San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog The ultimate source of news and info for Comic-Con attendees. Mon, 11 Dec 2017 07:43:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 8450289 San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Open Registration Recap: It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like… Sat, 09 Dec 2017 19:14:37 +0000 You can officially answer the question: Am I going to San Diego Comic-Con next year?

For better or worse, several thousand Comic-Con attendees have their badges for 2018 — and several thousand more don’t yet.

Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2018 — the badge sale for anyone, regardless of whether they attended SDCC in 2017 or not — took place this morning. The process included use of the EXPO Logic Registration Waiting Room, which has been in place since Comic-Con 2014, and it was, well, pretty smooth.

So just how did the sale go?

The Waiting Room

The EXPO Logic waiting room opened promptly at 8AM PT, giving attendees one hour in which to enter before the room would randomly sort attendees to buy their badge. The process has become pretty streamlined over the years — with folks having a good idea of what to expect, and issues kept at a minimum. If anything, the main issue was just passing the time and trying not to freak out.

However, as with anything of this size, there were a few errors and glitches. The Member ID system (which houses each person’s person Registration Code and the link to the EPIC Registration waiting room, for those who didn’t receive an e-mail for whatever reason) went down intermittently. A few individuals received various error messages as well, like being told that their devices weren’t authorized, being kicked out of the room, and more.

The Sale

Shortly after 9AM, those in the waiting room were randomly assigned a placement in line. Just like for 2018 Returning Registration, this process took about 5-10 minutes, and once the sorting was done, attendees were already getting through to the purchase page, with no issues.

From here on out, it was a slow, steady march towards being sold out. Everything was just a little faster this year (64 minutes for 2018 compared to 72 minutes for 2017).

At 23 minutes into the process, Preview Night sold out. But after that, it was 14 minutes later before Saturday badges sold out at 37 minutes into the process. Friday followed shortly after, at 42 minutes.

There was another stretch of frenzied badge buying, followed by Thursday selling out 59 minutes into the process, and finally Sunday selling out at 64 minutes into the sale.

Overview & Next Steps

The badge buying process has become very streamlined over the years, with minimal issues. For those who unfortunately didn’t walk away with a badge, it’s all down to luck and supply/demand, rather than skill or technical issues — which can be a very small comfort. If you did have issues, hopefully you took screenshots, and you can contact Comic-Con International by using the “Contact Us” feature in your Member ID.

If you weren’t able to score a badge today, the Returned Badge Sale (for refunded badges) hasn’t happened in several years, and likely won’t be happening again this year either. Which means, unfortunately, that you probably won’t be getting a badge. But remember, there’s tons to do around the convention even without a San Diego Comic-Con badge, and there’s also always next year. We know those aren’t going to soothe your broken heart, but you will live to fight another badge sale.

As we’ve been saying for years, it really is just that hard to get a badge in Open Registration, because there’s so many more people trying to get a badge than there are badges available. And the convention center isn’t the real issue — we estimate that only 6.11% of all attendees who tried today got a badge, which means you’d need to find space for another 93.89% people. You would basically need an entire city to fit everyone who wants to go.

You can also probably take some comfort in the knowledge that you don’t have to participate in the General Hotel Sale, which we anticipate will happen likely sometime in late April, though nothing official has been announced.

Badges will be mailed to U.S. shipping addresses in your Member ID. It’s a good idea to verify your address is correct ahead of the May 14 deadline. Those who enter an international shipping address, as always, will still pick-up on site.

Were you able to get what you wanted today? Let us know in the comments.

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‘Twas the Night Before SDCC 2018 Open Registration: What to Do The Night Before Prep Guide Fri, 08 Dec 2017 23:34:31 +0000 ‘Twas the Night before Comic-Con Online Open Registration and all through the net
People were stressing
On that you can bet!

Welcome to our prep tip guide for the night before San Diego Comic-Con Online Open Registration. For years we have been stressing (no not that kind of stressing — well a little of that too) the importance of being prepared for SDCC badge sales.

Here at the UBlog, we post many different tip guides on what needs to be done to prepare yourself for the big sale.  However, sometimes those little last minute details can cause havoc come badge sale morning.  We are already stressed, but add on top of it last minute things that we forgot to do, and our morning can turn into a mess.

So we’ve put together our ‘Twas the Night Before SDCC’ guide.  It’s a basic breakdown of what you should get done the night before Comic-Con International Online Open Registration.  So get your list ready, this is what we think you should be working on the night before that Cheerio spoon in the sky drops into your cereal bowl.

  • Con Sale Area Set-Up: To ease some of the morning routine stress (especially if you happen to wake up late), try prepping a spot for your computer(s) and written info. Make this a do not disturb area and if you need to, inform the family not to disturb it. Did someone say panic room? Yeah, you can call it that. You can even include an area for snackage…which brings us to the next tip.
  • Snackage:  Gather up those snacks.You might be staring at that screen for a bit and you really don’t want to be fumbling in the kitchen to grab snacks when suddenly your screen pops open to the purchase page. Do you have a SDCC badge sale snack ritual? Be sure to get your store run done the night before and have those good luck snacks handy.
  • Drinks:  Some of us may prefer the stronger elixr, if you know what I mean. [Editor’s Note: Wine. Definitely wine] Keep those drinks within reaching distance of your con sale area, but not too close. Last thing you want is spillage and sparks.
  • Info Gather:  Make sure you have all the info you need gathered in one spot. Some of the information you will need is:
    • Last name -yours and anyone you’re attempting to purchase a badge for
    • Member ID – yours and anyone you’re attempting to purchase a badge for
    • Registration code – Only yours, do not share this.
    • Credit Card payment information – card number, expiration date, code, name on card, and billing address.
    • Link to the waiting room  – preferably added to bookmark bar – quick and easy
    • Apps – If communicating with a group have it downloaded and ready to go, or any other means of communication that you will be using if working with a group.
    • Group Buy Info – Working with others in a group? Have all the info handy and ready to go. Stress fingers…it’s a thing!
  • Print it Out – Print out all the above information to have as a handy dandy list.  So that way there will be no need to search for it. Or, if you prefer, have it loaded and ready on your computer. Whichever floats your boat.
  • Know Your Stuff – Read through Comic-Con International’s helpful Toucan Blogs and Open Registration information, as well as our own Visual Guide one last time. You’ll feel calmer, knowing that you have studied up.
  • Set Alarms – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, set those alarms. You do not want to sleep through the waiting room queue during entry time. If you’re sitting there wondering how anyone could let that happen — just look at Twitter after the sale. It’s happened before and it will happen again.  Be the one alarm to rule them all!
  • Wake up that Computer!  Not only do you want to make sure you’re not going to sleep through the sale, you want to make sure your computer doesn’t take a nap at the wrong moment either.  Turn off the sleep mode.
  • The Final Countdown Check:  Last check of computer is always good: Links, Java, cookies.
  • Browsers:  Any additional browsers you will use already downloaded, installed, ready and tested.  Remember no multiple tabs.
  • Stress Tweeting:  Stress tweeting, it helps.  Or if you wish to be extra clever, have some of those witty twitter comments pre-written, that helps too.
  • Prep Thyself for a Staring Contest:  Be prepared to stare at that spinning circle of doom. Learn it, love it, stare at it!

Do you have any of your own SDCC night before prep traditions that you do to get ready for Online Open Registration?  Feel free to comment and let us know what you do to prepare the night before the big sale.

Good luck to all and to all a good night!

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Monogram International Exclusives Now Available in Time for Holidays Thu, 07 Dec 2017 23:19:14 +0000 If you couldn’t get your hands on Monogram International’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives – you’re in luck. Just in time for the holidays, Monogram has opened up their online store, and it’s full of Comic-Con exclusives from 2015 through 2017.

So deck your halls with the adorable Beauty & the Beast 3D Figure Key Ring set, or make someone’s holiday a bit more spooky with a Freddy vs Jason 3D Figure Key Ring set.

Also worth noting, is that the flyer for the sale includes an important tidbit about 2018: You’ll be able to pre-order your 2018 Comic-Con exclusives, with more details coming soon. We’ll keep you updated.

Shop now on their store, and you can also find Monogram International on Facebook.

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Fifth Wave of Special Guests for WonderCon 2018 Revealed Wed, 06 Dec 2017 17:44:43 +0000

While you’re busy gathering your buying groups together (and making sure your credit card is paid off) for Open Registration on Saturday, December 9, Comic-Con International announced its fifth wave of guests announced for WonderCon Anaheim 2018.

The third wave of special guests for next year’s con, which will be held on March 23-25 have been revealed. From the Toucan Blog, attendees to WonderCon 2018 can look forward to seeing:

  • Nidhi Chanani • Writer, artist, Pashmina
  • Jason Fabok • Artist, Batman, Justice League, Suicide Squad
  • Kevin Grevioux • Writer, I, Frankenstein, Spider-Man, Cyborg
  • Mariko Tamaki • Writer, She-Hulk, Tomb Raider, Supergirl, Lumberjanes

Badges for WonderCon Anaheim 2018 are currently available. Purchase them online before February 20, 2018 to have them shipped right to you.

Additional special guests will be announced next week.

You can find the complete announcement on the Toucan Blog.

Are you excited about theses special guests? Let us know in the comments.

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SDConCast 12/9/17 – SDCC 2018 Open Registration Tue, 05 Dec 2017 22:34:37 +0000

Everyone wants a gift this time of year. During San Diego Comic-Con Open Registration, the best gift is being blessed by the spinning blue circle with entry to buy your badge.

We’re hanging out live while the sale happens. Come join the UBlog team for some distraction while you ride the Open Reg stress train.

We’ll kick things off at 8:30AM PT/11:30AM ET. Join in on the fun on YouTube Live.

Podcast Links:

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Show Notes:

San Diego Comic-Con Returning Registration 2018 Visual Guide

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Intro: “Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal Loves Me)” (Talkshow Boy)

Outro: “Joss Whedon” (lo-fi is sci-fi)

The Hosts:

Kerry Dixon
Twitter: @kerrydixon

James Riley
Twitter: @danregal

Andy Wagner
Twitter: @SDCCWackyWags

Produced by:
Beth Riley
Twitter: @trekkiebeth

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Funko Reveals First San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Details Tue, 05 Dec 2017 22:00:13 +0000 We haven’t even gotten through Open Registration yet (or the New Year), and we already have some pretty juicy details about Funko’s first San Diego Comic-Con 2018 exclusive.

The company is releasing a line of Funko Pop!s for The CW’s Riverdale (with Bleeding Cool reporting that the line will be available at Hot Topic around January/February 2018), but fans quickly noticed one character was notably absent: Josie.

Funko took to Twitter to announce that while they “don’t normally comment on SDCC this far in advance”, they wanted “to be clear that [they] did not forget Josie”. They also hinted that they have “special plans” for her.

Does this make you more excited for Open Registration on December 9? Let us know in the comments.

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WonderCon Anaheim 2018 Hotels Now Available Tue, 05 Dec 2017 18:05:12 +0000

WonderCon 2016

We know you’re all busy thinking about San Diego Comic-Con 2018 – but don’t forget about San Diego’s sister-show, WonderCon Anaheim.

The March 23-25 convention is first on 2018’s docket, and if you’ve been patiently waiting to figure out where you’ll be storing your art prints and exclusives, we’ve got good news. WonderCon hotels are now available to be booked.

You can choose from ten hotels available at a special discounted rate through Comic-Con International and onPeak. Prices range from $117 Clarion Hotel Anaheim Resort to $205 at either the Hyatt House at Anaheim Resort/Convention Center or the Anaheim Marriott.

The Hilton Anaheim is once again the “Headquarters Hotel”, which will also play host to nightly gaming and other activities for CCI – but each of the eight hotels are all fairly close to the convention center.

In order to book a room at the special con rate, simply visit CCI’s Wondercon Anaheim Hotels page and continue on to onPeak’s website.

Will you be booking a WonderCon hotel through onPeak? Let us know in the comments.

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Guide to San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Online Open Registration: Tips to Get Prepared Mon, 04 Dec 2017 13:52:11 +0000 It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! Not only is the holiday season upon us, but so is San Diego Comic-Con Open Registration 2018.

SDCC 2018 Online Open Registration will happen on December 9, 2017 at 9AM PT.  So dip into that holiday fund and get those badge buying fingers ready!

Whether this will be your first time attending SDCC or you’ve been there from the start, we know how grueling it can be waiting for the official sale to begin. We also know that it’s best to have a strategy in place for making sure you get a chance to score a golden ticket.

That’s why we’re offering up some tips to help you gear up and be prepared.  So what can you do to help yourself prepare for the big day? Here are our top tips:

  • Learn the Process – If you are not familiar with the Comic-Con International badge sale process for Open Online Registration, we’ve put together our SDCC 2018 Open Registration Visual Guide & Tips post to help you through.  Not only is this informative guide great for beginners, but it is also an excellent information source for those veterans who want to brush up on the details of the badge buying process.  There is a lot to know and you can never be too prepared.
  • Registration Code Set to Ready – For the past few years, Comic-Con International has been using the registration code system.  They will be e-mailing out a unique Registration Code to everyone who is eligible for this sale at least 48-24 hours before the sale begins. You will need to input this code to enter the waiting room. Once this code is sent, you can find it listed in the Online Open Registration email, or you may also retrieve your personal code through your Member ID account under the “Registration Info” tab. Have this code handy on the day of the sale. You will need to input this code to enter the waiting room. Please Note: the code that is sent is unique to you, so no sharing that code!
  • Stay Informed – Make sure you’re following both The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog (on Twitter and Facebook) and Comic-Con International (on Twitter and Facebook), and that you have push notifications turned on for both. We will post any info as soon as we have it.
  • Ditch The Mobile Phone: Expo Logic’s waiting room system is not formatted for mobile devices. If you do happen to use a mobile device, there is no guarantee it will work properly, so don’t chance it. Get to a computer and hunker down for that big cheerio spoon in the sky.
  • Prep That Tech – Make sure your computer is fully prepared. Check your Javascript & cookies, as they must be enabled to function in the Expo Logic Registration waiting room.  Make sure your computer is running CCI compatible browsers:
    • Firefox: Any version
    • Google Chrome: Any version
    • Internet Explorer: Version 11
    • Safari: Version 7 or later
    • Microsoft EDGE: Any version

In the past CCI has provided a link that will help you verify if your browser settings are compatible with the Expo Logic waiting room (it should theoretically be located on the link to the Expo Logic Registration waiting room that will be sent with your registration code e-mail), so be sure to take the time to use the link to check your PC and make sure it passes the Comic-Con International test.  And remember not to run multiple browser tabs. Two different browsers is acceptable on one computer, but multiple tabs within the same browser may cause issues. Last of all, remember to make sure the power saving setting on your computer is turned off.

  • Set Your Alarm and Prepare – Make sure you’re set up and ready to go before 9AM PT on the day of the sale. Have your link, your code, your credit card, and anything else you need set up before that time. Although there’s no need to rush into the room when it opens at 8AM PT, you will still want to make sure you are signed in before the 9AM cut off time. All attendees who are in the waiting room at 9 will be randomly sorted – regardless of when they entered the room. But if you miss that 9AM cutoff time, you’ll be placed behind everyone else at the back of the virtual sorted line.  Make sure you’ve read all of the information about how the sale will work beforehand so there are no surprises. And set that alarm, as we’ve heard of those who have accidentally slept through the sale. You don’t want that to happen, as this is very likely your last chance to get a badge for this year.
  • Buying Group Assemble – Ever since CCI revealed the randomized waiting room, being the first to click or having a faster internet connection no longer matters: Your place in line will be determined by a random mathematical formula. Since CCI allows each person to buy badges for up to three eligible attendees, have each eligible person in your group enter the waiting room and see who gets to the checkout process first.  If you don’t already have friends in the same boat, we recommend the Friends of CCI forum to help find a badge-buying buddy. There is strength in numbers, and working with people you trust will make it that much easier.
  • Shut Up and Take My Money – Make sure all your funding is in place. While working in groups is the best way to increase your odds at getting a badge, there’s one drawback: you’ll only be able to use one credit card during check-out. That means that if a group of three people are each trying to buy badges and working in a group, whoever gets to the front of the line first will have to pay for all three badges on a single credit card. Because there’s no way to know who will get in first beforehand, each person has to have all of the funds ready to go.
  • Communication System Check – If you’re working in a team, it’s very important to develop a system for how to communicate where you are in line, and to coordinate the purchasing process.  If you get to the front of the line first, and your friend wants a four-day badge, but Saturday is sold out, then what?  We recommend using AIM, Skype, a group chat, or (gasp!) an actual phone, as e-mail and Twitter can be slow, and you might not want to share your personal information over social media.
  • Have a Backup Plan – When it comes to SDCC Registration, there are no guarantees.  Bookmark, copy and paste the e-mail link, and have purchasing info printed and ready to go!  One year, the links e-mailed out didn’t work, but copying and pasting the link did. Just assume that when dealing with badge sales to one of the largest, most-coveted events all year long, glitches can and will happen. If we hear about any of the errors, we’ll be online live with our Annual SDConCast Open Registration Show, featuring live coverage, the highs and lows of the sale, success stories, tips, and much more.
  • Don’t Forget To Screenshot – Remember that glitches can happen, so if a problem arises, screenshot it. You may need them. Although there is no guarantee that CCI will be able to help you out if a technical issue or error arises, they have been known to help those with issues in the past. So it is worth well worth grabbing a screenshot if problems occur. It’s also worth taking a screenshot of your purchase page after you’ve completed the purchase, as it can take hours or sometimes even days for the final badge confirmation e-mail to be sent to you. If anything goes amiss, you’ll be glad you have proof that you were victorious over the badge sale.
  • Tick Tock Watch The Clock –  When it is your turn to check-out, you will have 15 minutes to enter all your information and check-out. Remember, badge inventory will be held for you in the shopping cart while you are making your purchase. Expo Logic and CCI are effectively holding all options for you, so there’s no need to hastily enter your credit card. You’ve got time to talk to your badge-buying buddies to confirm things, and you’ve got time to check your bank balance.  Entering everything in 30 seconds or five minutes isn’t going to be the difference between you getting a four-day badge and you losing one. But be mindful of that 15 minute window.
  • Don’t Refresh Or Hit The Back Button: CCI has made it explicitly clear that either refreshing or hitting the back button on your browser after the 9AM kickoff time can send you to the back of the line, or cause the waiting room to behave “unexpectedly”. Neither of those are particularly good options. However, if you do receive an error message, we recommend taking a screenshot of your error message, and then weighing your options for next steps. CCI has stated that if you close the window, rather than refresh, and re-enter, that you won’t lose your place in line.
  • Double Check WiFi Connections – Finally, you want to be sure that your internet service is working properly. The last thing you want is issues right before or in the middle of the sale. Also be sure that your internet provider bill is up to date and paid.  You do not want your internet failing because of something that could have been prevented.  Hey, it can happen.

Do you have any SDCC Open Registration tips?  Share them with us in the comments below!

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Volunteer Registration All Full for San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Fri, 01 Dec 2017 01:06:56 +0000 For those hoping to experience San Diego Comic-Con as a volunteer, we have some bad news for you: All spots are taken.

Following last month’s Priority Volunteer Registration (for those who had volunteered in previous years or who were pre-approved), the regular Volunteer Registration (for first timers who signed up on the Interest List) has now filled up.

Unlike with Priority Volunteer Registration, where attendees are virtually guaranteed a spot, the Interest List slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 2018’s Volunteer Registration opened up back on November 16, giving those who were eligible and interested hopefully plenty of time to register. The slots used to fill up in literally minutes (for example, 17 minutes back in 2015), but for the last two years, the process has been much slower to reach its quota.

Comic-Con International will not be accepting any more volunteers for 2018.

CCI depends on the thousands of volunteers each year to assist with running the event. It has become a popular way for folks to get a free badge for the convention while providing a service to CCI and their fellow attendees, as well as some nice swag that’s only available to volunteers. Sadly, those of you who weren’t able to get into the program will have to wait until next year — or try for Open Registration on December 9.

Were you able to get into the volunteer program for 2018? Or will you have to wait until next year? Let us know in the comments.

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Under the Tents: toddland, Patrick Ballesteros, Elhoffer Designs, Ninjabot, Jason Adams, Kevin Workman Foundation Thu, 30 Nov 2017 17:31:11 +0000 You may have noticed that there’s been a lot more San Diego Comic-Con news in the fall/winter than ever before (including Open Registration coming up on December 9) – and that means that we’re publishing our earliest edition of the new season of Under the Tents than ever before. CCI has been busy sending out vendor booth confirmations as of late – so here’s a look at just some of the familiar faces you’ll be seeing on the exhibit floor in 2018.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Our good friends at toddland announced they will be back at Booth #4429 (their favorite spot) for SDCC 2018, which is near the FOX Fanfare booth’s annual home. Judging from their tweets, we can expect a lot more Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy goodness from them this coming year.

  • Another good friend of ours, Patrick Ballesteros, got a little introspective on Instagram when he announced he will again be exhibiting at SDCC in 2018. He promises new 25 Cent Wonders, new sketchbooks, and new stories – and we can’t wait to see them.

Instagram Photo

  • If you’re a fan of amazing artwork and secret phrases, you’ll be just as happy as we are to see Ninjabot back at his usual spot in Small Press #L-08.

  • And of course, it wouldn’t be Comic-Con without some crocheted critters. The Geeky Hooker will be back at SDCC 2018, making her famous critter drops. She’s currently making progress on her first round of critters, and also put out a call to see what her fans would like to see from her. Give her some feedback, and maybe you’ll find your own critter at SDCC!

  • Illustrator Sean Forney announced via his Facebook Page that, while he has been waitlisted for a table in Artists Alley at SDCC 2018, he is still going to be there in some form. Whether he has his own table or will share space with someone, he will still take commissions, hold signings, etc. We will keep an eye out as SDCC 2018 gets closer to see how the fates have favored Sean Forney.
  • Elhoffer Designs, who make some of the best geek-inspired fashion this side of the galaxy, was forced to resort to pop-up booths for SDCC 2017. According to Twitter, they’ll have their own space at SDCC 2018, which they (and we) are very happy about.

  • The Kevin Workman Foundation is currently accepting submissions for their Artist Sponsorship Program. One lucky artist will receive two complimentary four-day badges and an opportunity to showcase and sell their art at the Kevin Workman Foundation booth at SDCC 2018. Entries must be submitted by January 15, 2018. The artist will be chosen on February 15, 2018. You can find more information and submit your entry here.

  • The Geekiary, Friends of Comic Con, and The Collective Blog have begun crowdfunding for what they hope to become an annual SDCC party, Fandom Fete. Check out their Facebook Event for details on how you can contribute.

  • Artist Jason Adams was pleasantly surprised to learn CCI already gave him a table placement for SDCC 2018.

  • After trying for three years, artist Genevieve Santos is excited to bring her art to SDCC 2018. Visit her Instagram and let her know what you’d like to see from her this coming year.

Instagram Photo

  • Comic author James F. Wright seemed a little confused, or maybe stunned, when he tweeted that he will be in the Small Press area at SDCC 2018.

  • We’ll find Lea Hernandez Seidman sharing Booth #BB-9 with Diana Greenhalgh in Artists Alley with Karen Krajenbrink next door at Booth #BB-11.

  • Disney artist Mingjue Helen Chen seems surprised she will have her own table in Artists Alley at SDCC 2018.

  • We’ll find Marvel/DC artist Reilly Brown at Booth #EE-06 in Artists Alley at SDCC 2018.

  • Illustrator Jason Edmiston is looking forward to seeing all of us at SDCC in 2018.

  • Artist Henry Liao announced he and Tom Nguyen will be neighbors in Artists Alley next year at Booths #FF-17 and #FF-18. In doing so, he also gave a sneak peek into who else will be around them.

Instagram Photo

  • Christopher Reda announced via Instagram he will be exhibiting at his first SDCC in 2018, where he will premiere his latest comic book series, Planetary Expansion. Stop by Table #M-11 in the Small Press area to give him a warm SDCC welcome and check out all the other series he’ll have as well.

Instagram Photo

  • Sometimes the process works, and it looks like it did for artist Jenni Gregory. Look for her and her work at Small Press Table #M-05 at SDCC 2018.

Instagram Photo

  • Jonathan La Mantia was excited to announce via Instagram that he’ll be back in Artists Alley for his fourth year at SDCC 2018. Find him and his work at Table #BB-20. He also posted a Facebook shout-out to his fellow SDCC 2018 artists, where artists Daniel Cooney and Salvador Velázquez Zaldívar commented they would also be at SDCC 2018 at Small Press Table #K-12 and Artists Alley Table #CC-10, respectively.

Instagram Photo

  • Russell Nohelty of Wannabe Press, who was gracious enough to allow Prize Mule Gerald to “borrow” his table for a prize drop this past year, not only announced via Facebook he will be back at SDCC 2018, but he will also share space with fellow artist Angela Fullard.
  • Artist Scott Zambelli took to Facebook to announce he will be back for his ninth SDCC in 2018 at his usual spot in Artists Alley, Table #BB-04.
  • Comic book artists/writer Dan Cooney took to Twitter to let everyone know he, too, will be at SDCC 2018, among several other appearances.

  • World Famous Comics announced via Facebook that their Artist Collective will be back at SDCC 2018 at Booth #5560. This year, look for artists Brian Miller, Spencer Brinkerhoff III, and Justin Chung among the artists to attend next year.

  • Artist Dave Garcia announced via Facebook he will be back in Artists Alley for SDCC 2018 at Table #GG-19.
  • Josh Warner posted an Instagram video to let everyone know he will be back in Small Press Table #L-09 for SDCC 2018.

Instagram Photo

  • If you’re looking for the folks at ComicSketchArt at a con in California, SDCC 2018 is the only one they say they’re attending (for now).

  • If you’re a fan of Boots and Pup, you’ll be happy to see they’ll be back in Small Press for SDCC 2018.

Instagram Photo

  • Creator of Spencer and Locke, David Pepose, announced via Twitter that SDCC 2018 will be among his 2018 con appearances.

  • Tony Kim announced via Twitter that his Hero Within clothing line will return to exhibit at SDCC 2018.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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