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‘The Hunger Games’ Flying Back To SDCC

If you were anywhere near Hall H on Saturday of last year, you probably heard the crowd roaring for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and its all-star cast, including Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (and if you weren’t or just want to re-live the moment, you can watch our video here). For a lot of attendees, it was the highlight ... Read More »

‘Sleepy Hollow’ To Ride Again At SDCC

Hang on to your heads, because we’ve got our first unofficial announcement for a TV show attending San Diego Comic-Con this summer: Sleepy Hollow. The Fox Television series Sleepy Hollow premiered last summer at SDCC with a panel and a special tumblr fan event, where the cast and crew were on hand to answer questions during a screening of the ... Read More »

Under the Tents: Capcom, Star Trek Bridge, Art Show, Artist Confirmations, SDCC 2015, Hercules

Comic-Con is still six months away, but it seems like everyone is already working on their plans for the convention. Already we’ve got a possible first look at a Capcom SDCC exclusive, information on how to secure an autograph table in the Sails Pavilion, more vendor and exhibit floor confirmations, news about Comic-Con’s Art Show, a book launch that will ... Read More »

Health Crisis Leaves SDCC Artist Alley Coordinator In Need of Support

The Comic-Con community is a lot of things to a lot of people – a gathering of like-minded people, a veritable treasure-trove of exclusives and swag every July, a place to find your favorite actors. But no matter what SDCC means to you, it wouldn’t be anything without the people behind the scenes: the volunteers. Long-time volunteer Clydene Nee has ... Read More »

Dear Santa: San Diego Comic-Con Wish List (Part 2)

We’ve already given Santa our Wish List for Comic Con, but we also asked our readers to share some of the things at the top of their lists. We hope you’ve all been good this year, because we’d love to see any number of these things happen. Badges Some of our readers asked for a sort of VIP badge experience, ... Read More »

Dear Santa: San Diego Comic-Con Wish List (Part 1)

In case you somehow hadn’t guessed, we’re pretty big Comic Con fans around here. We love the atmosphere, the volume and diversity in their panel offerings, and we even love the food (well, assuming by food you mean in the Gaslamp, and not in the convention center. One can only eat so many pretzels in a week before you go ... Read More »

Comic Con 2014 Preregistration Postponed

Well, there’s good news, and there’s bad news, Comic-Con goers. The bad news is that Comic Con International announced that they have decided to push back pre-registration for SDCC 2014 to”early next year”, which means January, at the earliest – when prior announcements had put the registration date at December 31, 2103 at the latest. That means that those who ... Read More »

Infographics: How SDCC Compares To Other Conventions

The market for comic and mutli-genre conventions has never seemed so crowded — this year alone, more than 400 Comic Con-esque conventions happened all over North America, ranging from the small (like the Southern Maryland Comic-Con, which has four special guests) to the large (like New York Comic Con, which had over 500). There are now conventions geared toward almost ... Read More »