got our hands on one of 3DlightFX’s very cool Marvel Captain America Shield 3D lights, and we loved it so much that we’re partnering with 3DlightFX to give one away to one lucky reader. To enter, simply follow the instructions below. Entries will ... Read More »

Five More Guests Added to WonderCon

We’re 58 days away from WonderCon Anaheim 2015, and the convention is starting to shape up. Now that attendees have their badges and hotels, the convention schedule is slowly being released. In addition to everything we’ve uncovered like cool artists and artwork, the world premiere of Batman vs. Robin, and all of Comic-Con International’s previously announced special guests, CCI today ... Read More »

3Dlight FX Review: Captain America’s Shield

Nightlights aren’t just for kids, as Canadian 3D deco lights company 3DlightFX has been proving. The company offers a wide selection of 3D lights that can be fixed to the wall, that come with their signature “crack stickers” to make it appear like the lights are literally bursting out of your wall and into your home. They’ve partnered with several ... Read More »

Creative Professional Registration To Take Place in February, Will Use Randomized Process for Guest Badges

Creative professionals have thus far been immune from having to use the new, EPIC Registration randomized waiting room that Comic-Con International debuted in 2013 – but that’s coming to an end this month. We’ve had a lot of questions about when the Professional Registration for creatives (defined by CCI as someone who takes “an active role in the creation, design, ... Read More »

Volunteer Registration All Full for San Diego Comic-Con 2015

For those hoping to experience San Diego Comic-Con as a volunteer, we have some bad news for you: All spots are taken. Following last month’s Priority Volunteer Registration (for those who had volunteered in previous years or who were pre-approved), today marked the Volunteer Registration for first timers who had signed up on the Interest List. Unlike with Priority Volunteer ... Read More »

First Guests for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Announced

As most of you are (im)patiently waiting for news on Open Registration, Comic-Con International has offered the first official word on just who you can find at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. From the official Toucan Blog, here’s the list of the first five Special Guests headed to SDCC: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Writer, Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly Carlos ... Read More »

WonderPost: Star Wars Terrariums, Cosplay Photoshoots, Steampunk, Supernatural, Jackie Huang, Todd Nauck

If you’ve bought your WonderCon badge and hotel already (and we don’t know why you wouldn’t have, because it’s a great convention), then you’re probably focused on what there is to actually do and see at this year’s con. In this edition of WonderPost, we’ve found out all kinds of information about cosplay photoshoots and fan gatherings, great artists and ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con Volunteering for Interest List Opens Tuesday

We make a lot of fuss out of how difficult it is to score a badge to San Diego Comic-Con during Preregistration and Open Registration, which hasn’t occurred yet, but for some – there’s another way: Volunteering. Earlier this month, Priority Volunteer Registration, for those who had volunteered during 2014 or who were pre-approved, were allowed to sign up for ... Read More »