Masquerade Details Posted for SDCC 2013

SDCC 2012 by PatLoika, on Flickr

CCI has posted details regarding the 39th annual Masquerade for San Diego Comic-Con 2013. The event, to be held 8:30PM on Saturday July 20 in Ballroom 20, will award winners of the major categories with a Free 4-day badge for next year’s SDCC. That’s right – no EPIC registration  do not pass Go!, do not collect 200 dollars – it’s straight ... Read More »

Under The Tents: SDCC News for April 29, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con 2011 - the Hall H line area by Pop Culture Geek, on Flickr

We honestly didn’t think news about San Diego Comic-Con would be hitting so early this year, let alone so frequently. Sometimes, only the news that makes the biggest splash gets mentioned, and as a result a lot of smaller bits quietly falls through the cracks. That’s why we’re starting a new, quasi-regular column on the Blog titled “Under The Tents”. ... Read More »

How to Make The Best of SDCC, Solo Style

A Guide to Attending SDCC Solo

As you already know, San Diego Comic-Con is awesome. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. But I’ve been seeing the same question repeatedly from concerned attendees: “I’m attending Comic-Con by myself this year. Will it still be awesome?” The short answer, is an emphatic “YES.” Case in point – I’ve attended Comic-Con exclusively ... Read More »

Enchantment Under The SDCC Reader Party – Wednesday July 17 8PM

We’re proud to announce SDCCBlog and OutsideComicCon‘s Enchantment Under The SDCC reader party on July 17 at 8PM, sponsored by Warner Archive and Vita Coco, and featuring Toddland! Come meet the San Diego-Comic-Con Unofficial Blog team, OutsideComicCon and fellow readers to discuss tips, tricks and other geeky things on the eve of the con, get some great swag, a chance to win some great prizes and pick up some sweet merchandise. Read More »

More Details On Nerd HQ at Petco Park

Petco Park Western Metals Rooftop Nerd HQ 2013

When we announced last month that Nerd HQ would be moving to Petco Park in 2013, one of the biggest questions we were asked was, how will Petco Park host both Nerd HQ and The Walking Dead Escape at the same time? It’s actually not a stretch. Petco Park can host several simultaneous events with its over 20 event spaces, ... Read More »

More Captain America News Surfaces for SDCC 2013 [UPDATED]

Peggy Carter in the next Marvel One-Shot at SDCC?

In an interview with Australian entertainment website The Age, actress Hayley Atwell was asked about her involvement in next year’s Marvel sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Atwell, if you recall, played Steve Rogers’ love interest Peggy Carter in the 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, as they battled Hydra through Europe during World War II. Atwell seems to indicate ... Read More »

Getting Ready for SDCC: Three Months and Counting…

SDCC Three Months and Counting!

Can you believe it? We are down to three months till “Nerdapalooza” 2013 begins! For Comic-Con veterans, you know exactly what to expect and what you should be doing right now. However for some, this will be like waking up in Jabba’s Palace after being frozen in carbonite – complete with disorientation, panic, and anxiety. Believe me, I’ve been there ... Read More »

What You Need To Know For the SDCC Ace Parking Presale [UPDATE 3]

SDCC Parking Lot Options

[UPDATE 3] As of Monday April 22 at 1:20PM PT – The parking sales site is live again! [UPDATE 2] The parking sales site is stating sales are temporarily disabled. [UPDATE 1] Parking link is live, but the servers are having problems handling the heavy load. Keep trying the link! Since our last post we started to receive more information, via our readers and ... Read More »

Will Hall H Become the Site of a ‘Justice League’ Movie Reveal?

Justice League at SDCC?

Long before there was legitimate talk of an Avengers film, a Justice League movie project was already a veteran of the rumor mill. Although things have heated up…and cooled off repeatedly  the nerd populace is hungrier than ever to see their favorite DC stars team-up. With recent talk of Nolan leading efforts to guide Superman and Batman jointly to film, it ... Read More »