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Comic-Con Attendees Must Verify Address For Badges to Be Shipped

Comic-Con International has added an extra hoop to jump through this year — so you’re probably going to want to pay attention. Tonight, CCI announced that “in an effort to reduce lost, returned, and undeliverable badges”, they are now requiring that badge-holders “verify” their badge shipping address is a US domestic address the USPS recognizes on or before May 14. ... Read More »

Hotelpocalypse 2018 Recap: Trends, Next Steps, More

Hotelpocalpyse always reminds us of an internet meme – Spiders Georg. For those of you who maybe don’t inhabit the dark corner of the internet that is tumblr, it basically goes something like this: “average person eats 3 spiders a year” factoid actually (sic) just statistical error. average person eats 0 spiders per year. Spiders Georg, who lives in cave ... Read More »

Report: ‘Futurism & Tech Pavilion’ VR Activations Hub Returning to San Diego Comic-Con [UDPATE]

Last year, Comic-Con International kicked off a new offering, with their Futurism & Tech Pavilion at the Omni hotel. Here, attendees could stop by and experience virtual reality from some of their favorite properties, including Paranormal Activity, John Wick, and more in a 9,000 square foot space. We’ve heard rumblings that the VR hub will be returning to the Omni ... Read More »

Grandesign Re-Imagines Petco’s Interactive Zone as the “Experience at Comic-Con”

This year, the coolest place to be at Comic-Con may just be the Petco parking lot. Grandesign, a media services company which combines experiential and traditional marketing to create some of your favorite Comic-Con activations (including Adult Swim On the Green, last year’s TBS’ Wrecked Island and Blizzard Ice Cream Citadel, and more), announced today they are partnering with Petco ... Read More »

READER POLL: What Is Your #1 Hotel Pick for SDCC 2018?

With the final confirmation from Comic-Con International that the hotel sale will take place on Wednesday, April 4, it’s time to start thinking about which hotels you’ll be ranking as your top six choices. But what hotels will everyone else be choosing? Through 12PM PT on Thursday, we’re asking our readers what is your #1 hotel choice for San Diego Comic-Con? ... Read More »

Visual Guide To The San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Hotel Sale

If you thought getting a badge to San Diego Comic-Con was tough, you better buckle in for the bumpy ride that is the General Hotel Sale, or, as we lovingly call it, Hotelpocalypse. On Wednesday, April 4, attendees will try for a hotel, and just like with badge sales, some attendees will walk away disappointed. Back again this year is most ... Read More »

Hotelpocalypse 2018: San Diego Comic-Con Hotel Size Guide

Hotelpocalypse is almost upon us, and soon, the Comic-Con Gods (and time stamps, whatever) are going to determine your fate. Come April 9 and April 16 when placements are revealed, thousands of attendees will be scratching their heads, wondering, “How did I end up at that hotel?” So, for fun (and to keep you more informed), we’ve broken down the numbers on ... Read More »