San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Open Registration Visual Guide

For many of you, February is going to be a great month. And for many more of you, it may not be so great. Why? Because Comic-Con International announced today that Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2016 will take place next Saturday at February 20, at 9AM PT. That means that for better or worse, you’ll know soon whether ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Online Open Registration Tips: Get Prepared Now

It’s a wait like no other.  For many, San Diego Comic-Con Badge Sales anticipation fills our heads with each passing day, and many of us start waiting for word of Online Open Registration from the moment the previous year’s con closes.  Now the wait is finally over. On Friday, February 12, 2016 we finally received the official announcement that SDCC ... Read More »

Preregistration 2016 Guide & Tips

Comic-Con International announced today that Preregistration for San Diego Comic-Con 2016 will take place this Saturday, November 14, at 9AM PT. Are you prepared? Just in case you’re not, we’ve put together a guide and tips on making sure you are ready for this weekend. You can also join us, whether you’re buying a badge or just wanting to see ... Read More »

Your Complete Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2015

For those ready to ascend into the craziness that is San Diego Comic-Con, we have you covered. Everything you need to prepare yourselves can be found in the bullet points below. Download the Comic-Con International Quick Guide for over 50 pages of maps, exhibitors, restaurants and more information, all in one tidy PDF! We’ll be tweeting line queues and panel news ... Read More »

SDCC 2015 Guide to the Exhibit Hall

If San Diego Comic-Con is the Super Bowl of the geek world, it’s exhibit hall is the field of play…bodies slammed together in pursuit of a prize…and moments of sheer exhilaration! The cavernous convention center houses the most impressive booths, swag and exclusives on the convention circuit and can be intimidating for some. Follow along with us as we take ... Read More »

2015 SDCC Guide to LEGO Giveaways and Exclusives

With eye-popping displays and ultra elusive exclusives, the LEGO booth is well known as one of the must see spots at San Diego Comic-Con each year. That said, with limits of product in the low hundreds, it’s also one of the biggest heartbreakers on the floor. History is filled with tales of being one of the first people on the ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Badge Pick-Up Information

So you have a badge – great! But, uh, where do you turn that barcode in for the actual badge? Let’s start with the basics – there are two locations to pick up your badge: the San Diego Convention Center on the upper level, and the Town & Country hotel in Mission Valley, though the latter is only used on ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con Room Capacities

We hear it all the time: What are the odds of getting into XYZ room? A lot of it depends on the schedule itself — but it’s just as important to know just how many people the room will hold. For instance, if you see 200 people lined up for Ballroom 20, you have a much better chance of getting ... Read More »

SDCC 2015 Swag & Exhibit Hall Guide

We’re back for another look at the ominous exhibit hall of San Diego Comic-Con. We’re doing things a little differently and adding an in-depth look at the exhibit hall floor map, to share some of the swag, exclusives and booth highlights in a separate video soon, but first we are taking a look at the more global facets of taking ... Read More »

Coronado Ferry Schedule and Information for San Diego Comic-Con 2015

We are closing in on San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and each day brings us one step closer to all the awesome geeky action that Comic-Con brings with it.  It’s time to make preparations, lists and plan those schedules.  In fact Comic-Con International should be posting the official schedule later this week. Yes, the time for tackling those con spreadsheets is ... Read More »