SDCC 2014 Badge Pre-Registration Update [Update Nov 21]

Badges We don't need no stinking badges by davidgolbitz, on Flickr

[UPDATES AT BOTTOM] Comic-Con International has updated attendees with information on the SDCC 2014 badge pre-registration process. Here is the information from the official site: Comic-Con is working hard to improve the online registration system and will launch Comic-Con 2014 badge preregistration sometime between November 1 and December 31, 2013. Only those that have purchased a Comic-Con 2013 4-Day attendee or ... Read More »

WonderCon 2014 Announced: Back in Anaheim Easter Weekend

Last weekend, news of WonderCon 2014 was quietly released on CCI’s website. Now the announcement is official: Wondercon is returning to the Anaheim Convention Center, April 18 through 20, 2014. What is WonderCon, you ask? Well, it’s the sister convention to San Diego Comic-Con, a smaller yet increasingly popular convention covering the comics, film and television properties we’re accustomed to ... Read More »

Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival Now Taking Entries for 2014

Comic-Con International has announced it is now taking entries for 2014’s Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. The Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival, or CCI-IFF for short, has been a staple of the convention and is going on its 15th year in 2014. All films accepted by the festival are screened throughout the convention, typically at the Marriott Marquis and Marina ... Read More »

Infographics: How SDCC Compares To Other Conventions

The market for comic and mutli-genre conventions has never seemed so crowded — this year alone, more than 400 Comic Con-esque conventions happened all over North America, ranging from the small (like the Southern Maryland Comic-Con, which has four special guests) to the large (like New York Comic Con, which had over 500). There are now conventions geared toward almost ... Read More »

MattyCollector Reveals Doomsday SDCC 2014 Exclusive

It’s November, so it must be time for some San Diego Comic-Con news! Seriously, it seems like sites like ours have no shortage of SDCC-related updates during even what has generally been regarded as “the quiet months”. Covering Comic-Con has turned into a year-round job, as news regarding next year’s convention is already starting to drop. Fresh from this weekend’s ... Read More »

Stan Lee’s Comikaze: Programming Highlights

Stan Lee’s Comikaze is coming up this weekend, and the fall convention has grown into one of the biggest of its kind along the Southern California coast. We’re betting most of our readers will be there, as well as our convention-crazy expert Shawn Marshall (@The_Con_Fluence), so we thought we would go through the announced programming schedule to give you the ... Read More »

Under The Tents: New York Comic-Con Edition

Even though the Plaza is empty and the tents have been put away for their long winter’s nap, the convention scene is still buzzing with news of the San Diego Convention Center expansion and what might now end up being North America’s largest comics convention in terms of attendance, New York Comic-Con. So we figured, like a bunch of geeks ... Read More »

How Does New York Comic-Con Stack Up Against SDCC?

San Diego Comic-Con is still “king of the hill” when it comes to North American comic conventions. However, if there is one other which comes close, it’s New York Comic-Con. Started in 2006 with an attendance count of about 33,000, the convention has seized the wave of “con-fever” that has taken hold of geeks everywhere, growing to 116,000 in 2012 ... Read More »

CA Coastal Committee Okays San Diego Convention Center Expansion, Completion Targeted for 2018 [UPDATE]

Yesterday marked an important milestone in the advancement of the planned San Diego Convention Center expansion project, as it received unanimous approval from the California Coastal Committee. This is important because approval from the Committee was required in order for the project to proceed, and was the last permit requirement standing in the way of the expansion. It is also ... Read More »