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Getting Ready For Nerd HQ: What Do You Need To Know?

It’s only a few hours before the Nerd HQ Conversations for a Cause tickets go on sale. If you haven’t done so yet, there’s still time to check out the panel/signing schedule and plan your weekend. In the meantime, there’s a few things you should know about the Conversations ahead of time. The Nerd Machine tweeted some great points every ... Read More »

Nerd HQ Conversations Announced

One of the most anticipated events outside the con, The Nerd Machine finally released some information on next week’s Conversations for a Cause panels for Nerd HQ 2012. Named our top favorite moment of SDCC 2011, the offsite convention started by Zachary Levi looks to one-up its freshman year with some huge names rivaling even the most popular panels across ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: The Top Five Favorite Moments

Comic-Con 2011 has come to a close, and our sleep-depraved minds are still reeling from the whirlwind four days of lines, panels and offsite events. And because there was much more to see and do at the con than one person could ever dream of, we went to Twitter and asked our awesome readers what their favorite moments of 2011 ... Read More »