Site Changes

Zack Young here, Editor in Chief of SDCC Blog, telling you about some big changes for the site. Unfortunately I recently learned I’d be out of the country for the entire month of July and not only will I be missing the con, my work on the site will be over until next year. Don’t despair though, the future is bright! Jeremy ... Read More »

Badge Re-Sales Start Soon

FYI: Comic-Con just posted this on their official site: The deadline for refunded badges was June 20, 2011. We will announce via our website, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed when those refunded badges will go on sale. This is a soft opening so the announcement will be made on the day registration opens with about one hour prior notice. At ... Read More »

No Marvel Hall H Panel!

Yup, rumors have been floating around for a while but the LA Times just made it official. Marvel will sit out Hall H this year. It sort of makes sense as Avengers might still be filming and even if it’s done, the footage will be in such rough shape that there won’t be much that can impress. After all, when ... Read More »

Showtime Brings Dexter to SDCC 2011, Leaves Californication Behind

The Hollywood Reporter provided details on which Showtime programs will be appearing at Comic-Con this year. For most of us, we’re thrilled to once again have Michael C. Hall return with his Dexter colleagues to Ballroom 20  on Thursday, July 21. Joining Hall on the panel will be C.S. Lee (Masuka), David Zayas (Batista), new cast member to season six ... Read More »

‘Locke & Key’ Screening and Panel Confirmed

Based off the moderately successful and well liked comic book of the same name, Locke & Key was one of the most anticipated shows of the coming fall for many con attendees. Unfortunately after good early buzz and even the president of Fox TV admitting it had a great pilot, the show wasn’t picked up and now only the first episode exists. Luckily for SDCC attendees, they’re likely to ... Read More »

Offsite Events List

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post a reminder on the front page that the Offsite Events list is still constantly growing. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t in a while as there’s a ton of cool stuff. Thanks for reading! Read More »

WBTV Announces their Full (Huge) Schedule

UPDATE: After scanning the list more carefully it also reveals TV will stick to Ballroom 20 as its largest room on Thursday through Saturday but will be taking over Hall H on Sunday (with at least Buffy Musical and Supernatural). Wow. WBTV just announced they’re bringing 16 shows to the con! After the big lack-of-movies freak out, it’s good to see that ... Read More »

The Video Games of SDCC 2011

Comic-Con isn’t just for comics anymore, this much we know. But over the past couple of years, video games have been taking a more prominent role on the show floor. With E3 just past and video game companies prepping for a big push into the second half of the year, expect this year to be no different. Let’s take a ... Read More »