San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog The ultimate source of news and info for Comic-Con attendees. Fri, 24 Apr 2015 18:30:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 NECA San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives Fri, 24 Apr 2015 17:47:42 +0000 NECA always brings some high-quality exclusives to the table, and this year’s San Diego Comic-Con offerings look to be no different. After getting a sneak peek at its line-up of licensed figures at this year’s Toy Fair, NECA is finally taking the curtains off its exclusives for SDCC 2015.

Over the next several weeks, NECA will be unveiling all of its SDCC exclusives for 2015, and we’ll update as soon as new exclusive items are announced.

With that said, let’s see what NECA has in store for SDCC attendees this year:

[UPDATE April 24] Action Figure Insider has the exclusive reveal on the first of NECA’s exclusives – Ambush Predator. According to AFI, the exclusive figure “is based on classic Kenner Mail-Away Ambush Predator Figure” from the 1990’s, but this version comes with two different, removable masks (vac metal and fully painted), as well as two large, removable battle blades and a removable backpack. You can see even more photos on Action Figure Insider’s site, but here’s a closer look:


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Hasbro’s San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Plans Include ‘Star Wars’ Exclusive, Possible ‘Force Awakens’ Debuts Fri, 24 Apr 2015 15:51:09 +0000 hasbro-logo-feat-imageHasbro was a hit at this year’s Star Wars Celebration Anaheim extravaganza, but it looks like they’re saving the best Star Wars reveals and exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con.

Making Star Wars, a dedicated Star Wars fan and news site, recently sat down with Joe Ninivaggi, the Senior Global Marketing Manager of Hasbro’s Star Wars line, to talk about what’s coming up. In the interview, Ninivaggi confirmed that (to the surprise of no one), this year’s SDCC exclusive line will include another Star Wars piece, and that they’ll have “some nice stuff to show” during the convention.

Here’s a look at the relevant portions of Making Star Wars’ Q&A with Ninivaggi:

Q: I have to ask, how come no exclusive for Celebration Anaheim?

A: Yeah you know…next time we definitely will.  We’re going to have an exclusive at San Diego for sure.  You know, it’s just the time – what we can and can’t do, what we can and can’t show – we’re really ramping up for the fall.  We just opted not to, but I think in the future we will for sure.

Q: And when will we hear what the San Diego exclusive will be?

A: I don’t know yet.  I’m not sure.  We’re still working on what our reveal plans will be but stay tuned it will be out soon.  San Diego is around the corner!

Q: Anything else you’d like to hint or preview for us?

A: I wish I could.  Just stay tuned.  Comic-Con we’re going to have some nice stuff to show.  And then, just get ready guys, Fall is going to be out of control.  It’s really going to be awesome.

And thanks to a recent episode of the Galaxy of Toys’ podcast, we may have an idea of just what some of that “nice stuff” might be – Star Wars: The Force Awakens toy reveals.

The group also spoke with Ninivaggi and Jeff Labovitz (Global Marketing Director of Hasbro’s Star Wars line) at Star Wars Celebration, and though there’s a Q&A up on their site, on the podcast, they revealed that outside of that posted interview, they were told by Hasbro that San Diego looks be the place to unveil those figures. Here’s the transcript between the Galaxy of Toys hosts, from episode #42:

Do you think all non-Force Awakens toys are going to be on hold until 2016?

No; another question I asked was, ‘Where do we need to go to see The Force Awakens toys?’ Because first it was hinted at that New York Comic-Con in October would be the place to see the new toys from the new movie, but this time they told us that it looks like it’s going to be San Diego.

All right!

So not that long until we see actual toys.

Which makes sense because of course the rumours are September release date, and you can’t wait until New York Comic-Con because that drops in October. So San Diego is your only shot, essentially.

Hasbro has already started unveiling this year’s exclusives – which so far include two G.I. sets, though one is headed for the Entertainment Earth booth and won’t be nearly as in demand – so hopefully we’ll begin hearing more about what they’ve got in store for San Diego attendees soon.

Are you excited to learn more about Hasbro’s SDCC plans? Let us know in the comments.

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GeekShot Exclusive Photo Series Vol. 2 (Week 15) Fri, 24 Apr 2015 01:51:27 +0000 GeekShot Exclusive Series Vol 2 Week 15 - Ant Man Marvel Cosplay WonderCon Anaheim

Welcome to the GeekShot Photo Exclusive Series. This will be a weekly post featuring cool, interesting, or just plain awesome moments we have captured during San Diego Comic-Con. Each week we’ll post a photo by Beth or James of GeekShot Photography. We may include a short story about the photo, but sometimes we’ll just let the photo speak for itself.

About This Photo

Ant-Man cosplay by SoloRoboto Industries at WonderCon 2015.

As you’ve probably heard, WonderCon has turned into a great cosplay convention. The fountain and surrounding area are great for hanging out, showing off your cosplay, or taking photos. This is probably the one thing I’ll miss most when it moves to LA for next year.

As for the photo above, I was making my way around the fountain area when I spotted this classic Ant-Man cosplayer. SoloRoboto is a cosplayer/prop maker and you can check him out on Facebook, Twitter and his site. I waited for him to be done with another photographer and then quickly got this shot. I love how the plaza area can be seen in the reflection on the helmet. There’s also that little glint of sunlight reflected off the top as a result of the sun being behind him. It was tougher to shoot into the sun, but I feel it adds a nice touch overall.

I’ve talked before about how the background and surroundings when shooting cosplay can be a problem. Sometimes you can use them to your advantage though. Find out of the way corners of the convention, outside areas, parking garages, and wherever else you can use to your advantage. Take some time to scout around and make sure you follow the rules of whatever area you use. Since this shot is a portrait, it doesn’t really make use of the surroundings, but it was a bonus having so much variety in the reflection.

Do you have shots that make use of the surroundings? Let us know in the comments.

You can see all of the previous posts in this series here.

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Nerdist, Walker Stalker Fan Fest Taking Over Petco Park at SDCC 2015 Fri, 24 Apr 2015 00:32:24 +0000 Nerdist_Industries_logoAs we previously reported, Petco underwent some construction changes — but that’s not the only thing that’s changing at Petco, as several of this year’s offsites being held inside the convention are also shaking things up.

We’ve confirmed that Nerdist Industries will be using the Main Concourse along Left Field and the 3rd Base sideline sections, used in previous years by The Nerd Machine and Nerd HQ. Although at this year’s WonderCon, Chris Hardwick announced they’d be using the entire lower level, there was some question as to exactly which area this referred to.

There’s no word yet on what Nerdist has planned for the space, but last year’s Nerdist event was held on the top level of Petco Park, where they teamed up with 2K and Gearbox Software to hold a Borderlands themed laser tag area.

WSC_fanfest_logo_v2Also making larger use of Petco this year is Walker Stalker Fan Fest, which will be using the Right Field side of the park for the Fest and for The Walking Dead Escape, which will be shorter than previous years but more immersive in the world of The Walking Dead. The Fest will also be using seating along the 1st base side for panels Friday and Saturday of Comic-Con, and also for concerts, including an Emily “Beth” Kinney in concert on Friday, July 10.

During opening week for the San Diego Padres, we were able to explore the construction changes made to Petco Park leading up to the new baseball season. The primary change was the installation of a new, massive, scoreboard:

The new scoreboard in camoflauge with an image of the old scoreboard area. Let's show some movies on this thing!

The new scoreboard in camouflage with an image of the old scoreboard area. Let’s show some movies on this thing!

Nerd HQ attendees are familiar with the area underneath the new scoreboard, Section 130, as the Nerd HQ Main Stage in 2013 and 2014. The section underwent construction in the off-season and had several rows removed to add in bar seating, which was possibly in factor in Nerd HQ’s decision to move away from this particular space.

Rows removed for these shiny bar seats.

More information about Walker Stalker Fan Fest can be found at and you can also enter our contest to win passes (open until May 4). Tickets are also on sale now for The Walking Dead Escape at

Have a thought on these Petco Park changes? Let us know in the comments.

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Walker Stalker Fan Fest Adds ‘The Walking Dead’ Guests, Events [Update: April 23] Thu, 23 Apr 2015 23:32:37 +0000 WSC_fanfest_logo_v2Walker Stalker Fan Fest — the spinoff of the popular The Walking Dead Walker Stalker Conventions that’s coming to San Diego Comic-Con on Friday and Saturday (July 10 and 11) — has begun announcing guests for the convention. The Fan Fest will take place in Petco Park, and run from 11AM-5PM both days, during which time attendees can shop at vendor booths, see panels, get autographs and photo ops, and more.

For those who can’t get enough of The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead Escape is also returning this year to Petco on Friday and Saturday, with what we’re hearing is a revamped course that’s more immersive. Tickets for both Walker Stalker Fan Fest and The Walking Dead Escape are now on sale.

[UPDATE April 23] Can Walker Stalker keep up with the guest announcements every other day? Looks like they might, as tonight they added The Walking Dead and Everybody Hates Chris actor Tyler James Williams, who will also be appearing both days.

[UPDATE April 21] Just two short days later, and Walker Stalker Fan Fest is already adding more guests — including The Walking Dead alum Michael Rooker (who was recently seen in Guardians of the Galaxy), as well as Night of the Living Dead‘s Russ Streiner and Judith O’Dea. All three will be appearing both days.

[UPDATE April 19] The first guest announcements for Walker Stalker Fan Fest include actors Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob), IronE Singleton (T-Dog), Emily Kinney (Beth), and Scott Wilson (Hershel), who will all be appearing both days at the convention.

Kinney will also be performing a concert on Friday, July 10 at 8PM at Petco. Tickets are $25, and now on sale.

As more guests are added, we’ll update this post.

Will you be going to Walker Stalker Fan Fest? Let us know in the comments.

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Under the Tents: Outlander, Win Badges, Diamond Select, Eisner Awards, Dragon Ball Z, Kidrobot Wed, 22 Apr 2015 20:13:01 +0000 This week feels like the week of offsites – as already, we’ve gotten word of the return of The Walking Dead Escape, we’ve learned of the new offsite convention Walker Stalker Fan Fest, SherlockeDCC’s party tickets will go on sale on May 1, and more. And of course, tickets to our own reader party, Enchantment Under the SDCC, are also still available.

You can find all the offsites on our Offsite Event Calendar, but no matter how it seems, that isn’t the only news this week. We’ve also got word on some contests to hopefully win Comic-Con badges, a hint that Outlander will be at the convention, news on product lines debuting at SDCC from Diamond Select and Kidrobot, and Eisner Award nominees.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Former True Blood star Anna Paquin told a fan on Twitter that she doesn’t think she’ll be at Comic-Con this year — which makes sense, given that the HBO series wrapped up last year.

  • There’s a second Outlander contest going on right now (that’s a little bit different from the Starz one), which could potentially send you and a friend to San Diego Comic-Con — but you have to be Time Warner Cable customers. If you meet that criteria, you can head to the official page between now and May 11, 2015, to register to win a trip for two to San Diego, “including 2 3-day passes to San Diego Comic Con and a special Outlander experience”, as well as accommodations and spending money. There’s no word on what the “special Outlander experience” is, but given that Starz went all out for the series last year, we’re willing to bet that it will be fun.

Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 7.32.12 AM

  • Another good sign that Outlander will have a panel is the fact that showrunner Ronald D. Moore tweeted that he hopes to see shirts with a quote from the series at this year’s Comic-Con, implying that he’ll be in attendance.

  • Paradise Comics, a Toronto-base comics shop, revealed on their website that they’ll be exhibiting at San Diego Comic-Con.
  • An exchange on Twitter between concept artist, illustrator, and developer Hawk and another user let us know that he is planning on attending SDCC 2015. He will be at the Quantum Mechanix booth.

  • Artist rep, Felix Comic Art, posted on Twitter that commissions for artist Ramon Villalobos for Comic-Con 2015 will be opening soon.

  • Satine Phoenix, co-creator and illustrator of New Praetorians, announced on Twitter that New Praetorians will have a “huge booth” at SDCC.

  • Jason Fischer, known for his work as a background artist on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, Seconds, tweeted that he will be at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 at the Felix Comic Art booth.  Fischer has also recently done some original work, Seconds Helping, a Drawing Assistant’s Memoir Comic. Copies should be for sale at the booth.

  • Diamond Select Toys will be revealing a three figure collection of Gotham characters at Comic-Con 2015. According to tvINSIDER, Diamond Select Toys’ Gotham Figures line will consist of 7″ figures of Cobblepot, Gordon, and Selina Kyle each on sale this fall for $24.99.  Each figure will also come with a playset specific to their character. Here’s a look at the collection from tvInsider, or you can see them for yourself at SDCC:
Diamond Select Toys' Gotham Figures

Diamond Select Toys’ Gotham Figures

  • For fans of Panini America’s Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, it looks like a promo card could be heading to Comic-Con this summer.  On the official game blog, a fan question was answered indicating that there is likely to be something special at San Diego Comic Con for Revival of F.
Dragon Ball Z Card Game

Dragon Ball Z Card Game

  • Lumos USA, a non-profit founded by JK Rowling to end the institutionalization of children worldwide, is offering one lucky winner a chance to go to Comic-Con. US and Canadian residents can enter through May 10, either by donating the suggested amount of $10 or by submitting a postcard, with no donation required. You’ll then be entered to win a VIP trip for four to Universal Orlando Resort, JK Rowling signed copies of Very Good Lives, or the holy grail — two SDCC badges, three nights of hotel accommodation, a Jim Lee autographed limited edition lithograph, and various autographed first-edition comic books. You can find more information on Lumos’ sweepstakes page.


  • The nominations for this year’s Eisner Awards have been revealed – and this year’s nominees include Robert Kirkman and The Walking Dead, Charlie Adlard, and Stefano Gaudiano for The Walking Dead, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman: Overture, Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon, and many more. You can find the full list of nominees on Comic-Con International’s website, and the winners will be revealed during Friday night’s gala.


  • Interested in a zombie meet-up during SDCC? The San Diego Horror, Sci-Fi, & Zombies Facebook fan page is trying to organize one. If interested, head on over to Facebook to let them know you’d like to see it happen.
  • The mobile entertainment start-up Seriously is teaming up with Kidrobot for a collection of mobile app Best Fiends vinyl and plush figures, according to a press release. The first slate of vinyl figures will be released at SDCC. These don’t sound like exclusives, but simply a debut of the new line – which will coincide with a Best Fiends mobile game app with limited edition features. They also posted a preview of the slugs on Twitter.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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SDConCast – 4/21/15 Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads Mon, 20 Apr 2015 23:28:42 +0000 podcast slider

We’re back! We kicked off the official start of season four of the SDConCast on our new home of Tuesday nights.

This week, James, Kerry, and Sarah discussed the parking sale’s move to a lottery, exclusive news, and much more. There was even a special announcement about our reader party, Enchantment Under the SDCC.

Join us again next week!

The SDConCast is brought to you by 3DLightFX, the makers of the innovative cordless 3D Deco Lights. Find the perfect Marvel, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, or Disney light to decorate your or your child’s room. And now, you can pre-order the brand new Star Wars lights, available in Darth Vader, Yoda, or Boba Fett. Visit to find out more.

Show Notes:

Enchantment Under the SDCC tickets

3DLightFX Star Wars lights now available for pre-order

Contest: Win 2 Passes to Walker Stalker Fan Fest

Site Links:

[Google+ Event Page] [] [Facebook] [Twitter] [YouTube]


Intro: “Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal Loves Me)“, Talkshow Boy

Podcast Links:

Subscribe: [RSS] [iTunes]

Download: 93.7 MB, 51 minutes [Direct Link]

The Hosts:

James Riley

Kerry Dixon
Twitter: @kerrydixon

Sarah Lacey
Twitter: @slacestation

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CONTEST: Win Two 2-Day Passes to Walker Stalker Fan Fest Mon, 20 Apr 2015 21:05:57 +0000 WSC_fanfest_logo_v2For the first time this year, the brainchildren behind the Walker Stalker Conventions — the popular The Walking Dead, zombie, horror and sci-fi conventions that have been popping up across the US — are bringing their own unique brand of undead fun to San Diego Comic-Con. The Walker Stalker Fan Fest will give fans the chance to completely immerse themselves in all things The Walking Dead, with a festival happening across the street from the convention center at Petco Park that will feature cosplayers, vendors selling all kinds of great merchandise, the opportunity to meet The Walking Dead and other celebrities through panels, autograph sessions, and photo ops, and much more.

Tickets to the Walker Stalker Fan Fest went are now on sale, and run only $30 for a Friday or Saturday day pass, or $55 for a two-day admission.

But that’s not the only way to attend the unique convention, as thanks to the good people of Walker Stalker, we’re also giving away two sets of General Admission Two-Day Passes to Walker Stalker Fan Fest to one of our readers, a $110 value. To enter, simply follow the instructions below.

The contest will run through May 4, 2015 at 12AM PT — and the winner will be contacted later that day on May 4. If you win, you will have 24 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Eleventh Wave of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Guests Announced Mon, 20 Apr 2015 17:07:45 +0000 PLEASE CAPTION "Photo by Christina Glen" - Arrow Hall H Crowd SDCC bags backpacks giveaway registration Stephen Amell

Photo by Christina Glen

We’re getting close to the end of the Special Guest announcements for San Diego Comic-Con, but we’re not finished yet – and this obviously only marks one small part of the convention, as there’s plenty of other things to see and do at the convention. Like our reader party, Enchantment Under the SDCC, which you can still get a ticket to. Today Comic-Con International unveiled another five Special Guests attending the con.

From the official Toucan Blog, here’s the list of the five more Special Guests headed to SDCC

  • Greg Capullo, artist, Batman, Spawn, The Creech
  • Tony Harris, artist, Starman, Ex Machina
  • Jeff Smith, cartoonist, Bone, RASL, Tuki Save the Humans
  • Maggie Thompson, writer, editor, comics historian
  • Skottie Young, writer/cartoonist, Oz Books, Rocket Raccoon, I Hate Fairyland

Special guests typically receive a special “Spotlight” panel during the convention, so attendees have a chance to hear their favorite authors and artists speak live.

According to CCI, they’ll continue announcing five additional guests each Monday throughout April – so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements. You can also catch up on tons of other things and people who will be at San Diego Comic-Con in our Under the Tents updates.

Are you excited about these guests? Let us know in the comments.

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WonderCon Moving to Los Angeles For 2016 [UPDATE: Dates Set for March 25-27] Sun, 19 Apr 2015 23:49:17 +0000 wondercon bannerEven with a full weekend of panels, movie screenings, cosplay, and more — WonderCon saved the biggest news for last. In the Talk Back panel, which closes out the convention annually and where attendees can ask Comic-Con International officials questions and offer feedback, a fan asked if the convention would be returning to Anaheim next year.

And the answer, it turns out, is no — likely due to planned construction to the Anaheim Convention Center and its expansion, which breaks ground in October. Instead, it will be moving to Los Angeles, specifically to the Los Angeles Convention Center. No word on dates yet, though unofficially, we’ve heard Easter weekend is likely again, which would place the convention at March 25-27, 2016. [UPDATE] Comic-Con International’s WonderCon homepage now confirms these dates.

Several attendees caught the news in the panel and shared it on Twitter:

This won’t be the first move for the convention, which was previously held in Oakland from 1987-2002, San Francisco from 2003-2011, and then to Anaheim, where its been through this year. In a follow-up question, Comic-Con International also revealed that they’ve only signed a one-year contract with LA, so it’s possible the convention could move again in 2017.

We’ve heard that a full announcement could be coming tomorrow. We’ll post more as we find out additional details.

What do you think about WonderCon’s move to Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments.

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