Details on the Offsite Events Calendar

As you may have noticed, the Offsite Events Tab at the top of the page now has two more viewing options that drop down when you put your mouse over it. You can click the normal tab and it will take you to the big list with all the details and links for each event, but if you click the ... Read More »

Info on the Comedy Central Panels and Free Party/Show

Comedy Central just released the details on their con panels and party. They will only be having panels for Futurama and Ugly Americans. The Futurama one is sure to be a huge hit but the Ugly Americans panel is more questionable as the show doesn’t have a huge following. The free comedy show they are hosting at the House of ... Read More »

Details on the Hawaii 5-0 Panel and Signing

CBS just sent out a press release detailing the panel and signings for this upcoming show. The really good news is that both Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim will be singing autographs and attending the panel. These are the two stars that attendees really wanted to see so CBS was very smart to bring them out. Read the whole press ... Read More »

Steven Spielberg’s New TNT Show Falling Skies Heads to SDCC

Though it doesn’t premiere until summer 2011 on TNT, Falling Skies has been steadily gaining buzz as it is produced by Steven Spielberg, written by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan), and stars ER-favorite Noah Wyle. The show revolves around a group of human resistance fighters that attack alien invaders in the aftermath of an assault that destroys much of humanity. Sounds like a daring scifi concept for TV ... Read More »

First Look at the SDCC Exclusive X-Force Mini-Mates

UPDATE: Pricing has been announced and the set is $17. The pack is also available for pre-order here if you aren’t attending the con (in that case they will be delivered sometime in August). If you are attending, you can wait for details on which booth will be selling them. (Thanks to @DeadpoolBugle on Twitter for the tip) Above are the Minimates that ... Read More »