The Falling Skies Viral Begins and Teases SDCC Surprises

As I mentioned last month, Falling Skies is a Steven Spielberg-Produced TNT show that is premiering next summer. The program takes place in a rundown America where a group of resistance fighters retaliate against alien invaders. Though it doesn’t premiere for almost a year, a panel for the show is taking place Friday and the viral marketing is already getting into gear. I experienced ... Read More »

A Note About the Offsite Events Calendar

After completing the last additions to the Offsite Events list, I did the final update to the exportable Calender version. This means that anyone who previously downloaded it will want to do it again now. Also, if there are any events that pop up during the con, I will tweet or do a small post about them but won’t add ... Read More »

SDCC News Wrap-Up

Having been away for the last week, I was unable to post a majority of Comic-Con news to the site. Now I’m back though, and ready to catch you guys up on everything that happened this week. I’m providing a brief wrap-up for each bit of news and if you want more, all you have to do is click on ... Read More »

Guide to SDCC – Part 4 – Outside the Convention

This is Part 4 and the last post in a series. You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here. Yes, the convention center is an amazing place. If you can run off Starbucks and Mrs. Fields you should feel free to stay there all day. Hey, if you can find a dark and concealed corner you could stay ... Read More »

Guide to SDCC – Part 3 – Shopping and The Exhibit Hall

This is Part 3 in a series. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. This is the reason that people save their money up. This is the reason people invented wallets. This is the reason you cleared out an entire shelf in your house. So that you can walk into Comic-Con and spend $3,000 on a collectible ... Read More »