Dear Santa: Comic-Con Wish Lists for 2018

Well, it’s the holiday season and the Ublog staff are sending their letters to the jolliest of people, Santa Comic-Con. We wanted to share our letters of hope and joy for all to see at Comic-Con in the coming year. No, we don’t want a rock and roll electric guitar or a little baby doll – just low crowds, every movie ... Read More »

SDCC 2017 Recap: Funko Fundays Got (Most) of Its Magic Back

Let’s just make this clear: Funko Fundays is one of the best ticketed events at San Diego Comic-Con. Every year, Funko showers those lucky enough to score a ticket with an array of exclusive products, food, alcohol, games, entertainment, and more. But it’s also not without its problems, and for every two steps forward it takes, it also seems to ... Read More »

The Blade Runner 2049 Experience – A Glimpse of a Post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…” Those of us who have seen Ridley Scott’s original 1982 masterpiece, Blade Runner, know that soliloquy well. Roy Batty’s dying words are etched in our hearts as we actually felt sympathy for the “bad guy” in the film. Adapted from Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Blade Runner made us question ... Read More »

Con Flashback: Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts

Welcome to the newest and FINAL edition of Con Flashback where the Ublog staff takes a look back at various topics about San Diego Comic-Con. With SDCC starting in less then a week, we decided to look back at some of our most stressful SDCC moments! Kerry Dixon Don’t get me wrong, Comic-Con is PLENTY stressful. You worry about getting ... Read More »

Con Flashback: That Sweet Panel Swag

Welcome to another Under The Te… no wait, it’s not another UTT, it’s Con Flashback! San Diego Comic-Con news has been dropping like crazy this week but we managed to take a few minutes to look back on one of our favorite things, swag from panels! If you have a suggestion for a Con Flashback article, send us a tweet ... Read More »

Con Flashback: It’s an Offsite World

Welcome to another edition of Con Flashback, your regular trip down San Diego Comic-Con memory lane with the Ublog. This week we take a look at the wonderful world of offsites and some of our favorites (besides Nerd HQ because we would all say that!). If you want to suggest a topic, make sure to send us a tweet using ... Read More »

Con Flashback: A Stroll Down Cosplay Lane

Welcome to another edition of Con Flashback where the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog staff take a look back at random topics from SDCC. This week’s topic comes internally from the UBlog which is about favorite cosplay photos from years past (which also includes SDCC’s sister show WonderCon). If you have a suggestion for an edition of Con Flashback, make ... Read More »

Con Flashback – The Unexpected Delight

Welcome to another edition of Con Flashback where the staff of the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog take a look back at various topics of SDCC past thanks to your suggestions! This week’s topic comes to us from Steph! Kerry Dixon The best moments at Comic-Con are always the ones you didn’t plan for. My first day ever at the ... Read More »

Con Flashback: Who Doesn’t Love Exclusives?

With all of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusives news as of late, it is only fitting that we choose to do the Con Flashback centered around that topic. The suggestion for this week came from Chris Brezic, thanks Chris! Shawn Marshall Being often referred to at SDCC as “the exclusive guy,” it’s no surprise that I’d have something to add ... Read More »