Check out Mattel’s SDCC Collectibles

Even though we’re still three months away from the con, this is about the time that collectors are likely to start saving up. A few dollars here, a couple quarters there, then when SDCC finally rolls around they have a big stack of change to spend on some of the coolest and most collectible items around. Today Mattel announced a ... Read More »

Parking is on Sale

Pre-paid parking can now be purchased here. It must be bought day by day and cars can’t be parked overnight but these locations are still the best spots you can find. Read More »

w00tstock Tickets Are Now On Sale

I’ll be starting the Offsite Events 2011 page in early June, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up now about tickets to one of the most popular events. w00tstock is a geeky variety show that’s hosted by comedians Paul and Storm, Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage, and overall SDCC idol Wil Wheaton. Each event features various comedians, actors, singers, ... Read More »

Hotels Go On Sale Today

Update: Hotels are now sold out. Stay tuned for more SDCC updates. I just wanted to remind everyone that hotels for Comic-Con 2011 go on sale today (March 9th) at 9am PST. They can be purchased here after that time. The only real tip I can give is to be there at 9 sharp and come prepared for crazy refreshing ... Read More »

Massive Mid-Year Comic-Con Update

We’re more than half way through the year! Not the calendar year, the time between Comic-Con 2010 and Comic-Con 2011. With only 5 months to go until the big event, I thought I’d post a general update to get everyone caught up on SDCC happenings. Ticked off about tickets? Reserved about hotel reservations? Flipping out about flights? Read on! Read More »

SDCC 2011 Passes Go On Sale Monday

The waiting is over and the time is here. This Monday, November 1st, passes for Comic-Con 2011 will go on sale. The tickets go live 9 AM Pacific (12 PM for you east-coasters) on Read More »

SDCC Blog will return in 2011!

2010 has been awesome for SDCC Blog. Our traffic increased 6x from last year and we were able to provide improved and increased coverage of Comic-Con. Unfortunately this year’s con has passed and we’re taking a break until next June when we plan to start our coverage of Comic-Con 2011 (barring any unforeseen circumstances)! There will still be infrequent updates ... Read More »

The 5 Weirdest Moments of Comic-Con 2010

Though Comic-Con is an awesome place, it is also an odd place. People from every background and part of the world fill San Diego with costumes, experiences, and events that couldn’t happen anywhere else. In this post I’m counting down the five weirdest things that happened to me at SDCC this year. Read More »

The Best and Worst Moments of Comic-Con 2010

Now that the attendees are back in their homes and San Diego has returned to its peaceful self, I’m tacking a look back at the highlights and lowlights of this year’s con. What blew SDCC away? What made every man, women, and child in Hall H shed a tear? Read on! Read More »