BBC Details Their SDCC Plans

BBC just announced their Comic-Con 2010 plans and they include a disappointment for Doctor Who fans and excitement for fans of Being Human and Look Around You. Though fan-favorite Doctor Who won’t have a panel due to filming in July, tons of merchandise will be available and they will have the US premiere of the finale. Being Human and Look Around You are the two programs BBC is bringing ... Read More »

All the Details and Times on Fox Panels

UPDATE: Fringe will be attending SDCC. It is made by WB and aired on Fox. These are only the shows made by Fox. Sorry for any confusion. Fox TV just sent out all the information on the panels for their various shows. This includes where, when, and who will be attending. Take a look: Read More »

Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics at SDCC 2010

Though Comic-Con is filling to the brim with movies, TV, and video games, many of the panels still revolve around comics. Though tons of companies both big and small attend the convention with their comics and graphic novels, we will be focusing on Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse in this post. We’re going over what they are likely to talk ... Read More »

Tron Legacy Panel and Booth Details

Disney just released a press release that details the official Tron Legacy plans at the con. Though they might have special events that aren’t talked about in it, tons of details about the panel and booth in the exhibit hall are included. Take a look: Read More »

Quick Updates – Glee, SW Christmas Ornaments, Marvel v. Capcom 3

I have three updates for you guys today that range from singing to christmas to fighting. Also, remember to check the offsite events page where two events were just added! Glee at SDCC – Though it was not in the list of Returning Shows, Glee will have a panel at this year’s convention. Much like their panel last year, expect ... Read More »

Community Panel Announced

UPDATE: It was just announced that Chevy Chase will be in attendance. Disregard that part of the post. In case you have never watched, let it be known that NBC’s Community is an awesome show. Hilarious, creative, and with a great cast, Community is filled with pop culture and geeky references that make it a perfect fit for Comic-Con. The great ... Read More »