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Steven Spielberg’s New TNT Show Falling Skies Heads to SDCC

Though it doesn’t premiere until summer 2011 on TNT, Falling Skies has been steadily gaining buzz as it is produced by Steven Spielberg, written by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan), and stars ER-favorite Noah Wyle. The show revolves around a group of human resistance fighters that attack alien invaders in the aftermath of an assault that destroys much of humanity. Sounds like a daring scifi concept for TV ... Read More »

Brief: Cowboys & Aliens will be Attending SDCC

Jon Favreau just confirmed via Twitter that he will be attending Comic-Con and talking about Cowboys & Aliens. They have only been filming for a few weeks though, so the chance they will show footage is still unknown. This is still an exciting development though, as it is the first confirmation that the film will be at the con. Read More »

Possible Leak of Marvel Studio’s SDCC Plans

User Chewy on the SuperHeroHype forums claims to have learned all of Marvel’s plans and surprises for this years convention. Supposedly he/she is pretty reliable but this is still totally unconfirmed so I’m going to go over each part of what they said and state the likelihood it will happen. Could all of it come true? Yes. Could it be completely fake? Definitely. Let’s take ... Read More »