Editorials and Interviews

  • Exclusive Interview

    Zachary Levi talks #IWantMyNerdHQ, 'surreal' moments, and plans for this year's Nerd HQ

  • The Rise and Fall of Comic Conventions?

    Are too many conventions over-saturating the market?

  • Teen Wolf Interviews

    We talk with the cast and crew of the MTV series

Zachary Levi Reveals Nerd HQ Crowdfunding Tactics

Levi and actor Richard Madden at Nerd HQ.

Three years ago, whether he intended to or not, Zachary Levi changed San Diego Comic-Con for the better. While there had always been offsite events and installations in the Gaslamp surrounding the convention center, often referred to as the “Comic-Con campus”, there had never been anything quite like Nerd HQ. With its alternative panel programming, meant for those both who ... Read More »

Editorial: How ‘Psych’ Shaped My SDCC Experience

tim omundson psych usa network

We all have our Comic-Con firsts — our first experience at the convention, our first panel, our first reason for even attending. And the magical thing about SDCC, is that even though we’re all attending the same convention, no one is there for the same reason, and no one shares the same experience within those four to five days. Two ... Read More »

Reader Response: Preregistration Changes – Good Or Bad?

Comic Con Sign Convention Center

When Comic-Con International announced earlier this week that they would be changing the way the EPIC Registration waiting room would function, basing your place in line to purchase tickets on a randomized algorithm rather than the nano-second you arrived at the website, chaos ensued. A lot of our readers have strong opinions about whether or not the changes are positive ... Read More »

Editorial: The Rise and Fall of Comic Conventions?


Believe me when I say, when you’re at the top, everyone is aiming for you. That’s how Comic-Con International must feel over the past couple of years. San Diego Comic-Con, the Grand Daddy of Comic-Cons, has operated at capacity attendance since 2007, and the difficulty in getting a badge for just a single day has caused fans to look elsewhere ... Read More »

Dear Santa: San Diego Comic-Con Wish List (Part 2)

Awesome offsite events and cool things happening outside the convention center are at the top of a lot of our reader's Wish Lists.

We’ve already given Santa our Wish List for Comic Con, but we also asked our readers to share some of the things at the top of their lists. We hope you’ve all been good this year, because we’d love to see any number of these things happen. Badges Some of our readers asked for a sort of VIP badge experience, ... Read More »

Dear Santa: San Diego Comic-Con Wish List (Part 1)

xmas-hunger games

In case you somehow hadn’t guessed, we’re pretty big Comic Con fans around here. We love the atmosphere, the volume and diversity in their panel offerings, and we even love the food (well, assuming by food you mean in the Gaslamp, and not in the convention center. One can only eat so many pretzels in a week before you go ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: The Team’s Favorite Moments


Every year, we look at San Diego Comic-Con in our rear-view mirrors and pick our top five favorite moments. We said this last year, but we really do believe the convention just keeps getting better and better. We had a blast during our five days there, basking in the geekiness of panels, events and fans. We already asked our readers ... Read More »

SDCC 2013 – Teen Wolf Interviews

teen wolf dylan o'brien tyler hoechlin

MTV’s hit series Teen Wolf is currently wrapping up the first half of their third season, and we had the opportunity to catch up with the cast and creator Jeff Davis at San-Diego Comic Con. We learned a lot about what’s ahead for the show and its characters (including that off-camera, star Tyler Posey is engaged!). Catch our coverage below ... Read More »