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Hotelpocalypse 2015: A Tale of Two Forms

Although everything about San Diego Comic-Con has increased in competitiveness over the years, Hotelpocalypse really became the monster that we know today just a few short years ago. Since then, though, it’s become what we consider to be the most stressful sale relating to Comic-Con that there is – yes, even compared to Open Registration badge sales, in which we ... Read More »

10 Years of San Diego Comic-Con Hotel Rates [UPDATE]

With the 2015 General Hotel Sale coming this Tuesday, and the recently released list of hotels and prices per night, we start to see a lot of complaints about how prices for San Diego Comic-Con are once again on the rise. Comic-Con International does their best to keep these rates as low as possible — that’s one of the main ... Read More »

READER POLL: What Is Your #1 San Diego Comic-Con Hotel Choice?

With the final confirmation from Comic-Con International that the hotel sale will take place on Tuesday, March 24, it’s time to start thinking about which hotels you’ll be ranking as your top six choices. But what hotels will everyone else be choosing? Throughout the weekend, we’re asking our readers what is your #1 hotel choice for San Diego Comic-Con? We’ve ... Read More »

Guide To The San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Hotel Sale

If you thought getting a badge to San Diego Comic-Con was tough, you better buckle in for the bumpy ride that is the General Hotel Sale, or, as we lovingly call it, Hotelpocalypse. On Tuesday, March 24, attendees will try for a hotel, and just like with badge sales, some attendees will walk away disappointed. So how can you help ... Read More »

More Details About San Diego Comic-Con General Hotel Sale on March 24: The Prices, The Process

Comic-Con International has just announced what Travel Planners confirmed to us all the way back in January – that the General Hotel Reservation Sale will take place on Tuesday, March 24, at 9AM PT. The General Hotel Sale is the biggest hotel sale for San Diego Comic-Con, because it’s when the hotels closest to the action (the Gaslamp District downtown, as well ... Read More »

Creative Professional Badges Guaranteed for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 [UPDATE: Sale To Take Place February 27]

If you’re a Creative Professional hoping to attend San Diego Comic-Con this year, your week just got a whole lot less stressful. After some big changes this year for Professionals – including the introduction of the EPIC Registration Waiting Room that the general attendees have been using for the last two years – and moving the sale to after Open ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con Early Bird Hotels Now Open

Now that several thousand attendees have their San Diego Comic-Con badges, we can begin turning our attention toward other aspects involved in the convention, like transportation, or finding a place to sleep. As of this morning, Comic-Con International has unveiled news on at least one of those aspects: Hotels. The Early Bird Hotel Sale is back for 2015, with reservations ... Read More »

What Are The Odds Of Getting A San Diego Comic-Con Badge?

Unfortunately, every year in Open Registration, people walk away empty-handed. Why? It’s not lack of planning. The real problem is very simple: There is much more demand for badges at Comic-Con than there are available badges. One of the questions that we get asked around badge sale time, time and again, is what are the odds of being able to ... Read More »