What To Expect: SDCC Preparation for June 2017

It’s now June, and that means that we can officially state that San Diego Comic-Con is next month. Are you prepared? Well, alright, no one is probably ever completely prepared, but your best option for ensuring you make the most of the behemoth that is Comic-Con is keeping up with the important news. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. ... Read More »

CONTEST: Win Two Tickets to Heroes Brew Fest

Beer me! In a year when it can feel like all of your favorite offsites are taking the year off, Heroes Brew Fest is here to save the day. The popular festival, which combines beer, music, and tech, is returning to the Waterfront Park in downtown San Diego on Saturday, July 22. This year’s event will feature Game of Thrones‘ Kristian ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Badge Design, Souvenir Book Cover Revealed

For those lucky individuals who received their San Diego Comic-Con badge today (and a friendly reminder to never post a photo of your badge on social media with your name showing), there was an added level of surprise: New this year, the badges appear to come in a box promoting CCHQ, and also include a commemorative Comic-Con International pin. Best ... Read More »

Cryptozoic San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [UPDATE May 30]

Cryptozoic Entertainment kicked off San Diego Comic-Con exclusives season this year with their amazing Golden Goddess DC Comics Bombshells, but that’s not all they’re bringing to the con. You can find them at Booth #115. Let’s take a look at this year’s exclusives: [UPDATE May 30] Have you ever danced with the devil in the moonlight? Cryptozoic’s third San Diego ... Read More »

Be Our ‘Attendee of the Week’!

We’re kicking off a new segment here at the UBlog, that’s all about celebrating you – our readers. Each week between now and San Diego Comic-Con, we’re going to highlight an “Attendee of the Week” on our site, someone who has some cool Comic-Con memories to share (and don’t we all have cool Comic-Con memories?). So, how do you get featured as ... Read More »

SDConCast 5/31/17 – Reporting for Duty

We’re joined by special guests Andy Behbakht and Shawn Richter from TheMarvelReport.com. We’ll be discussing cosplay, community involvement, and covering the world of heroes. We’re also going to chat about last weekend’s Phoenix Comicon. Join us as we also discuss all the latest SDCC news and more. We’ll kick things off at 6:30PM PT/9:30PM ET. Join in on the fun on ... Read More »

The Movies of San Diego Comic-Con 2017

We all know San Diego Comic-Con is more than just comics. Yet despite all the great panels and events that happen throughout the convention, nothing gets quite the attention of a big Hollywood reveal on the stage of the Convention Center’s Hall H. Tom Hiddleston as Loki? The cast of Star Wars appearing together on a stage, followed by that epic concert? Those moments and ... Read More »

Under the Tents: Panels, NECA, Kymera Press, Sean Forney, Scott Hattox

Panel confirmations have gone out — which means that it’s officially San Diego Comic-Con news season, in our minds. Expect lots of announcements in the next few weeks, leading up to the complete panel line-up two weeks before the convention (though like always, we’ll be compiling all announced panels until that happens). We also have news on exclusives, artists, and ... Read More »