The 5 Weirdest Moments of Comic-Con 2010

Though Comic-Con is an awesome place, it is also an odd place. People from every background and part of the world fill San Diego with costumes, experiences, and events that couldn’t happen anywhere else. In this post I’m counting down the five weirdest things that happened to me at SDCC this year. Read More »

The Best and Worst Moments of Comic-Con 2010

Now that the attendees are back in their homes and San Diego has returned to its peaceful self, I’m tacking a look back at the highlights and lowlights of this year’s con. What blew SDCC away? What made every man, women, and child in Hall H shed a tear? Read on! Read More »

TV Recaps for Sunday

The final day of Comic-Con 2010 ended with a bang in Ballroom 20 with some of the biggest shows at the con trotting out talent, clips, and overall awesomeness. Read on for all that occured. Read More »

Check Back Tomorrow

I’ve been traveling since I left the con around noon so the Sunday wrap-up won’t be online until tomorrow. In addition we’ll have interviews with the Falling Skies cast and crew. They include a ton of new and cool info. Check back soon! Read More »